Jan. 11th, 2017

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I'm starting to get a little worried! I fly to MN a week from tomorrow night, and I have made very little progress on the skating dress. I finished cutting everything out yesterday, but it took forever, because I had to figure out how to drape the overskirt in about 1 yd of 54" wide fabric, and then make sure I could get the remaining four bodice pieces out of the other 23 or so inches of fabric. I'm changing a bunch of things from my original design, and most likely even more will change, since I know I don't have enough fur to do what I want, either.

I flatlined everything today, but that's as far as I've gotten. And I wound up getting two orders for princess dresses today, so I'm going to stop at Joanns tomorrow and pick everything up. And Friday, which I have off from work, is going to be spent sewing all day - first on the princess dresses, and then on the skating dress. I'm determined on Friday to put the whole bodice together, so that I can spend Saturday doing the overskirt and pleats and trimming and buttonholes and such. It needs to be finished by Sunday evening, so that I can make a dolman and a winter bonnet next week. Luckily, it's supposed to be about as warm there as it's been here lately, so if I don't finish the dolman, I can probably make do with my old ivory wool capelet.

So since I have no sewing progress pics, here's a pic of my newest Disney pin board, which I finished this weekend. The puzzle is a 50th anniversary Disney map (I swear, they found a bunch of these sitting in a back room somewhere, and dropped them in two random stores in the parks), and it has complete or mostly complete pin sets with it. It's modge-podged to a bulletin board that we spray painted black.

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