Feb. 25th, 2017

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Today I got a rush order for a custom Daisy Head Mayzie playdress, so I made it this evening while my parents were watching tv. Naturally, I totally underestimated the time the collar would take, so now I know I should have charged way more, but oh well. It turned out super cute, and at least now I can mail it off and not have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend.

Custom Daisy Head Mayzie dress for an Etsy order. #daisyheadmayzie #drseuss #customorder #etsy #shopsmall #handmade #ladyrebeccafashions #girlsfashion #cutekidsfashion

While I was picking up the fabric for the dress, I also got the last of the lace and the thread I need for the giant turquoise ballgown of doom, which hopefully means I don't need to buy anything else for it at all. *knock on wood*

Oh, and my parents and I tried a lovely Victorian tea room in the area today. It was delicious, and hopefully I'll be able to host some events there!

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