Mar. 2nd, 2017

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I'm three flowers away from finishing the embroidery on the pocket! Though I think I might want to add veins to a couple more of the leaves as well - I haven't decided. Then I have to figure out the proper way to put it together, preferrably by hand so that I can do it at rehearsal next week. I don't know what happened to the instructions, though, since the class was so long ago! [ profile] catherinejs, I think you taught this class - anything I should know?

And then I figure if I haven't gotten to handsewing on the turquoise dress by Tues evening, maybe I'll go back to another CoCo class, and pull out the fully handsewn 1860s dress project from 2014 (I think?). I think I got the bodice mostly together, but I can't remember if I started on the sleeves, and I don't think I've even cut out the skirt pieces yet. It would be great to get more done on it though. It would also amuse me, at least a little, since Emma Cross was one of the teachers of that class, and her brother is in the show I'm doing. 

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