Mar. 10th, 2017

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I found a random embroidered pillow kit I had picked up at a garage sale or something, and brought that to work on at Thursday's rehearsal. Though naturally, I started accidentally doing the wrong stitch in the wrong place in one section, so now I have to decide if I want to redo that, or just do a chain stitch instead of a twilling stitch...

But then today, I realized that I've actually had a hand-sewing project to do all this time - my 1870s corset needs flossing! So that's what I brought today to rehearsal, and I got almost half of the bottom flosses done.

I also made the skirt for my order this morning, and shipped that off early this afternoon while running my errands. Unfortunately, my errands took so long that all I had time to do on the corset was flatline all my pieces, and pin one gusset into place. I think I'll have a little time to sew tomorrow, but I do have an audition in the afternoon, and I'm seeing Gypsy in Tacoma in the evening. At the very least, Sunday should be a good sewing day, though!

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