Mar. 26th, 2017

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The bodice is coming along. On Friday, I got all my pieces cut out and flatlined, and during Friday night's show, I sewed them all together. I pressed all the seams this morning, and made self bias for the binding. Then during the first show, I made all my eyelets and put in the bones for the CB edges. One of my castmates helped me put the bodice on between shows, and it seemed to be a good fit, so I started on binding during the second show.

However, now I'm worried that wasn't such a good idea! The bodice closed all the way and didn't feel tight, but looking closer at the pictures tonight, it looks like the silk is pulling, and there are all sorts of horizontal wrinkles. I don't know if that's because it really is too tight, or just because I don't have the bones in to keep all the seams from riding up...

The other part I'm worried about is the back. This is the same bodice pattern I used for my other 1860s ballgown, but I think this corset creates more of a back bulge on me, which so far looks very evident with this bodice. In fact, it almost seems like it's making the back of the bodice ride down, which is no good, since it already seems pretty low. I think I'm going to have to be very careful with bertha placement, because I have no idea how to make the bulge go away. Any suggestions?

My aliexpress bodice jewel options also arrived today. I think the 2nd from the right is the closest to one in the portrait, though I really like the second from the left as well. Now I just have to track down options for the Order of Charles III and the Order of the Starry Cross...

During our closing show tomorrow, I plan to finish the binding and start on the boning, unless of course you think it's all way too tight and I need to take some other drastic measures first!

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