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I'm pretty close to finishing the bodice. I added the rest of the fringe today, including in the back, and sewed down all the organza on top of the edges. I also sewed on all the buttons. I didn't get to test dyeing the lace, but will do that tomorrow. I also have 5 hooks/bars to add to the top of the bodice opening, under the bertha area. I'm debating about adding a couple bands of trim over the organza near the shoulders, to keep it in place. (Right now it's attached top and bottom, but nothing is really keeping the pleats in place.) I also might add a few pieces of boning in the CF and CB, depending on how it lays when I try it on again. I'm kind of hoping to finish it tomorrow. That would still give me a few days before my mom arrives next week to paint kitchen drawers, since I still haven't done that.

Oh, and also, it was brought to my attention that the script of the new Harry Potter play is going to be released as a book while we're at CoCo. Clearly, this means we all need to go get it at midnight, which I think is going to be after the gala (it says midnight July 31st, but I'm not sure if that means 30/31st or 31/1st). So the big question is, who has a car that will fit a ton of HP loving costumers? ;)

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