Aug. 10th, 2016

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I worked on Wendy all day, and it is very close to being finished. All I have to do is tack down the lining along the zipper, but it's late, so I'm leaving that for tomorrow. I would have gotten to it tonight, but naturally the zipper was being a pain, and I had to redo it because the attached sash at the waist wasn't lining up. But it's fixed now, so I'll probably only need to spend about 20-30 minutes more before it's completely done. It's turned out really cute!

And this also hopefully means that by tomorrow evening, I can start on my bustle gown!
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Just in case anyone is interested in another option for group costuming at CoCo next year, there is a group of us doing "Keira Knopely" next year. Basically, it will be any relatively bad Keira Knightly costume, particularly the period ones. Please join our facebook group if you're at all interested!


Aug. 10th, 2016 10:08 pm
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It's all done! I didn't make to the post office today, but it will head off to my customer tomorrow. I rather enjoyed it, for the most part, since it was a nice easy project (besides the zipper of course). The dress is cotton, with a poly matte satin sash, and matching bow. The sash is actually made out of three pieces - the part that is attached to the dress and goes around the waist, which is cut on the bias and top-stitched to the bodice, and then two ends, which were made double width and turned into tubes to tie into a bow. The bodice is based on a jenky looking McCalls princess pattern, but I changed the darts a little, and cut the neckline lower and wider. The skirt is just three flat panels (two halves in back, one whole in the front), and the dress closes with an invisible zipper up the back. It's entirely machine sewn except for the CB of the lining, which is handsewn down along the zipper. There's also a matching hairbow out of the satin.

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I better do these recaps before I forget all the details!

There weren't too many classes I wanted to take on Friday, but I did have my limited, which was how to make a Regency tiara. It was a great class! We used lamp banding, wire, and a variety of beads and pearls to make our tiaras. I'm pretty happy with how mine came out, though I kind of wish that I had had a larger version of the smaller coral for the points of the tiara - I think the ones I wound up using look a little fakey.

Naturally, because I was taking a Regency tiara class, I had to wear my navy swiss dot Regency! It was nice and comfy, and I got lots of complements on my hat (and surprisingly, I don't think I even got any requests to take it off in classes!)

I did also take a couple lectures - [ profile] reine_de_coudre's "Because Few Taylors," which was really fascinating, and the lecture on 18th-early 20th c riding habits. It was nice being able to see the habit shirts, and some of the antique habits close up!

I didn't really take many pictures (this is kind of the story of this whole CoCo, it seems), but I'm so glad I caught the Star Wars group! You guys looked amazing!

Then on to the Social! I honestly think this was my favorite part of this year's CoCo. They sooo stepped it up from the disappointment that was last year. I loved the snacks, the photo background/props, and especially the games! It was nice that there was a performance aspect, too, but contortionists freak me out, so I didn't actually watch. Also, somehow I lucked out, because [ profile] fairegoddess was late coming down, and so we other children went off to find her and conveniently missed all the annoying speeches while we were gone! Being dressed as Victorian children was SO MUCH FUN. Seriously. We skipped around the room, played all the games, munched on cupcakes, and had fun in the photo studio (with our cupcakes, of course!). We even played Ring Around the Rosie. I was super happy with how my dress turned out, and I think the four of us looked adorable!

Here's a bunch of pictures, but I'm doing a separate post for my dress. ;)

And if the pictures weren't enough, here's a video of our Ring Around the Rosie:
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I'm Posty McPostalot today! But I realized I had never done a post on this dress, and I knew I needed to remedy that, since it really deserves it's own finished post.

I think this is one of my favorite things I've ever made. Which is good, since it's definitely the most labor-intensive by far.  Certainly, it was tons of fun to wear! I felt adorable and silly, and I'm surprised I didn't spend the whole night talking in my "annoying British child" voice, since I think this outfit deserves it. (I probably would have if my voice hadn't already been completely shot.) I need to find a way to wear this again, for sure.

Anyway, the only thing I need to change on this is that once again, while wearing it, another covered button broke (I think I mentioned two broke after the first full try-on/photo shoot). Luckily, it was the button that was fully inside the bertha, so it didn't show at all.

Oh, and I didn't wind up using the huge hairbow, but I did wear both of the smaller ones and both ribbon-style bows. And my teddy reticule almost worked perfectly. I had to take the otterbox off my phone so that it would (still just barely) fit, and my fan really didn't fit at all. But he was super cute!

On to pictures!

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