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I don't feel like I was all that productive this year, probably since the early candy bustle wound up taking up soooo much of my time, but I did make a fair bit leading up to CosCol.

Pictures under the cut. )

My goals for 2012 were:
-a black knee length skirt. I didn't make one, but I bought one!
-the 1869 Pink Candy Striped Early Bustle Gown. Completed!
-Titanic gown. I started one, but I never finished it. The skirt is done, and the bodice is partially done. Now it's languishing as a ufo.
-Teens-era corset. Completed!
-Ballgown bodice for my black and gold plaid Dickens dress. Completed!
-Late Victorian jacket for my mom. She decided she wanted an Edwardian one instead. I've fitted the mockup to her, but haven't actually started the final jacket.
-Late Victorian bathing suit. Completed!
-18th c Robe a la Turque. Not for 2012, but I've finally started it!
-18th c quilted petticoat. Completed!
-1780s-style red wool Riding Habit. Started, but not yet finished.
-18th c red wool cloak. Nope, not yet.
-a Victorian waistcoat for my dad for Dickens. Nope, but I'll do it this year!
-18th c mitts. Nope.
-Regency corset. I didn't get into the CosCol class last year. We'll see if I can manage one on my own before this year's CosCol.
-Regency day dress. Nope.
-Regency overgown. Nope.

Overall, not too bad.
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I love 18th c petticoats. They're so quick and easy!

And a close-up so you can see the weave of the stripes. The fabric is either a poly or poly-blend, probably intended for window sheers. I found it in the back corner of Home Fabrics in the LA fabric district at CosCol this year. It's 120" wide, and between  [ profile] llyrafantasyfae and I, we split the entire bolt.

And now it's decision time - to do a ruffle, or not to do a ruffle? And do I want to make the under bodice parts (the long sleeves and the stomach area of the zone front) out of this fabric, or just a plain white? The rest of the robe will be a "silk-blend" blueish-periwinkle-ish taffeta. Any opinions?

Project #0

Dec. 30th, 2012 02:53 am
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I started on the robe a la turque petticoat after work today. I washed the fabric, cut it, serged the edges, and assembled the pieces. It's such a lightweight fabric that I'm doing four panels instead of my usual two, so it will hopefully have a lot of nice pouf. Tomorrow, I'm going to pleat it all up and attach the waist tapes (note to self: buy waist tapes). I'd like to finish it, minus the hem (which as usual I don't plan to do yet) by tomorrow night. I was originally thinking of adding a ruffle to this petticoat, but now that there's going to be so much fabric in it anyway, I'm not so sure. Plus, I don't get my discount at work until Jan 10th, and I would need a new pinking sheers if I'm going to do a ruffle.


Also, I hate Downton Abbey. That Christmas special was just plain cruel.



Nov. 23rd, 2012 01:53 am
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I finished the quilted petticoat! Hopefully I'll have the last tabs on the stays done by Sunday. I just wasn't feeling well enough for most of today to be able to do any hand sewing. I did manage to make it out of the house to spend the night shopping, though. Happy Christmas to meeee!!! :)

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If you've been following my LJ for a while, you may remember that in March or so of 2011, I attempted to start hand-quilting a quilted petticoat. And then I got to about 19" square and gave up. A couple months later, I bought some pre-quilted matelasse fabric in Joanns' home dec area. So finally, nearly a year and a half later, I'm actually getting around to making it into a quilted petticoat! I washed it last week and started draping the pleats on Antoinette, but today I finally figured out the pleating arrangement, and stitched them all up. I also leveled the hem by adjusting at the waist, which I hadn't done on my previous petticoats. The only thing is that I want the ability to wear it over pocket hoops at some point, so I don't know whether or not to actually hem it at this point. All that's left now, though, is to sew the waistband tapes on. But that means I need to make another trip to Joanns first. Luckily, I'm off two more days this week!

Now I just need to talk myself into doing more binding on the stays. I swear, I just need someone to chain me to a chair in the middle of a room with nothing but the stays and a needle and thread. And then maybe, just maybe, I'd actually finish the binding.
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So because our CA weather has suddenly decided to be hot, I'm doing pretty much no sewing in the afternoon... Which means I'm getting almost nothing done. I did finish the pinked ruffle on my blue sateen 18th c petticoat, though, so now I have the option of pairing my floral anglaise with the blue or the burgundy for the 4th of July. (I'll be walking with GBACG in the Rose White and Blue parade.) And I ordered the silk organza from Dharma Trading yesterday, so I'm hoping it will get here tomorrow, since otherwise it won't arrive till Tues - why do I always wind up ordering things over holiday weekends? But in the meantime, I've moved back to the Edwardian bodice. I had to go out and buy more tissue paper today, since I ran out when making the skirt, and now I have my scales all set, so I can draw out the pattern. I won't be home all tomorrow, though, so that means I have a few hours on Sunday to accomplish it if I want it finished this weekend. Which I do.

But since I'm not sewing, I am getting a lot of my HP rereading done! I started in on Order of the Phoenix today, so as of tomorrow, I have 13 days left to read just over 2000 pages.
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*crossposted from my blog*

After two to three days of furious accessory making, I went to the Norcal Pirate Fest in Vallejo yesterday. While there, I met up with the fabulous American Duchess, and we took a two hour sail down the Vallejo Straights on a two-masted schooner. It was so much fun! And as an added bonus for a wonderful Father's day for my dad, the captain of the schooner let him steer for nearly the entire two hour trip!

The only finished accessories you get to see in this post are the hat and belt, and a bit of the fichu. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the pockets (from the Janet Arnold pattern), the cap (my own pattern), or my necklace before I headed out of town this morning, so I'll show more detailed pictures of them all in a later post. I also finished the burgundy petticoat a few days before the festival, and I like it so much better than the floral one I had made. So now I have options! I'm also in love with my pockets. They're sooo much bigger than my old ones. It makes me wish we still wore them nowadays, so I could stop carrying my huge purse around everywhere.

Also, while my hair behaved wonderfully, and let me style it into a wonderfully huge pompadour with only a minute or so's worth of teasing, I was stupid and did not take a picture of it before I set my hat on my head. And naturally, after wearing a hat for about 6 hours, particularly when the hat is tied tightly underneath one's chin for two of those hours, the hair that begins as around 3+ inches high, winds up a measly .5 or so inches post-hat. But still, I'm proud of myself (and my hair for behaving), and now I know that hair at Costume College should be a cinch. I might not even have to bring my wig!

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The burgundy petticoat just needs a hem and to have the ruffle sewn on. I still need to figure out how to make a closure on my ribbon belt. I also have an idea of how I want to decorate my hat, and how I want to do my hair.

For my hair, I had spent a few hours at the beach yesterday, which seemed to help in the wild poufyness of my hair to begin with. But then all I did was section it off into three sections (plus the two curls at the bottom). The top section I sort of tucked under to get the pouf. The second section I pretty much just piled on top of my head and stuck a couple bobby pins in. And the third section I pinned up in pieces. Hopefully I will be able to recreate this or better on Sunday. For the trials, though, I didn't even do any teasing or spraying.

I also still need to make a cap, and if I have time, I'd like to make some new pockets, a reticule, and a better fichu. Not too bad, and I think it will be all doable in time for the festival on Sunday.

And a little Edwardian progress - the skirt is finished except the hem. The waistband is definitely not the best, but no one will be able to see it anyway, since I'm going to have the velvet sash over it. And I've developed such a huge hatred for chiffon that I kind of just want to get through this project as quickly as possible. (Please ignore the storebought corset)

Sewing day

Jun. 14th, 2011 03:00 am
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I didn't do too much else today besides sew. The chiffon and muslin layers of the Edwardian skirt is all together, awaiting a waistband and (eventually) a hem.

Also, I cut out all the pieces of the burgundy 18th c petticoat. And naturally, as has seemed to happen with pretty much every other 18th c petticoat I've done, I slightly underestimated the amount of fabric I needed. I was one 12" row short for the ruffle, and I don't have any fabric left over for the hat I want to make. So hopefully, tomorrow I will get to Joanns again, especially since I'm nearly out of burgandy thread, too. But the skirt pieces, and the rest of the ruffle pieces are together. I have to pink the ruffle and gather it, and attach it to the skirt, which I have to knife pleat to the waist tapes, and hem. And then it's done!

I hope to also make a cap and a new set of pockets by Friday as well, but if not, I can always make do with my old stuff.
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I bought something like 70 yds of lace from last week, and the 7" ecru lace was so perfect for the bottom of my Edwardian gown that I decided to tea dye the rest of the lace I needed to match. It was sort of a trial and error production, so I figured I would post my how-to for anyone else who needs some help.  I'll update sometime later with pictures.

Tea Dyeing Tutorial )

I have also finished cutting out all the pieces for my early Edwardian skirt, and hope to have them assembled by tonight. And I'm starting another 18th c petticoat to wear with my floral polonaise - this time it will be in burgundy quilting cotton (to match the belt), with a ruffle around the hem. I found  a straw hat at Michaels for a few dollars, and I plan to use some of the burgundy to make one of the 1780s poofy hats. Hopefully all the 18th c stuff will be done by Friday, since I want to wear it to the Norcal Pirate Fest in Vallejo on Saturday.

And I went to the FabMo distribution on Thursday, and came out with some lovely fabrics that will be perfect for mitts, muffs, bags, and maybe even some hats. But all of that will have to wait until after the PEERS Alameda Picnic in August, when I have more time.
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I finally got a chance to finish up the pleated trim on the sleeves today, so here's a picture of that, as well as a close-up of the ruffle on the bottom of the petticoat.


I've also already started to move on to Edwardian land. I ordered The Voice of Fashion book (though it won't be here for a good week, so I'm debating about starting without it), and I went to Joanns and picked up a bunch of muslin for the lining, and chiffon for the outer fabric (not silk, though, unfortunately - can't afford that until I actually have a job). I have some lace in my stash that I'm planning to use for all the flat lace that runs vertically, but I'm thinking about this for the bottom of the skirt, and this for the sleeves. I figure most of the lace I get, I'm going to have to try to tea stain, since I'm going with ivory overall, instead of white. Likewise, does anyone know of a cheap place for cotton velvet or velveteen? The cheapest I've seen is about $10.75-$11 from Dharma Trading or, both of which I would have to dye (I've decided to go for the same blue accents as in my inspiration dress). Tomorrow, I'm headed to Fabrics R Us in San Jose, to see if maybe they would have anything I can use for lace or velvet. Fingers crossed!
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The petticoat is done, except for the ruffle at the bottom. I want to do a foot long ruffle, just so it adds a little visual interest and breaks up the huge amount of floral that is this gown. However, I'm really worried I don't have enough fabric! I still have to make my sleeves (I'll probably be doing the mockup later tonight if I don't go see Pirates), but at this point, I have one 34"x54" section, two long (I think around 50") triangles with a max width of around 30", and two smaller pieces about 15"x15". I don't know what to do! But I have a feeling it will involve a huge amount of piecing, and trying to hide the fact that swirly flower stems may be facing in different directions...

Oy. And here I thought 10 yds would leave me with a couple left over! Clearly, this means I'm going to have to rethink my plans for the blue silk taffeta, since I only have 7 yds. I think instead of the blue one that I love from Kyoto, I will use it for the other one I posted before. That said, can someone help me with the proper name for this gown? I thought it was like a levite, but it's much more fitted. Is it just an anglaise with funky sleeves?


Oh, and I just got my laptop back from GeekSquad, so I can go back to posting pics again. It's way harder to do it on my old computer. So I will try to remember to edit this post with them later!

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Sewing has been put on hold for the last several days, and will be on hold until after I reach CA around April 20th. That said, I will at least try to update once a week with posts regarding my journey across the country. I leave FL on Tuesday.

That said, I just spent a lovely weekend at Bay Area Ren Faire. I wore my navy velvet doublet gown on Saturday, but opted for a cooler (and ever so scandalous!) look for Sunday, since it was supposedly somewhere around 88 degrees or so. So scrambling last minute to find something cooler to wear, it's my short sleeve "chemise" blouse, plus my two 18th c petticoats, and my ren corset. Here are some pics!

I also have a quick pic of the chemise I was commissioned. I even managed to make a tag for it with the embroidery stitches on my machine.


Feb. 27th, 2011 02:57 am
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I don't have too many pics for right now, since I didn't have a chance to put everything on tonight, but I'm done! The 17th c gown is finished (minus the hem, which will come just before I wear it this summer), the petticoat is done, and I even finished off another pair of crocheted mitts today.

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The muslin swag is stitched onto the neckline of the bodice, and I bound the front, but I need to pick up more of the swarovski findings I used for the front of the bodice, to put every 6" around the top of the neckline. And I'm hoping to find a brooch that goes really well to use for the center front of the neckline.

In the meanwhile, I've also taken the neckline in on the chemise. I haven't tried it on yet, but hopefully it's enough. I took in about 4". I also made another knife pleated petticoat, with a small ruffle at the bottom. It's almost done, but I ran out of the navy blue bias I wanted to use for the ties, so I'll be picking that up tomorrow, too. I love love love the fabric pattern - it's an alternating blue/white floral stripe. I wish it was heavier weight, and that there was more of it, so I could have used it for a polonaise or something, but since I got it for free from a friend, I can't complain. It's a really lightweight muslin, almost a lawn, I'd say, but I think it will work for a second petticoat.

Pictures tomorrow, since all of it should finally be finished.

I also cut out the fabric for the quilted petticoat (my next project). It's hanging dry right now - just fyi, it is really difficult to wash 3.5yds of heavy home dec cotton blend fabric in a bathtub with no drain stopper. And I realized I will have to piece together the backing, since I forgot to take into account that muslin shrinks when washed/dried, but hopefully it will work out okay. I'm still going back and forth whether I want to quilt by hand or not. And for anyone who has made a quilted petticoat before, is a 120" hem reasonable for someone with a 40" waist?

These are my two favorite inspiration petticoats, as far as the quilting pattern goes.
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I finally went and tried everything on this morning, and found out my petticoat is actually long enough that I don't even need to make a ruffle! So in other words, since the hem of the petticoat is the selvage, the petticoat is done. Eventually, I will go back and press the pleats, but I'm going to wait until after I move, and have access to a full size ironing board.

Tomorrow, I should hopefully get a chance to run to Joanns for the lace for the sleeves of the chemise a la reine. I started pinning the hem today, and once I have the hem and the lace done, the chemise a la reine will be done, since I decided it probably doesn't need the drawstring waist.

And yesterday, I started a short-sleeve chemise to wear under my stays. I still need to add the sleeves and gussets, and do the hemming, but the neckline and side gussets are done.

And, as per my plan, the binding of the stays is coming along slowly but steadily.
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After three hours of handsewing the lace to the neckline today, it's getting close to being done! I still need to add lace to the sleeve edges, and I need to hem the skirt, but other than that (unless I decide to add a drawstring at the waist) it's done! I also started the petticoat for it today. It's light blue sateen, knife pleated, with a ruffle. I didn't buy enough of the sateen for the ruffle, so I'm heading back to Joanns on Sunday to finish that, and I still need to press the pleats, and then it will be finished. The stays binding is coming along, and tomorrow I will probably wind up starting a chemise to wear underneath everything. Here are the pics!

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