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Insanely early Tuesday morning, I flew in to Long Beach, picked up a rental car, and headed straight to Disneyland. I was joined partway through the day by a couple of other CoCo'ers, Maria and later, Teresa and her daughter, neither of whom I knew before, so it was fun to bond with new friends! I stayed surprisingly late (considering I had woken up around 2am), and caught Fantasmic, the fireworks, and the Electric Light Parade before driving to my aunt's house to stay the night.

I slept in a little the next day and had breakfast with my aunt before heading back to Disneyland. I wore my new Belle-inspired dress, which has since become one of my wardrobe favorites, and spent a good chunk of the afternoon and evening with one of my good friends/sorority sisters from college, which was wonderful. We got a great spot for the fireworks, and made it over to World of Color just in time for the show. One of the coolest things that I experienced, though, was getting to sit in the 3rd row center section of the Frozen musical. It was like a whole different show from that close, and it was just amazing getting to see all the details! Overall, it was a fantastic two days, and a great way to end my annual pass (Wed was the last day it was valid, because Disneyland's passes are good for 366 days)!

Here's two pictures. The rest of the pictures of Disneyland can be found here.

Thursday, after breakfast with my aunt, I headed north to LA - I quickly swung by Home Fabrics for literally 15 minutes, and picked up some solid butter yellow silk taffeta (they didn't have the goldenrod I was looking for for a historical Belle gala dress at the time), and a brick red-based plaid silk taffeta (for an 1830s dress). Then I headed to Bel Air to meet my Grandpa and a different aunt for lunch at her country club. By the time we finished, traffic had gotten bad, so I took the scenic route up the coast and through Topanga Canyon to get to CoCo. My roommate had already checked in, so I was able to drop off the rental car and head right upstairs. We had a little bit of downtime before getting ready for registration and the Pool Party, which I used to iron or steam pretty much everything I had brought with me. 

For the Pool Party, I wore my Snow White outfit as part of the Designer Disney group. I definitely need to do something to that cape before the next time I wear it, since it was constantly trying to choke me, even with double stick tape and attempting to pin it into place. Everyone looked great at the pool party, though! I loved how many people were dressed to the Disney theme. 

I will have more posts for the rest of the weekend at some point, but I can't promise that they will come right away!

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I tried on the turquoise gala gown with everything (except jewelry) yesterday for the first time, and I am so in love with it. Like, I was so happy, I felt like I could cry. I'm pretty sure that's what brides feel like. And somehow, it fit even better than when I wore it in Port Townsend. So anyway, I marked where the hooks and eyes on the train waist needed to go, and how the sash needed to go together. I think I may need to pin the sash to my dress at the shoulder so that I don't adjust it all the time, but at least it looks right. And I took a couple of pictures, which was very difficult since I don't at all fit in the mirror. 

Once I took it off, I finished the waistband and the sash, which means all my CoCo sewing is done! That said, I also spent a little time last night figuring out what pattern I wanted to use (and what alterations I wanted to make to the pattern) for a new Belle-inspired dress made of Beauty and the Beast stained glass cotton to wear to Disney. So hopefully I will have time to throw that together. It should be relatively easy (famous last words). 

I also finished my handout for the class I'm teaching. I still have to cut out all the pieces I'm providing, and buy the supplies I need for the classes I'm taking, too, which will hopefully happen tomorrow.  

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After a super productive Friday, I had no time at all for sewing yesterday, and didn't get much done today, either. I painted my order ribbon with two more narrow stripes down the sides (which is how it looks in the portrait, but not how the Order of Charles III ribbon actually is, so I decided to add to the wide stripe I had already painted). And while that was drying, I finished painting the medals. Such tiny details - I wish I had smaller brushes, because while I think I got the Starry Cross medal pretty darn close, I couldn't put much detail on the Charles III medal. And then I made the bow tops for them, and I put pin backs on so that they would be easily removable.

In the picture, the top one is the Order of the Starry Cross, which started as a cabochon backing for a pendant, an the bottom is the Order of Charles III, which was a blank gold medal. 

I was hoping to be able to try on all the gala stuff, so that I could figure out the sash length and get the hooks and eyes on the train waist, but I ran out of time before rehearsal, so that will have to wait till Tuesday. 

I also dug out my extant 1890s bodice with the huge sleeves, which I will be bringing to show my class, and washed the organdy so that I can cut out all the pieces for the students.

So here's a couple questions for the hivemind -  
1) We're making an 1890s sleeve as part of my class. There are tons of 1890s sleeve shapes out there - should I do an 1890s upper sleeve puff, which would work either for an evening sleeve or paired with a lower sleeve, or should I do a leg-of-mutton sleeve? I'm leaning towards the former because they require less fabric. 

2) Also, because there are so many sleeve shapes out there, I was thinking of providing drawings of a couple shapes in my handout, and not providing a huge paper pattern (especially since I will be doing all the fabric cutting ahead of time). Is this fairly normal for classes? I can't remember. 


Jul. 14th, 2017 11:57 pm
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I worked on CoCo stuff for the better part of 12 hours today. I'm feeling pretty tired, but at least I got a lot done!

Elizabeth Swann is completely done. Unfortunately, I found out that no one else in the Keira Knopely group actually managed to make anything, so I'm bummed about that, and I guess I'll just be completely random at the Social. I'll probably also use it for my Halloween costume, though, and I am happy with how it turned out, so I guess not all is lost. 

Anyway, I started making the chemise for it yesterday afternoon, using McCalls 6817 as a base, but narrowing the skirt by about 28" at the hem. I had to piece the shoulder strap, because I was literally 1.5" short of fabric. (Of course, after I put it on, I realized it was 1.5" too long at the hem. And I lived dangerously, and didn't make a mockup. I wound up taking it in quite a bit at the side seam, and a little at the CB, and I changed the shape of the princess seams over the bust, since I am wearing it over my stays. But other than that, it went together quite smoothly. I'm not doing sleeves (at least, not yet), because I don't want the extra heat, so I have left the armseyes unfinished for now. I added a drawstring at the neckline, and the front spiral laces with eyelets going down to just above the hip.

I also finished the hook and eye at the waist of the skirt, and yesterday, I finished all the frogs/buttons/pickups on the overgown. And last night, I did one coat on my shoes, then I did the other coat and the finisher today, and put in the buckles. 

But that wasn't all I did today! I also made my earrings for the gala gown, and the headpiece. For the headpiece, I took a circle of millinery wire, wrapped it in white velvet ribbon, and then dyed it turquoise. Then I added a huge triple bow of the turquoise ribbon, and a lace bow with hanging tails. It needed more, though, and many of those headpieces seem to have a piece that runs across the top of the bun or curls, so I took the leftover pleated ribbon from the train, and it fit perfectly! I also dyed some ribbon millinery flowers, which I will either fix onto combs or barrettes, or I will just twist into my hair, since they are on wires. 

Oh, and I tried on Mary Poppins, and despite the weight loss, I don't need to move any hooks and eyes. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing... I'm thinking about possibly wearing my skating bustle on Friday to teach, though, and doing Mary Poppins and the pelisse on Sat or Sun. I still haven't decided what to wear when, but I should probably get on that. 

So at this point, I think this is what is left:
-Make order sash and paint order medals for gala gown
-Try on gala gown so that I can put hooks and eyes at waist of train
-Prep class materials for my class
-Buy supplies for the classes I'm taking
-Make a skirt or dress for Disney, if time

I think that's it, but I'm sure I'll find other things that need doing. However, I'm definitely feeling more relaxed now. 

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Apparently, I've been sewing and not posting. Whoops. 

Anyway, the Elizabeth Swann gown is nearing completion. It's been going much slower than I hoped, because I forgot just how much hand-sewing is required of 17th century bodices. Anyway, at this point, I have to finish attaching the cartridge-pleated skirt to the bodice, and then I have to hem the skirt and the underskirt. When the frogs I ordered get here, those and a few decorative buttons will be added to the bodice as well.

Until they arrive, though, I'll be moving on to the chemise. I'm not worried about doing this one accurately to the movie, since a) I am wearing it over my stays and a regular chemise, since I didn't feel like boning the whole bodice, and b) the only parts of it that are going to show are possibly the neckline, a tiny strip of the bodice front that can be seen through the bodice h&e closure, and the skirt, since the other skirts are open down the front. So actually, I think I may save myself some time and some heat, and just make it sleeveless! I can always add the sleeves in later if I decide to. 

That's the last full thing I have to make for CoCo. So for my own sanity, this is my CoCo To-do List over the next two weeks:

Elizabeth Swann - attach skirt to bodice, hem skirt and underskirt, make chemise, add frogs/buttons
Turquoise Gala Gown - try it on and add h&e to waist of train, make order sash and medals, figure out hair accessories, make earrings
Mary Poppins - try on and possibly move h&e at waist on waist cincher and skirt.

If I have time, I'd also like to make a new skirt or dress for Disneyland. And today, I have to make a skirt for an etsy order. 
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I spent all day today sewing - in fact, it's the first day I haven't had to leave the house in a really long time, which was wonderful. I worked on the trimming of the ballgown skirt all day, and naturally, it took way longer than I thought. But it's basically done - the only thing it's lacking is narrow velvet ribbon going down the center of the ruched net trim. I clearly didn't think that one out ahead of time, but it is now on order, and should be here by next Monday. I also probably ought to sew together all the joins in my organza and my lace, since I haven't done that yet. 

It's trimmed with three rows of 5" wide gathered strips of dyed turquoise silk organza, layered with embroidered net lace from Joanns, and above that is a row of gathered net (very soft Casa collection stuff from Joanns). The net lace definitely looks bolder than I'd like (and looks even bolder in the pictures than in real life), but I'm sure once everything else has trim, it won't feel so garish. I have to admit, there's a little bit of regret adding the trim, since it was such an eye-catching color just plain. But I'm determined to replicate the portrait. 

Anyway, I thought it would be simple, but 1) my ruffler foot broke, and I spent an hour calling around to see if anyone local sold them (no), and then trying to fix it (which I did!); then 2) I didn't have enough organza already dyed and cut into strips, so I had to cut two additional strips, which then didn't have a selvage edge like the others, dye them, put a tiny narrow hem on them, and then repeat all the steps I had already already done with gathering and attaching all the rest of the organza; and 3) I likewise prepped 5 strips of the ruched net, and wound up needing six.

So I'm pretty sure I worked from about noon-10:45, with many two 1-hour breaks... My back is really sore from all that sewing now, but then again, I won't have another chance to sew till Friday, so I guess it makes up for it. 

Here's a couple pics:

During one of my breaks, I also was playing around with what to wear when at CoCo. If I'm able to finish all this trimming by mid-June, then I think will actually have time for my burgundy Elizabeth Swann PotC dress for Keira Knopely. And assuming that I do make that one, this is my line-up:
Thursday Pool Party - Designer Disney Snow White (still need to make the cape)
Friday Day - Mary Poppins, since it will be easy to teach in and to attend a dance class (need to fix boning in the waist cincher, and possibly some skirt appliques)
Friday Night - Keira Knopely (haven't even bought the fabric yet)
Saturday Day - Either the pelisse or the skating bustle
Saturday Gala - Giant turquoise ballgown of doom (needs train, bodice trimming, and Order-type accessories)
Sunday - Either the pelisse or the skating bustle 
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I got my CoCo Limited classes last week, and now I'm trying to figure out if I really want to do all of them. I actually got four, plus the fabric district tour (which I always do, because it's easier to shop on Monday and head directly to LAX). 

I got Tailor's Canvas and Reticulous Circular Handbags, both of which I know I want to do. But I also got the 18th c Riding Habit class on Thurs, and the Combination Underwear class on Sun, both of which I'm not sure about. 

The Riding Habit class is really expensive ($60!). It would mean I'd have to rush up from Anaheim (the class is at 1pm) and not do any museums or shopping on the way. I'm not in love with the comfort of my 18th c stays, so fitting anything to them seems counter-productive. I also haven't done much 18th c lately, since I've found I love Victorian way more, and I'm not totally in love with the shape of that pattern (it looks a little boring to me). So basically, I think I'm not going to do it, unless anyone here thinks it's one I shouldn't miss?

The combinations class is a little less expensive ($40), but it is six hours long on Sunday. That means missing Cathy and Cynthia's corset binding class, though I think that's the only one I was really interested in during that period. However, it would also mean missing Sunday socializing! And I also hate wearing split-crotch drawers, so it seems like, why would I want to make combinations, anyway? So again, I think I might skip that, unless there's some reason I shouldn't... 

Any opinions?
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Just got the email - I'm teaching the 1830s Sleeve Supports vs 1890s Sleeve Construction class from 12-2pm on Friday. There are 14 spaces, and I hope you all attend! I'm determined to somehow bring my extant 1890s bodice with the giant sleeves to share with everyone, too, since it's such a good example.

In other (sewing) news, I actually worked on my crewel embroidered pocket from way back at CoCo 2013 (I think?). I have picked it up exactly two other times since then, so this is a big step. I finished one flower and a bunch of stems while at rehearsal today, and I'm pretty sure that if I bring it to rehearsal for the rest of this week, I will finish all the embroidery. This also means I really need to get the giant turquoise dress or 1860s corset to a hand-sewable state by the time I finish the pocket, so I have something to do at rehearsal. This week is probably going to be quite busy, though, since my ex is still moving his stuff out, I have to get the couch moved out of the spare room so my new roommate can move in this weekend, and I have plans to get new tires and to hang out with two friends this week. And work, of course, since my parents flew home this evening. I really need to manage my time well!
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I've been trying to figure out what classes I might want to teach at CoCo, and I've come up with these four potential ones:

-1830s sleeve supports vs. 1890s sleeve construction - This would be a limited class, where in the course of probably two hours, we would make an 1830s sleeve support pouf, and also make an 1890s sleeve lined with organdy and with a pleated crinoline piece to support the sleeve

-How to digitize embroidery using Brother PE design - This would be an hour-long limited class where I go over the basics of how to do point-by-point digitizing, and altering the shapes that come with PE design. I would have my laptop hooked up to the projector, and if people already have PE design, they could follow along on their own laptops.

-Recreating Disney princesses - An unlimited class where I would go over tips, patterns to use, sources for hard-to-find materials, etc, so that other people could learn how to make exact reproduction Disney princess dresses.

-Make an easy 18th c quilted petticoat - A limited 1-1.5 hour class on how to create a quick and dirty quilted petticoat out of matelasse or other pre-quilted fabric.

Oh, and in unrelated sewing news, I only had time for the Belle dress order yesterday, and because I went to see Star Wars after work today (finally!), and had rehearsal, I managed to sew down half a piece of velvet ribbon to the lapel on my dickey. I should get more done tomorrow.

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I slept through my alarm Sun morning, and my roommate woke me up at 7:10. My goal had been to get to the Bargain Basement line by 7:30 - aaahh! So I super scrambled, and got dressed crazy fast in my 1850s sheer dress. I literally somehow got all my makeup and hair done, and fully dressed in less than 30 minutes, which is totally a record for me by a long shot. (I usually take 45 mins-1 hr in the morning, and easily 1.5 hrs when I'm doing historical hair/costumes.)

So anyway, I made it to the line soon enough to be in the second batch of people allowed into the Bargain Basement. That said, I was really disappointed in it this year - not in the quality/quantity of stuff, but in the rudeness of the lady helping with the checkouts. After I made my offer ($20 for two grocery bags worth, which seemed totally reasonable to me), she dug through my two bags, and pulled out a torn up fur, rudely saying that the fur alone was worth more than that (it wasn't - it was small and torn), so she took that out, and still took my $20, which, without the fur, made my haul very small. I got a few pieces of scrap faux fur (which will hopefully be just enough for the Winter Bustle I'm making), a small piece of tan wool fabric, some millinery flowers, 3 cut-up patterns, two wide laces, some metal buttons, and a pair of 18th c style buckles (which turned out to be AD buckles, so at least that was good to learn). But in other words, waaay less than I usually get from the Bargain Basement, yet I think it might be the most I've paid there. So rather disappointing...

Anyway, I dumped my stuff in my room, grabbed a muffin from the Concierge lounge, and scurried off to Luca's 19th C Silhouette class. I now plan to make all my stuff with padding (after I make the proper corset, of course!). Next, I took Francis's Galliards dance class, which was very fun - I swear, between his class this year, and [ profile] ashamanja_babu's dance class last year, I think I have more fun in the dance classes than in any other CoCo classes! I want more! I also went to Laura's class on dating historical garments, which was very informative, and she helped me narrow down the dates on my new 1890s walking suit (probably mid-1890s, even though the sleeves aren't crazy huge, because it's not an outfit that's at the height of fashion, anyway).

That was it for CoCo classes. I did spend some of my other time on Sunday hanging out with Harry Potter friends, doing readings of the new play. We made it through the first act together, all playing multiple characters, and it was awesome! I also re-learned how to play Whist. :) But eventually, it got too late, and I had to go pack up my stuff.

Monday, I took all my luggage with me on the tour bus to the fabric district. (I always do that, since it's so much easier to get to LAX from the fabric district with a shuttle or Uber, and just fly out that evening). I did have some nice finds in the fabric district - I bought two new Disney cotton prints for skirts for my shop (and a villain skirt for me!), something like 15 yds of dark forest velvet ribbon,and 8.5 yds of forest green wool for my Winter Bustle. I rarely find reasonable wool in the fabric district, and while it was definitely more than I usually like to spend on wool (it was $12.50/yd), it was the perfect weight and color, and I haven't seen that color online recently. (Oh, and I can't think of the store name right now, but it's right across from the guy known for his wool in that sort of indoor area off of Maple, I think).

No pics of anything, but you can see the fabric in my etsy shop, and if you're interested, it's available as yardage or in my simple skirts.

We shared a Lyft back to LAX, killed time before flights, and then CoCo was officially over. :( Is it time for next year yet? 
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I had my limited class with Luca first thing on Saturday, The Boned Seams of Bodices. Such an informative class! I wish we had had more time, to fully finish our samples, but I think I got enough to be able to implement it all on my own. And I can't wait to order German plastic boning and actually start boning my bodices. I almost never do! And actually, the only other class I went to on Saturday was Luca's lecture on creating a Worth ballgown. I decided I wanted a break instead.

I wore my 1890s walking dress during the day. It's already very much feeling like a "this old thing" since I made it last Aug, and have already worn it a few times. I didn't even think to take a picture, but Vivien did! I hated my hair, though - I'm honestly not sure what happened there...

I also "this old thing"ed it for the gala, pulling out my black silk bustle gown I made earlier this year, though this time, I let down the train for a while, since CoCo'ers are the only people I trust around a train. :) And hey, it's nice knowing that a gown is going to fit, and not have any issues with hair etc, because I've done it before!

There was a great group of around 25 of us who walked over to Maggianos, and though the service was a little slower than normal this year, it is still a billion times better than eating the overpriced stuff they serve at the gala. We also had plenty of time to brainstorm what we wanted to do as a group project for next year! (Fair warning, I'm probably going to spam post about our Keira Knopely group a fair amount this year.) When we came back, we peeked in on the dancing and stuff, but mostly I just chatted, since as usual, I didn't like the music. Some year I'd really love to hear legit ball music, and have Regency dancing or waltzing or something for the majority of the dances. Pop music just doesn't make sense.

Anyway, my pics from dinner are all dark and blurry because my phone camera sucks, so instead of posting them here, feel free to follow this link to see them:

There were so many gorgeous gowns this year! As I think I said before, though, I was really bad about taking pictures this year, so I only got a few of them. But I really feel like there's starting to be so many gorgeous costumes that I almost stop seeing half of them, because all the goregousness blends in together!

Anyway, we couldn't stay at the gala for too long, because we had to scoot out to the midnight release of the new Harry Potter play! It made for a very late night, but everyone at Barnes and Noble seemed to enjoy our costumes, and we did get our books!

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I better do these recaps before I forget all the details!

There weren't too many classes I wanted to take on Friday, but I did have my limited, which was how to make a Regency tiara. It was a great class! We used lamp banding, wire, and a variety of beads and pearls to make our tiaras. I'm pretty happy with how mine came out, though I kind of wish that I had had a larger version of the smaller coral for the points of the tiara - I think the ones I wound up using look a little fakey.

Naturally, because I was taking a Regency tiara class, I had to wear my navy swiss dot Regency! It was nice and comfy, and I got lots of complements on my hat (and surprisingly, I don't think I even got any requests to take it off in classes!)

I did also take a couple lectures - [ profile] reine_de_coudre's "Because Few Taylors," which was really fascinating, and the lecture on 18th-early 20th c riding habits. It was nice being able to see the habit shirts, and some of the antique habits close up!

I didn't really take many pictures (this is kind of the story of this whole CoCo, it seems), but I'm so glad I caught the Star Wars group! You guys looked amazing!

Then on to the Social! I honestly think this was my favorite part of this year's CoCo. They sooo stepped it up from the disappointment that was last year. I loved the snacks, the photo background/props, and especially the games! It was nice that there was a performance aspect, too, but contortionists freak me out, so I didn't actually watch. Also, somehow I lucked out, because [ profile] fairegoddess was late coming down, and so we other children went off to find her and conveniently missed all the annoying speeches while we were gone! Being dressed as Victorian children was SO MUCH FUN. Seriously. We skipped around the room, played all the games, munched on cupcakes, and had fun in the photo studio (with our cupcakes, of course!). We even played Ring Around the Rosie. I was super happy with how my dress turned out, and I think the four of us looked adorable!

Here's a bunch of pictures, but I'm doing a separate post for my dress. ;)

And if the pictures weren't enough, here's a video of our Ring Around the Rosie:
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My CoCo started with two very hot days in Disneyland with [ profile] nuranar! We spent most of the first day at CA Adventure, which was pretty wonderful. I think the highlight for me was probably experiencing the brand new Frozen show, and I liked it way more than I thought I would. Our Elsa was freaking amazing! We also got to experience the new Soarin Around the World, and we saw the 60th Anniversary version of World of Color, which was pretty impressive.

The next day, we went to Disneyland, which was not nearly as good! Disneyland seemed to be plagued with technical problems that day - first, we were evacuated from Haunted Mansion when we were about 20 people from the front of the line, then, Mickey's float stalled in front of us during the day parade (though to be honest, this was one of the highlights - I had no idea what would happen when a float fully stalled, and apparently, the answer is that all the dancers keep dancing for ten minutes, while they go find a heavy duty golf cart to hook up to the float to tow it the rest of the route. I loved Mickey's reaction to the whole ordeal, and we got to see inside the control panel of the float!), and then what really bummed me out was that the fireworks show froze halfway through, and we didn't get to see the end. :( Also, we checked at one point during the day, and Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain were all closed at the same time. Clearly, Disney was just having an off day.

I realized later that Ginger and I didn't get any pictures together, except for this hilarious snap from Hyperspace Mountain!

Thursday, [ profile] reine_de_coudre met us for Denny's and kindly drove us up to CoCo. On the way, we stopped for a little bit in the fabric district, and to see the Reigning Men exhibit at LACMA. Seeing all that 18th c embroidery up close was really stunning! We got to CoCo just in time to get ready for check-in and the pool party. I wore my Titanic dinner dress, which I'm still not in love with, and I actually felt a bit out of place at the pool party, too, since everyone looked so fun and awesome in their 60s wear! I have to say, between the pool party and the Friday night social, I don't think I've ever seen so many people dress to the theme! It was also so nice to finally meet [ profile] sadievale and [ profile] quincy134!

I didn't take any pictures at all at the pool party, but luckily, [ profile] rebecca817 snapped a couple!

The rest of the weekend is coming soon!
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Since the Victorian child outfit is my last thing I have to finish for myself by CoCo, I guess it's that time of year to think about what I want to sew in the rest of the year!

-A Tudor Kirtle (hopefully by the first weekend of Aug for a Ren Faire). Would periwinkle-ish wool be appropriate for this, by any chance?
-Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday (I'm fairly certain this will be this year's Halloween costume)
-Black wool w/ black fur trim bustle-era skating outfit
-Another winter bustle dress (both of these will be for the Little House party)
-Giant turquoise mid-Victorian ballgown of doom

And then the possible other projects:
-I feel like I should make something 1790s, because I haven't yet. This would also include transitional stays.
-I kind of want to try the Outlander stays pattern, especially since I need new stays anyway
-Possible secret Disney project?
-I kind of want a cotton 1830s dress, and now that I saw [ profile] mandie_rw's bonnet, I need to make a giant bonnet, too.
-Maybe this year I'll actually do the Daniel Deronda riding habit I've been planning for the last few years? Or come back to the 1860s handsewn project?

I also have one commission lined up for Aug, which is Wendy, and a couple possible other commissions, like Coronation Anna, and Aurora. And hopefully more etsy sales!

As far as CoCo goes, do any of my LJ friends want to join me at Maggianos for the CoCo gala dinner again this year? I've got a list going, and I'll probably call to make our reservation soon. It's always been a fun time! 
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Well, I signed up for ten, and I got two and the fabric district tour. Not bad compared to some other people I've heard from, but it does make me think their new system of registering really isn't working out that well. I'm going to be taking the Boned Seams of Bodices class, and the Making a Regency Tiara class, both of which I'm really excited about.

Also, now that I know what I'm taking, I'm able to decide what I'm wearing on which day:
Thurs Pool Party: 1912 Dinner Dress (unless I make something else between now and then which I like better)
Friday Day: Navy Swiss Dot Regency
Friday Social: Victorian Child dress (more on this to follow in a separate post)
Saturday Day: 1890s Plaid Walking Dress
Saturday Gala: Black silk bustle gown
Sunday Day: Sheer 1850s Dress

Also, I know I've mentioned it before, but is anyone else interested in joining [ profile] nuranar and [ profile] reine_de_coudre and I at Disneyland before CoCo? I am planning on being there on July 26th-27th, and would love to get a big group together!

And for those of you who are Harry Potter fans, does anyone else want to join me in our gala dresses, and make a post-gala trip to Barnes and Noble, for a Cursed Child release party? I'm super excited. Maybe it's good that there's not too many Sunday classes I want to take! 
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So now that the class schedule has been released, I can get a slightly better idea of what I want to wear when (and of course, what classes I want to take!).

This is what I have so far:

Pool Party: 1912 dinner dress
Friday Day: Sheer late 1850s dress (I normally try not to wear hoops to class, but these are smaller hoops, and I'm only interested in one limited that day, which I think I can still manage fine in this outfit).
Ice Cream Social: Kids Victorian (I need to get on that! And whoever wants to join us for it definitely should.)
Saturday Day: 1890s Plaid walking dress
Gala: Black silk bustle gown
Sunday Day: Navy swiss dot Regency

The limiteds I'm hoping to get are "The Boned Seams of Bodices" or "Drafting a Corset Pattern" (trying to figure out if I should put that one as number two, in case I don't get the first one, or put my numbers 2-4 as ones that don't overlap); "Make a Regency Tiara;" "Ribbon Embellishment;" and "Event is in an Hour Regency Bonnet." I'm actually pretty excited for several unlimiteds, too, which I feel like hasn't happened in a couple years.

Also, I know I've mentioned this briefly before, but I'm planning to go to Disneyland for a couple days before CoCo. I won't know for sure if I can until about mid-May, but assuming I can, I'm flying in super early on Tues morning, arriving about 8:15 to the Santa Anna airport, then dropping suitcases off at the hotel and hitting the parks for the rest of Tues and Wed. Then Thurs, I'll likely rent a car and drive up to CoCo, hitting LACMA (and possibly FIDM, if there's anything interesting there) on the way up. Does anyone want to join me?

CoCo plans

Mar. 22nd, 2016 08:11 pm
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Is anyone interested in doing a day at Disneyland and/or Universal before or after CoCo? I would really like to catch the 60th anniversary of Disney, or go to the new Harry Potter section at Universal, but will probably only do it if someone else wants to as well.

I can't wait till the class schedules come out next month. Pending that, I think I've mostly figured out what I'm going to wear when.

Thursday pool party - 1912 dinner dress
Friday day - 1890s walking dress, Regency swiss dot, or 1850s sheer, pending classes
Friday Ice Cream Social - kids Victorian (still have to make this one, and anyone who wants to join our group is more than welcome!)
Saturday day - 1890s walking dress, Regency swiss dot, or 1850s sheer, pending classes
Gala - black bustle gown
Sunday day - 1890s walking dress, Regency swiss dot, or 1850s sheer, pending classes

I have no idea what the themes are for anything, but I'm pretty sure I don't fit with any of them. I'm also still not in love with wearing the dinner dress, since I'm not entirely happy with it, but I doubt I'll be making anything else before then, and I don't particularly want to bring Rapunzel, since I would have to worry about dragging the wig down there (and then actually wearing it!)

Also, yay - it only took me two days to be fully unpacked from Port Townsend! :)
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I'm pretty close to finishing the bodice. I added the rest of the fringe today, including in the back, and sewed down all the organza on top of the edges. I also sewed on all the buttons. I didn't get to test dyeing the lace, but will do that tomorrow. I also have 5 hooks/bars to add to the top of the bodice opening, under the bertha area. I'm debating about adding a couple bands of trim over the organza near the shoulders, to keep it in place. (Right now it's attached top and bottom, but nothing is really keeping the pleats in place.) I also might add a few pieces of boning in the CF and CB, depending on how it lays when I try it on again. I'm kind of hoping to finish it tomorrow. That would still give me a few days before my mom arrives next week to paint kitchen drawers, since I still haven't done that.

Oh, and also, it was brought to my attention that the script of the new Harry Potter play is going to be released as a book while we're at CoCo. Clearly, this means we all need to go get it at midnight, which I think is going to be after the gala (it says midnight July 31st, but I'm not sure if that means 30/31st or 31/1st). So the big question is, who has a car that will fit a ton of HP loving costumers? ;)
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I am so pleased with how this turned out. I don't think I've ever felt more like a fashion plate! It's definitely not perfect - the bodice has a bunch of wrinkles, and four of the seams inside the bodice are not actually finished. But it makes me feel so grand and elegant. And for once, I think I got the hair right! Now I need to plan more events that are okay for wearing trains.

Speaking of which, I originally wasn't going to try it on before I packed it. Thank goodness I did. Not only did I wind up taking the bust in about 2" more, but I was also originally going to wear this only with a very large bum pad. The skirt is so heavy, though, that when I put it on, it looked like I had nothing there at all! So I actually wound up wearing it with my giant bum pad over my lobster-tail bustle, and I still managed to have a little train! I really like the silhouette it gives, and I think I'm going to have to try it out with my other bustle gowns as well.

The original inspiration:

And mine, in dark green:

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Sunday started very early for me. Unfortunately, getting up at 6am was not early enough to eat breakfast before the Bargain Bazaar, especially after one showers, dresses in one's bustle undergarments, and does one's hair. That said, I still got downstairs by about 7:20ish, and got a pretty decent place in line. Once they let us in, I high-tailed it to the "large pattern" sections, scooped up a whole bunch of them, and then went and grabbed several different lengths of vintage laces. I also picked up 7yds of what might be a wool-blend, and 3-4 yds of a lovely plaid that I'm hoping will be enough for an 1890s walking skirt (my next project). I also got a mini-Hedwig in a cage, not pictured. Definitely a good haul this year.

I dropped everything off upstairs, got dressed the rest of the way, and we headed down for a quick breakfast before class. I took [ profile] nuranar's class on stroked gathers, which was very helpful, and they look beautiful, but I don't know if I'll have the patience to ever do them! The next class was my own! I co-taught a class on costuming on a budget. I think it went over very well, and I had people come up to me later saying the class was very helpful, so that's good! I think next year I might teach a workshop on making 1830s hairpieces. I also took a class on Costuming Business and the Hobby Loss rule, which was very eye-opening, and definitely alerted me that I need to be waaay more business-like -- maybe it will get me to change my receipt cubby to something that is actually organized, and to enter purchases in some sort of record-keeping platform, instead of just going back and writing them down once a year during tax season. Whoops. I finished up the day back in Ginger's class, learning how to scale up patterns with adobe reader. Now if only I could get my scanner to work!

For Sunday, I wore my brand new green and ivory bustle gown. I am soooo pleased with this gown that I'm going to do a whole separate post on it. Look for that in a little bit!

Sunday night, [ profile] fairegoddess and I may have gone a little crazy, planning for our upcoming group project - Children's Victorian clothing. There was lots of math involved. We may or may not have bitten off more trim than we can chew! Please join us in our project -- it will most likely be a daytime meetup, since children's outfits are relatively mobile, and therefore, good for class. We have a facebook group you can join here, which also has links to a couple pinterest pages for inspiration.

I took the tour bus down to the fabric district after checking out of the hotel on Monday morning. It was a very disappointing trip this year. I was only looking for three things - pink silk taffeta, white silk taffeta, and navy swiss dot. I found the white silk taffeta, and also purchased some narrow twill tape, a ton of skirt hooks, and a roll of pattern paper. From downtown, I took a shuttle to LAX, and caught my plane home. I did upgrade myself to first class, though, which was very nice. I mean, $50 for two checked bags, or $53.75 for first class? Don't mind if I do!

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