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Port Townsend was lovely. I got up there about 3:30 on Friday, and met up with Val at the hotel. We went out to the antique stores in our muggle-wear, and though I was tempted by a ton, I was good and only bought a $5 vintage white eyelet apron. Then I changed into my skating dress, and we joined Mara for dinner.

Saturday, I wore my green wool winter dress. Val and I joined [ profile] vanessa_lynne and her husband to walk around town for a bit before tea, meeting up with Mara partway through. After tea, I visited the Jefferson County Museum, and then took part in the fashion show along with the other ladies (and a few gents). I changed for the ball, and we all went out to a tasty dinner before heading to the ball. The dancing was fun, and Mara made a good partner. We also met a couple other local ladies in beautiful dresses who we have hopefully now recruited to come to our events. It's always nice to meet well-dressed people!

On Sunday, I wore my skating outfit again, and Val and I took a tour of some of the historic buildings downtown. Honestly, visiting the Hastings building may have been the highlight of the weekend. It was built in 1889 as an office building, and was used for housing during WWII. Since then, the upper floors have been mostly vacant, though the owners are hoping to eventually open it as a hotel. It was absolutely fascinating to see. I've included a couple pictures here, but most can be found in my facebook album.

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I wore the giant turquoise ballgown on Saturday night for the Victorian Festival ball in Port Townsend. Overall, it was a success, but it definitely wasn't perfect.

For one thing, I'm really glad I made a modesty panel - I don't know if my corset was not laced down enough or what, but I had about .5" gap in most of the lacing. And then the weirdest thing is that from the waist down, it couldn't lace closed at all. I think there was a good 2" open at the very bottom. I'm not sure why that is - I took the pattern from my old ballgown, which is worn over the same cage crinoline (though I was wearing it with one less petticoat). Anyway, I don't really think there's any way to fix that, even for version 2, but if anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way!

The only other weird thing was that the top of the bodice kept trying to ride down in front. I know it wasn't the waist shifting, and I had bones in the CF that went up to the bottom of the bust, but above that, the bodice wanted to scrunch down, which showed my chemise a little on top. Again, not sure how to fix that. The scrunching will be hidden by the bertha, and I do plan to add more bones in the seam allowances, but I don't think that will solve it riding down.

Other than that, though, I loved it. It was very comfortable, and despite the small sweep in back, it was just fine to dance in. I'm excited to see what all version 2 will hold, though I'm probably going to take a small break, and make Designer Disney Snow White before I go back to it.

Here's pics!

I made it!

Jan. 21st, 2017 07:44 am
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I'm attempting to post from my phone, so I'm not sure if this will work. I'll do a full wrap-up when I get home.

I did finish the skating dress about 1:30am on Thurs morning, packed after work, dyed my hair after rehearsal, and sewed the 17 buttons on my quilted petticoat at the airport. I managed to sleep a couple hours on the plane, and a couple more once I got to Elizabeth's house, so I wasn't completely dead yesterday.

We went out to lunch, and then to the Hill House, and took lots of pictures. Here's a couple for now - the rest are on my Facebook. It's so fun so far, but I wish you all were here, too!

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The basically finished green wool bustle gown was worn yesterday for our outing to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. It was so much fun to wear, and I got so many complements! It was also pretty warm, which is good. We had to stand outside in line for an hour in probably mid-to-high-30s before we could get into the exhibit, and though my toes were freezing (even in my carriage boots), my arms only started to get cold in the last 10-15 minutes, and the rest of me stayed nice and warm. That should be good for MN, because if the weather prediction stays true, it should be the same temperature there. Also, it turned out the quilted petticoat was the perfect body for this dress. I wore it over the lobstertail and a bum pad, and didn't need any other petticoats.

And now what you've really been waiting for - pictures!

They had this 2x scale dining set, which was very fun to try to sit on!

There was also a corner mirror, which we naturally stopped to take lots of pictures in.

There's just a couple things I still need to do to the dress. Someone stepped on my skirt, even though it was bustled up, and one of the bustle ties tore out (luckily, I don't think it tore the fabric at all). So I have to fix that. Also, while I decided I like it better without any additional trim on the dickey, I've decided to add the three large buttons on either side of the overskirt (on the dressform, that area was hidden by the bows, so I didn't bother, but there's room for them when I wear it). And if I'm able to acquire more of the green velvet trim, I'm going to add it to the sleeves. But even if I can get more of it, it won't be before the Little House Party. So luckily, there's not much left to do for now!
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Well, we didn't win the Disney Trivia night, but we had a lot of fun, and I did win the costume contest! Surprisingly enough, I think it's the first time I've ever actually won a costume contest, so that was nice. I'm also debating about switching out my 1912 dinner dress in my CoCo lineup for Rapunzel, instead. The real issue is transporting that wig when I already have so many other costumes to pack!

Here's a bad pic from the event:

Oh, and I did no sewing today. I better get on that tomorrow! 
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The event today was lovely. There wound up being seven of us in total, which is a great turnout for an event planned one week prior! We all walked around the fort for a while, looking in all the buildings and exhibits. Two of the buildings date to the 1850s - I think one of them is supposed to be the oldest wooden structure in WA. We took some nice group shots, and then we headed right outside the fort to a picnic area, and had a lovely lunch!

Here's some pictures:

I also started row two tonight on my skirt. I'm about 1/4 of the way done with it at this point. It's going a little slower than I hoped it would - I was really aiming for 1/3 done, but I absolutely love how it's looking.
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I finished the first row!!!

Only four more to go. On the skirt. Not to mention the rest of everything. *Sigh*

But honestly, I think the binding is the hardest part, and it is considerably smaller on the overskirt than on here. (Only 21 points instead of 31!)

Anyway, we went to see Love and Friendship yesterday, and it was mostly wonderful. The men's costumes were pretty darn perfect (and omg at one point I was so distracted by how freaking amazing the portrait buttons on his jacket were that I don't think I paid attention to that scene). The women's costumes were mostly good, with the exception of most of Chloe Sevigny's (weird home dec size stripes, and oddly cut bodices), and Kate Bekinsale's. Hers were the real problem. They started out pretty good, but got worse and worse as the movie progressed. I also think she stopped wearing stays partway through, because they started fitting her very weirdly. But they also started to totally lose era-appropriate fabrics (like one dress with a tulle overlay), and era-appropriate shapes (one looked like a bad Simplicity Victorian bodice). On the other hand, most of the outfits the more minor characters were wearing were lovely!

There were a few weird issues that someone should have caught, though. In the opening sequence, they do a closeup of each person, with their character name and a brief description. On one lady, her shoulder was worn to the point of being threadbare. Later in the film, Chloe Sevigny is walking outside, wearing a petticoat with a ruffle at the hem, but the ruffle had torn off the hem for at least 1.5" along the front of the skirt. And then as Reginald DeCourcy is standing in the doorway of his bedroom partway through the movie, there is what looked like an Ackerman's Regency fashion plate from what looked like the 1810s behind him on the wall. Whoops!

But overall, it was very funny, most of the costumes were great, and I highly recommend it!

Tomorrow we're having a Victorian day at Fort Nisqually. And I will be wearing the same fabric I was yesterday for the 18th c event. I guess that's the problem with making summer dresses out of the same fabric. ;)
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I had so much fun this weekend at my Harry Potter marathon. I had one friend stick it out with me the entire time, which was awesome, and three others (inlcuding [ profile] vanessa_lynne) came for some but not all of the movies. We started about 9:30am yesterday, went to around midnight, and then started again around 11:30ish today and finished around 3pm. 19.5 hours of Harry Potter total!

We crafted during the first few movies, making a Ravenclaw banner, chocolate frog boxes (my friend made chocolate frogs that we stuck in the boxes!), and Bertie Botts boxes (which we filled with regular jelly beans). We also built a lego fortress. And we had a ton of awesome food, inlcuding butterbeer cupcakes, regular butterbeer, alcoholic butterbeer, and tea, of course. :) I also made Ryder a 3 minute Dobby costume, which was adorable!

Here's some pictures.

Tea day 1, and tea day 2

We brought out the diadem for Deathly Hallows, and Ryder wore his costume both days.

His costume didn't phase him at all. And Laura and I both wore Ravenclaw uniforms on day 1. On day 2, I wore my new HP skirt.

My friend Laura, and her awesome chocolate frogs!

Our banner craft, and the crafts in progress

And then tonight I dyed my hair for the show (it's so dark brown it's almost black, which is both exciting and scary), and I'm about to go finish the last 20-30 mins of sewing on Princess Sofia. 
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My bf and I had a lovely pre-birthday weekend at the Victorian Festival in Port Townsend this year! We drove out Friday, and arrived around 4pm, changed, and headed out to Fort Worden. We had so much fun at the fort last year that we definitely wanted to enjoy the beautiful beach again. I wore my new sheer dress, and he wore his new Civil War Signal Corps uniform. We played around at the beach for a while, taking lots of pictures of each other, and then headed back into town for the end of the shanty singalong.

On Saturday, I wore my cream and green bustle gown. I did a little browsing, then Sean and I attended Val's lecture on how to wear watches, which was super informative! I'm glad I caught it here, since I missed it at CoCo last year. I attended another lecture, too, then met up with DodiRose, and we did a little shopping before I headed back to grab my things for the fashion show. It was pretty fun being in the show this year, mostly because I got to hang out backstage and chat with friends most of the time. I wore the green and cream, then changed into my new black bustle gown for the second half. Afterwards, we joined up with DodiRose again, and she and Sean and I all went out to dinner before heading to the ball. The ball was so much fun this year! Good dancing, and again, lots of time to socialize. I think we were the last table to head out at the end of the night.

Today, I wore the plaid 1890s dress, though by the end of the day, I had had to remove all three of my taller feathers because of the wind! We did a little more shopping with [ profile] vanessa_lynne and her fiance earlier in the day, then many of us went out to tea at the Commander's Beach House. It was a lovely time, and I really hope this event continues next year!

Pictures under the cut )

The rest of the pictures can be found on my facebook page:
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My bf and I went to the SITU Black and White ball on Saturday afternoon. It was... interesting. The dancing was almost nonexistant, which was quite disappointing, and the food was definitely lackluster. Still it was nice to dress up and see friends, like [ profile] vanessa_lynne. I got lots of complements on my dress. I did my hair at home, which fit nicely in the car, and then got dressed at the ball.

Here are a few pictures! It doesn't look like a garbage bag anymore!

I'm really looking forward to wearing this in Port Townsend next month, when I actually get to dance!


Dec. 9th, 2015 11:52 pm
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My Titanic/Downton Abbey dress was finished in plenty of time. Okay, maybe not plenty, but I finished it last night without stressing or staying up too late. So I call that a win. I also lucked out, and was able to have help doing up the 5 or 6 h&e that I couldn't reach in the back. That said, unfortunately, all the hooks with thread bars on the chiffon part of my bodice wound up coming undone by the end of the event, when we were taking all the pictures. Oh well. Luckily, my phone takes such blurry pictures that you can hardly tell in the photos! It was fun getting to wear so much sparkly jewelry, and I liked the fit of the bodice enough that I decided not to wear the sash with it. I'm waiting for the official event photos from KCTS9, in the hopes that I'll get some better ones, but here's a few that we took with my phone tonight.

I was pretty proud of how huge I got my hair, though it definitely got messier as the night progressed. They also gave us a goodie bag afterwards, with all this stuff, plus they gave out books called the Wit and Witticism of Downton Abbey.
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On Saturday, my bf and I went to Steamposium, and it was pretty fun. It was in the waterfront convention center, so the location was good, and they had great vendors, many of whom were even very reasonably priced! I attended three lectures - one was a vocal workshop, which was kind of neat, one was a panel with four contestants and one judge from Steampunk'd (very cool, because they told quite a bit of behind-the-scenes of what goes on in making a show like that), and one was a terribly innacurate lecture on corsets. (I kept wanting to correct her. Eventually I just left). The ball was a big dissapointment - nothing like the elegant balls they had at Steamcon when that was still going on. But my bf and I did a little swing-dancing to the few songs that were actually danceable. Then we left.

There were also some really cool gadgets there though! Definitely the highlight were the two working robots - one, a dalek, which was actually made by a friend of mine, though this was the first time I've seen it. It was so cool! It lit up, and she could talk through it with a voice changer, and it wheeled around and blew steam and stuff. And the other was a Steampunk R2, whose barrel body was actually a working beer tap!

Somehow, Sean and I didn't get any pictures of each other during the day (I wore my green and cream bustle), and we have one selfie of us with a friend. But he did take pictures of me in my new ballgown bodice! The neckline turned out kind of gappy, and I'm not sure how, so that was slightly disappointing, but I'm still quite pleased with the rest of the bodice, even though I didn't have time to sew in any of the boning except the very CF.

But here's several pictures anyway:

Oh, and I bought a thing. One of those reasonably priced vendors had so much cute stuff! It was between this one, or a watch whose top had been taken off and had Toothless on it instead. Here's a link to her store if anyone is interested. It doesn't look like there's really anything in there right now, but she does take custom orders.  Sorry, I don't know why these pictures are going in upside-down.
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On Saturday, we had a small farewell 18th picnic for [ profile] theladysarah at Discovery Park, near my house. Although it said it was supposedly 80 degrees, we found a lovely shady spot, and there was a constant cool breeze coming off the Sound, so it felt pretty perfect. She baked delicious bread and apple dumplings, and we also had chicken, fruit, macarons, and lots of pink lemonade. Naturally, we went all out and dragged table, chairs, china, and crystal into the park, and everything looked absolutely scrumptious! That said, the next time we do an event here, I need a wagon. You have to park so far away from the meadow!

Here are a few pictures.

I also worked a bit more on Rapunzel this weekend. At this point, the bodice just needs sleeves and to have the "blouse" front panel sewn in, and the skirt just needs to have the lace put on the last 2/5th of the hem. I wound up redoing a lot of the lace on the bodice, because I realized that A) Rapunzel has pink lace at the bottom of the bodice, not white, and B), on the back of Rapunzel's bodice, the lace is faux-chemise trim, not bodice trim. So I did a fair bit of ripping out, but luckily the bulk of it was larger whip stitches, so it wasn't that terrible to redo. The skirt will be finished tonight, and I may also be able to start on the sleeves. 
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On Saturday, my bf and I headed across the water to Port Gamble (the privately owned Victorian mill town) for their first ever Steamport Gamble event. It was due to be a tiny event, with four panels/presentations, a handful of vendors, and a fashion show. There were also originally supposed to be crocquet and lawn bowling outside, but they were cancelled due to rain in the forecast. And really, weather is the big story here.

We arrived there about 11am, looked at the vendor hall (so not impressed), and then saw that the huge Victorian house that has always been closed up in the past was open! It turns out that was where they were doing a couple of the presentations, though they were still setting up when we got there. That means that no one was paying attention to prevent us from going upstairs and exploring the house. I know the house has held a variety of functions over the years, but it hasn't been able to be used for anything in quite some time because it's not up to fire codes. Most of the house has not been updated, though there were two 50sish-era bathrooms added, and many different layers of wallpapers in all the rooms. It was so cool to see, though, because while I love gleamingly restored homes, there's just something about ones that have been kept repaired but not updated. We took a whole bunch of pictures, and then headed down for the firearms panel downstairs.

Lot's of pictures under the cut )
And that was the end of the exciting part of our day!
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I got a fair amount done on Rapunzel this weekend. I mocked up the pattern, which was a nearly perfect fit. The only thing I had to change was the angle of the straps, so I only had to recut one of the pieces, and everything else from the mockup will be my interlining. I serged all the interlinings to the outer pieces, and sewed them all together. I'm pretty sure my Rapunzel pattern has more pieces than any other bodice I've made. There are 17 pieces, and two layers in each piece. But it always has turned out really nice before, so I hope this is no exception.

I've decided to go with flat steels for the boning. I just don't feel like spiral steels are going to have enough hold, and I've never worked with them before, so I guess it makes me nervous. I don't think it will wind up too terribly stiff. There will be a piece of boning on each seam, (stopping under the bust in the front), and the front lacing will have boning on either side that goes from bottom to top. I would like to figure out the measurements today, but at the same time, I'm wondering right now if I have it going too far over the hips. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to make that call until I start the skirt and see them both together. So the boning may have to wait. Luckily, there's a local lady who sells pre-cut boning, so I can order from her and just pick it up, which means no waiting for shipping!

Speaking of shipping, my Vogue fabrics order should be arriving today, which means I'm going to put Rapunzel aside for a day or two, and hopefully finish off the 1890s outfit. It shouldn't need much, and I find that giant gathered sleeves are always easier than fitted ones. I think I may do a fitted liner inside the pouf to keep the pouf in place, but it doesn't have to be pretty!

In other news, I went to the Ren Faire on Saturday. It was way better than when I went a couple years ago, probably due mostly to the perfect weather this time. We only stayed for a few hours, but my bf found pants that I think he can use for Flynn, and he got to try on the boots that he's ordering online. I didn't feel in the mood for hoops and velvet, so I wore my maiden outfit, which is basically my Ren corset, a peasant blouse, a couple of 18th c petticoats, and lots of flowers. It was comfy at least!

And a follow-up to my last post. It sounds like my boots somehow got moths. :( They're in the freezer right now, so hopefully all the moths will die. I checked all my other antiques, including the Victorian clothing and the vintage furs, and there's no sign of the moths in any of them. It definitely makes me nervous, though - how did they get in? I've had these boots for two years, and this could only have happened (at least I'm pretty sure) in the last several months. 


Jul. 19th, 2015 08:43 am
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I went to my first ever reenactment yesterday! [ profile] theladysarah, my bf, and five more friends piled into a van and drove 2.5 hrs away to Port Angeles, to a reenactment of Lexington and Concord, which was taking place at the WA Lavender Festival. I wore the underdress I had made for the robe a la turque a few years ago, and decorated an old hat for the event. (And no, we ladies did not plan our outfits together in advance, but we certainly wound up being quite coordinated!) It was very hot, but we had tons of fun, even though the battle was a little sparse. We watched the battles, had tea, played around with lavender, met some of the reenactors, and flounced around taking pictures. I need days like this more often!

Here are some of my favorite pictures. The rest can be found in this facebook album.

June Faire

Jun. 8th, 2015 11:27 am
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I didn't get much sewing done this weekend, but I did get to go to a Faire! It's called June Faire, and it was hosted by the SCA over in Port Gamble, which is a cute little Victorian town across the sound. My bf and [ profile] theladysarah and I attended. I haven't been to a faire since Sarah and I went to one almost two years ago!

I decided I needed to upgrade my outfit (the navy velvet doublet gown I've been wearing for almost every faire since fall 2010), so I finally added the sleeves I had planned for it in the first place. In fact, when I went to go see what fabric I had left over from the original project, I found that the only remaining pieces of velvet were seven strips already cut and hemmed into panes, plus two longer serged strips, and that all the gold fabric left was already cut and serged into narrow strips as well. So I was able to make three-paned sleeves, with a band at the bottom. I think it improves the look.

Despite being on the water, it was soooo hot in the sun. Just as a reminder to those of you in the rest of the country, Seattle rarely gets above 80 degrees even in the middle of summer. Well it was at least 82-84 I think on Saturday (yesterday it got to 89!), so wearing that big heavy velvet gown for the first time in almost two years was rather unpleasant in the sun. Thank goodness I brought my parasol and fan! The shade wasn't too bad, though, and we all had a lot of fun. My bf had attempted to make a whole crusader outfit in about 1.5 weeks or so before the faire, and unfortunately did not get it into a wearable state, so I was so glad to see him still enjoying himself at his first faire!

More pictures under the cut! )

As far as Belle goes, I did get almost all the twill tapes sewn onto the ruched seams in both overskirt layers - I think I have two left to go. There's not too much more to do on the skirt, though I'm about 80% positive that the hem on the upper layer will have to be done by hand. But other than the hem, I just have the waistband to do, and sewing on the ribbon flowers. Then it's on to the bodice. Other than rehearsal on Sunday, I don't have any other plans this coming weekend, so I really really want to try and finish the whole thing by the end of Sunday. I need this done! 
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I got a fair amount done on Belle this weekend. I haven't started the bodice yet, but the overskirt is nearing completion. I have to hem the bottom pouf part of the over-part of the overskirt, and all of the drawn up seams on both layers need to have their length set and be backed with twill tape. But then it's just the waistband and done!

Of course, then I still have the bodice to do...

In other news, the archery event I hosted was on Saturday! We had a small turn-out, but it worked really well for the space, and was so much fun! I definitely want to do this again. Here's my favorite pics:

Of course, we were having so much fun that I forgot to reproduce the fashion plate, but at least now I can say I've actually done archery in my archery dress!

Oh, and in other other news, I've taken on another sewing student, and we're working on fun princess stuff, and I started my first student on her first project. She was really excited with her binding yesterday, which made me happy. 
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I've been doing lots of planning/collecting for the first Belle commission this weekend. Yesterday, I went to Joanns and picked up most of the rest of the fabric for Belle, and today I worked out my labor estimate, and searched for more supplies online. I'm kind of excited about embossing velvet. I'm sure I won't be so excited after working at it for a few hours, but it's something I've never tried before, so it will be cool to add a new skill. I just hope it works!

I also did a little more smocking on Little Red. However, now I've closed my show, so I don't have downtime backstage or an hour long bus ride to the theatre in which I could potentially work. This means I have to be better at time management, and maybe fit it in during my shorter bus rides to/from work, or *gasp* evening tv time. And at some point, maybe I'll even finish the smocking, so I can actually cut out the bodice piece! Not that I can't cut out the rest of the bodice pieces now...

Oh, and my bf and I went to a fun event today, hosted by SITU. I didn't really take any pictures, because I'd already worn the costume, but I'm sure some will surface from other attendees that I can share. It was a docent-led tour of the Museum of Flight, with a 1930s/40s theme. I wore my Miss Pettigrew outfit, naturally. And I learned a lot about early commercial air travel! 
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I had sooo much fun at the Victorian Festival in Port Townsend this weekend! Like last year, it once again fell on my and my boyfriend's birthdays (his is the day before mine). We had some crazy weather while we were there. On Friday, it was 27mph wind, so we didn't do much wandering around. In fact, as I was trying to leave the hotel in my Ravenclaw bustle, I had to go back in first to take off my hat, and second to take off the pleated tail on the bustle. So no pictures from Friday.

Saturday was so much better! The weather was almost entirely clear, besides a little rain mid-day. It was cool, but not overly cold, and we were able to take some nice pics. The seminars they offered this year didn't really interest me much at all, but I did go to the fashion show with [ profile] vanessa_lynne, and headed off to the ball in the evening. Here are some pics from Saturday:

Sunday, my birthday, was marvelous. We packed up and checked out of the hotel, and then I headed over to tea with Val, Gina, and her mom. Tea was delicious, and then we headed over the to fort, and met up with my BF to hang out and take lots of pictures. It was amazing! It had turned quite windy again, and was very cold, so I unfortunately had my capelet on for most of the pictures, but they still all turned out amazingly! Thanks Gina!

The rest of the pictures can be found here.

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