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The basically finished green wool bustle gown was worn yesterday for our outing to the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. It was so much fun to wear, and I got so many complements! It was also pretty warm, which is good. We had to stand outside in line for an hour in probably mid-to-high-30s before we could get into the exhibit, and though my toes were freezing (even in my carriage boots), my arms only started to get cold in the last 10-15 minutes, and the rest of me stayed nice and warm. That should be good for MN, because if the weather prediction stays true, it should be the same temperature there. Also, it turned out the quilted petticoat was the perfect body for this dress. I wore it over the lobstertail and a bum pad, and didn't need any other petticoats.

And now what you've really been waiting for - pictures!

They had this 2x scale dining set, which was very fun to try to sit on!

There was also a corner mirror, which we naturally stopped to take lots of pictures in.

There's just a couple things I still need to do to the dress. Someone stepped on my skirt, even though it was bustled up, and one of the bustle ties tore out (luckily, I don't think it tore the fabric at all). So I have to fix that. Also, while I decided I like it better without any additional trim on the dickey, I've decided to add the three large buttons on either side of the overskirt (on the dressform, that area was hidden by the bows, so I didn't bother, but there's room for them when I wear it). And if I'm able to acquire more of the green velvet trim, I'm going to add it to the sleeves. But even if I can get more of it, it won't be before the Little House Party. So luckily, there's not much left to do for now!
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I braved the cold sewing room tonight, and managed to sew most of my quilted petticoat. It just needs a hem and waistband at this point, so I should have it done in under an hour tomorrow. Which is good, since I also still need to make a hat. And possibly add more trim to the dickey, and you know, probably try everything on! Luckily, I get off at 3 tomorrow, and I think I ran all the errands I needed today, so hopefully I can actually accomplish all that!

So on the topic of hats, though, what the heck is going on with her hat?
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I spent tonight trying to catch up on all the LJ posts for the last several days while trying not to scream/vomit/cry because of this stupid election. I refuse to accept that Trump appears to have won. I doubt I'm going to be able to sleep, but if I can, I want to wake up and have it all be a terrible nightmare.

But I digress. I did actually do some sewing at the end of last week. I fixed my Mary Poppins skirt appliques, put together the mockup for my corset, (which I still need to try on), and I also did my commission for Princess Anna's winter hat. Tada!

Obviously, the second picture is unfinished, but it was the only one I took that showed the painting I did on the back.

Anyway, then I ran off to Disneyland for the weekend for Dapper Day. I don't have most of my pictures yet, (my phone is so terrible that for Sunday we mostly used my friend's phone to take pictures), so here's a teaser pic from when I met Mary Poppins:
I got to meet Mary Poppins today! #dapperday #marypoppins #marypoppinsmonday #disneybound #disneyinspired #disneyland #dapperday2016

I'll do a full post on Disney as soon as I get the pics, but seeing everyone all dressed up for Dapper Day was amazing. It was a lot of fun just people watching, and trying to guess some of the disney bounds I saw.

But now I'm back, and I really need to try on the corset mockup and get on all the stuff for my caroling group, so that I can go back to working on the corset, and eventually, the green bustle gown! Eventually, I'll need to go back and fix Mary Poppins, too, since I had two bones work their way out of the swiss waist while I was wearing it, and more appliques need to be sewn on in more places, but that can wait till early summer. Because I have so much sewing to do right now...


Oct. 22nd, 2016 02:07 am
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So much burning of my hands later, Mary Poppins is done!

I did the hat first, which required a whole bunch of my organza scraps and a ton of hot glue. And of course, putting hot glue on organza also means very much burning of fingers (including at least three that have already blistered). But that said, I'm really happy with how it turned out!

The base is a wavy-brimmed straw hat that I bought from the thrift store a few years ago, and spray painted white. Tonight, I started by gluing/pleating an organza strip around the top of the brim. Then I took another organza strip, glued the selvedge edge around the top edge of the brim, and turned it under, where I pulled it tightly, and pleated it around the crown on the inside. Next I took a narrower strip, pleated the ends, and glued one end to the side of the base of the crown. On the other end, I sewed on two hooks, and sewed two bars to the opposite side of the base of the crown. I also ran gathering threads at three points on the length, to cinch it on the sides of the face and under the chin. Then I took a vaguely circular piece, and shaped it over the top of the crown, gluing it around the edge (leaving the bars free, obviously). I pressed messy ruching in place on another strip, and glued that loosely around the sides of the crown. Then I gathered a long piece for the back, and glued that around the back. And finally, I glued on the flowers! So as I said, a lot of glue - I lost count of how many sticks I went through!

Then I put the hooks and eyes on the skirt and the swiss waist, and the ribbon tie on the parasol. I didn't actually try it all on tonight - I'll save that for the morning, but each item does fit individually. I'm wearing it to a Halloween party tomorrow night, so I'll be sure to have someone take pictures of me. For now, here's som dress form pictures:

On the other hand, the temporary hair dye I tried this morning did almost nothing whatsoever to my hair color, so it is still very much not brown. I'm going to try to get to Sally's before tomorrow night, and see if I can exchange it for something better.

Oh, and also, I made both my first embroidery design etsy sale and my first princess playdress etsy sale today. And how fitting that the one that sold was for Mary Poppins!
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It's done!

I set in the zipper, which was a pain, as I expected. In fact, I wound up setting the last 1.5" by hand because I didn't feel like messing with figuring it out on the machine. I also finished out the pocket that had the zipper running into it. And I did wind up taking up the CF a bit - it was just too low in the waist, so I took out a whole inch in the CF (you could actually see where the seam started to go down towards a v in the center front, so it was really obvious where it needed to come up!). Now it's much better, and I think the petticoat takes care of the rest of the length, even though my poor petticoat is soooo deflated from what it once was like 9 or so years ago when I made it. Maybe if I have time, I'll make a new one.

Here's some pictures:

I also spray-painted a straw hat white for Jolly Holiday. I'll see how it comes out tomorrow when it dries, but it looks good so far! I've also now ordered all the trimming I need for her, except for the beading lace for the collar and cuffs. I'm looking for somewhere between 1.5-2" wide, with enough room to run a 3/8" ribbon through the center. I'm finding a couple that are 1 3/8" wide online, but am having some difficulties finding anything wider. Anyone have any leads?
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I'm excited for this weekend! I did a fair amount this weekend - I got the Ariel bodice mockup done and sent off, so I'm glad that's off my plate, at least for a little bit. I also made a bonnet for my sheer dress. There is sooo much glue in this bonnet! And today I made a collar for the dress, too. Plus, on Saturday, my bf and I went to the Cascade Mountain Men muzzle-loading festival thing. He bought a black powder pistol, which is kind of cool, and I bought 7 yds of black wool for my skating dress! I just hope it's enough, since that's all they had.

So anyway, back to the bonnet. It is made out of the same fabric as the Robe a la Turque, which is also the same as my Seaside Bustle hat. I used the same Butterick bonnet pattern that I used when I made my red bonnet a few years ago, but it's amazing what actual buckram will do! The old bonnet has since basically collapsed, which I doubt this one will do. Of course, I was trying to figure out how to make it without doing the weird instructions that the pattern calls for. So instead, I wound up gluing almost every single part of the hat. I wired all my pieces by machine (breaking 5 needles in the process), then glued them all together. I shirred the fabric for the crown, and gathered the fabric for the brim, then glued all the fabric pieces to the form. I also glued the lining in (which is the same fabric as the sheer dress), and glued one side of the binding. I did handsew the other side though! And then of course, I glued all the decorations on it. The lace on the inside I think came from the bargain basement, and the pleated trim on the outside is left over from my white Regency dress. I also zigzagged the narrow white ribbon on the pleated curtain (the curtain is also glued on). Despite the insane quantities of glue, I'm still pretty pleased with how it came out!

The collar is just some eyelet lace I had in the stash, gathered slightly, and bound with bias tape.

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of the finished look. I realized that though it's not quite the right era (I think it's supposed to be 18th c), the cloak and muff I made last year are basically a perfect match for this outfit if it's cold!

Next up, buckling down and actually hemming the Ariel skirt. Though I think if I manage to finish that by tomorrow, I might attempt to make ruffles for this skirt, like in the inspiration dress. ;)
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My boyfriend was home from work today, so he agreed to take lots of pictures of me in my new Regency stuff! Unfortunately, the sun was really coming from the wrong angle for good shots with nothing modern in the background (we did them all in my backyard), but we managed to get a few good ones!

A bunch of pictures under the cut! )

My bf was also good enough to help me fit the back of my bustle gown bodice mockup. I took in several seams, but I only had to recut the side back pieces - everything else fit! So now I have a working pattern with no changes that need to be made. I just hope that the final fits as well as this one. I'll start with cutting that one out tomorrow. 
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It's done! I had gotten most of the fabric on it by last night, and finished stitching all the edges earlier today. I was able to do most of the binding of the brim at rehearsal in my downtime, since we did our first full run tonight. And then I got to come home and do the fun part - decorating! I tried out a whole bunch of different trims on it, and found I liked this combo best. The black braided trim is leftover from my Tudor doublet bodice from 2010, the pink ribbon I think may have been a sash to some random cocktail dress (otherwise I have no clue where it came from), and the black ribbon wrapped up some housewarming gifts from Crate and Barrel! And then I had to add feathers and bling, of course :) The nice thing is that other than the buckram, all of this came from the stash.

Here's a whole bunch of pictures:

Detail shots - I tried to be really good, and while there is hot glue within the various rosettes, nothing is actually glued to the hat. :)

And this is what it will look like with the dress. If I had the world's longest neck, of course.
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I found buckram locally! That was definitely a relief. I thought there was no chance, but one the fabric stores in Seattle carries it for $5.50/yd, and no shipping cost! Luckily, I was up north of Seattle yesterday anyway, too, so I only had to drive about 30 mins out of my way, instead of around two hours round trip. It was worth it. I got five yards. :)

I cut out my pieces last night, and started assembling them. I decided to use two layers together, since a few people recommended that, though unfortunately, this buckram didn't seem to realy want to fuse to itself, so I basted around the edges.

At this point, the whole buckram frame is assembled, and I've wired the brim and around the bottom of the crown. Next I get to cut fabric! [ profile] mandie_rw's crazy hat colors are definitely rubbing off on me, because I've decided to use the little piece of orange silk leftover from my 1760s gown for the outside of this hat. The inside will be ivory silk (that for some reason I can't remember what it's leftover from!).

The hat frame

These are the fabrics for it

We also finally moved up the bar in my sewing room closet. We moved it so high that I can hang the black bustle gown skirt in it without bustling it up (which is good, since my pleats were already getting really crumpled). And all my Regency dresses are off the floor, too. I'm hoping that I can fit everything long in this closet, and use the guest room closet for the shorter things, so that we don't have to move that bar up as well.

Here's a pic of my 6'3" boyfriend with the closet. It's really tall now!
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I think I'm going to stick with the shape of bonnet that I posted yesterday, but it looks like the project is going to be on hold anyway. I'm sick of working with the crappy Joanns buckram, and really want to buy actual buckram for this and future hats. However, there are apparently no local sources for buckram, meaning I have to order it. Thanks to [ profile] madamekat, I found a place that sells it quite cheaply, but the shipping costs as much as the buckram, so 5 yds would still come to $50. Hats by Leko, which a lot of people recommended, has a $60 minimum, so that's out. I'm waiting to hear back from Judith M Millinery about what the shipping charge will be, though their buckram is twice as expensive as the first place, so I doubt I'll go with it. I also found buckram on voguefabrics that seems promising (esp since they have $6 flat rate shipping), but there's no way to tell how heavy it is... So I feel kind of stuck. Without money coming in right now, I can't just go drop $50 on a hat. And it's either that or make do with the stupid Joanns stuff that crumples even if you put two layers together. *Sigh*

So it looks like I have no choice but to work on the ballgown bodice. It's honestly what I should be doing right now anyway, but I had been kind of looking forward to making a quick and pretty hat to finish off the Regency dress. I'm hoping to mostly use the same pattern as my cream and green bustle bodice I made in the fall. Part of me wants a button front, because that will make the two a little more different, but it seems pretty rare on ballgowns. So I might do a lace-up front again, since I don't want to have to mess with a back closure. I'm also hoping to make the neckline a little more off the shoulder, though of course, that means I have to deal with chemise showing, and less arm movement when dancing. Plus, the smaller sleeves would show more of my upper arms, which is definitely an area I prefer to have covered up. So who knows - maybe it will wind up being almost exactly the same. One thing I'm fairly sure on though, is that I don't want a pleated tail in back like that bodice has - I just want it to go to a nice sharp point, like on the fashion plate. I wish I could see the front of the dress in the plate, though. Then I wouldn't have to make all the rest of this up!

Anyway, that will have to wait till at least tomorrow afternoon. I had rehearsal tonight, and tomorrow morning I'm doing another costume portrait session, wearing my plaid 1890s this time.

Oh, and if anyone else has any buckram recommendations, please let me know! 
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I'm having such a hard time figuring out a pattern for the stovepipe bonnet. I've spent almost all my free time today on it, and it still looks weird. I'm not sure if that's because when they're undecorated, stovepipe bonnets just look really weird, or if it's because there's something actually wrong with it. And it looks even weirder on my head. Maybe I have proportions wrong?

Just to give an idea, here is a picture:

Dimensions are 23" circumference at base of crown, 18" at top of crown. The crown is 6.5" tall in the front, and 8" tall in the back. Brim is 3 5/8" at CF, and 2.25" where it ends towards the back. Has anyone made one of these before? I'm going completely off of pictures I've found of them online, which of course are all fully decorated. Why aren't there any tutorials out there for this kind of bonnet?

2015 Recap

Dec. 31st, 2015 08:36 pm
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Hmm, just off the top of my head, I certainly haven't done much since CoCo. Maybe going through everything, I'll realize I was actually productive this year?

These were my goals:
1. 1831 Archery dress Done!
2. 1829 Orange ballgown Done!
3. Corded petticoat to go with both of the above dresses Done!
4. 1830s bathing suit Done!
5. Professor Trelawney artistic reform gown for the CosCol Ice Cream Social This got switched to the green and cream bustle gown
6. Daniel Deronda riding habit (already have the fabric) Still have the fabric. Maybe I'll actually make it this year?
7. Little Red costume from Into the Woods Done!
8. Striped silk bustle gown. (Or maybe a sack-back. I found silk at Hancocks today for $8/yd, and I'm determined to not let it sit in the stash.) Yeah... That silk is sitting in the stash...
9. Handsewn 1860s gown. At this point, I'm still determined to do this fully handsewn, so who knows when/if I'll ever finish it. If I let myself do it by machine, I'm sure I would have finished it months ago... Still on the list. I just haven't had the time/patience for that much hand-sewing.

And this was what I accomplished. )

So overall, I guess that wasn't too bad. I definitely need to start sewing again soon if I'm going to be at all on track for CoCo though!
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The hem is done, and I'm almost 1/3 done with the cording near the hem, but it's going very slowly! It's really hard for me to keep it from wanting to roll and twist while I'm sewing it on. I'm hoping to maybe finish it tomorrow, but for sure by Sunday night.

My bf's jacket may have bested me, though. I tried resetting the one sleeve I had ripped apart, and I can't figure out how to get it back in without it gathering somewhat. I suppose I could rip the entire sleeve off and take it in under the arm, but it just makes me feel like this project is going to get bigger and bigger.

Luckily, I had a break from the sewing earlier today, while I was out running errands. I stopped at Value Village, and found a couple vintage pieces. One is not so old, it's an 80s dress with a pretty awesome collar for $10. But the other one was a real steal - I found a vintage hat, somewhat crumpled, that they clearly had no idea what it was. It looks 40's to me (though if someone can tell me for sure, that would be great!), and I'm about 95% positive that it's trimmed with real fur. Oh yeah, and it was $2.99. All I did to freshen it was lint roll it, and pin it to the head form. It's unmarked inside, and the petersham band has basically disintegrated in the back of the hat (as has the tag - there's just a few strands in the seam to know where it was). Here's a few really terrible pictures:

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I finished my hat! This is the first hat that I've completely patterned myself (and only the third buckram hat I've made). The buckram is covered in the "silk" (some sort of faux stuff) leftover from last year's Robe a la Turque, including the binding. I did two layers of buckram sewn together, and the brim is wired on the outside and inside, with the top wired along the edge as well. Everything is machine-sewn or hot-glued together. I didn't want to waste time, and if I need to change the look of the hat for some other outfit, I'll just make a new one.

In retrospect, I should have made the crown about .5" wider at the top, and .25" narrower at the bottom, since my top piece had to really be squeezed in to fit, and the brim tabs had to stretch a little.

I trimmed it with the cotton fabric I used for the Seaside Bustle (since that it what I'll be wearing this hat with), plus four large fake flowers and a little silk flower piece from an estate sale, a sprig of fluffy feathers and a flower from Joanns, a couple rhinestone pieces from my fabric LA Fabric District bling store, and two ostrich and one peacock feather. The feathers are simply tucked into the band in between glue spots. I will likely take the big ones out before attempting to pack it for CosCol.

Speaking of which, I have no clue how to get my hats to CosCol. I will have this one, a small one for the Ravenclaw dress, and probably my giant Regency bonnet and giant Edwardian hat. Plus an 18th c wig. Any ideas?

Here's a couple pics:
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I had a major CADD attack today. I unpicked the regency bodice this morning, in order to cut a new front piece, but while 1.5 weeks of sun did not fade the brighter bodice piece to match the paler, it did fade it to a slightly more yellow color than the remaining fabric. So the regency dress is in the naughty pile right now. I'll work on it if I finish everything else I need for CosCol.

Instead, I patterned out an 1880s tall hat to wear with my seaside bustle. At this point, the buckram is cut out and wired (and stitched together, since I'm doing two layers of buckram). I need to go pick up more double fusible stuff to attach the fabric (unless anyone knows a better way of covering the buckram - glue/sewing/etc?) But I think I might be able to finish it tomorrow, at least structurally.

Here's a pic of its current state:
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I had an amazing time at the Victorian Festival in Port Townsend this weekend! My boyfriend and I stayed in a Victorian hotel right on the main street in the town. We took the ferry over on Friday morning, stopped to see Port Gamble on the way up, and arrived in Port Townsend about 2pm. We got all dressed up, and then explored a little through the town. The official stuff started with the sing-a-long and pub crawl that evening. The pub crawl was especially fun - the main place we went to was this tiny basement level bar that had a packed dance floor and an awesome swing music band. Fun to dance to in a bustle!


 On Saturday morning, I attempted to watch the parade (except apparently it happened 15 minutes early!), then looked at a couple exhibits and bought a late 1890s bodice at an antique store (for only $18!). Then we headed up the giant staircase to uptown, and went to the Rothschild House museum, which was built in 1868. After, we headed out to Fort Worden to take a quick tour of the Commanding Officer's Quarters, which I believe was built in 1905. We checked out a couple of the workshops, and then Sean headed to watch a gun demonstration, while I made my way to the Fashion show. It was a bit disappointing - though there were a few very nice repros and several antique gowns, there was also a fair amount of poly satin... Yikes. Afterwards, we dressed for the ball, and headed out to dinner and dancing. The ball was so much fun! We missed the first hour because our dinner service was sooo slow, but still caught a few waltzes, and the contra dancing was way more fun anyway. Unfortunately, we didn't stop to take any pictures in our evening attire, so I still have no pics of my new cloak, But here are the rest of the pics, including the new hat and bonnet. The whole set can be found on flickr.


This morning, we caught the ferry back, and I went back to work. But overall, it was a fantastic weekend, my BF had a wonderful time at his first costuming event, and it was a great way to spend both our birthdays. :)

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Firstly, spencer and bonnet pictures! I wound up having to pin the spencer shut because the hooks and eyes were done to my uncorseted measurements (duh!). The fit is also a little wonky in the bust and I'm not sure why. And it's a little bit weird to get used to such a high collar. But otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it. I wore it with my white regency gown from last year. The bonnet was a $1.95 hat from Value Village that I glued the wool pouf to (there's some net underneath), and glued a bunch of feathers and flowers to. The glue got me in the end, though - somehow it dripped on the top of the hat, so now there's a big blackish mark up there. Thank goodness I'm tall, so hopefully no one can see it!

Pictures under the cut )


Nov. 6th, 2013 11:36 pm
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Steamcon was the weekend before last, and despite my work schedule, I was able to attend Friday and Saturday evening. Unfortunately, either all the panels took place Saturday morning or Sunday, or there just weren't any panels this year, because I wasn't able to attend any! I did, however, attend plenty of dancing, got a better understanding of how to play Whist, and danced some more.

On Friday, I went to the Welcome talk, then learned some Ballroom basics (which wound up being the exact same class I took last year), and bought a new felt hat blank. For dinner, I walked through the mall and the Disney store in costume (that always gets some fun looks), and after, went to a class on the cross-step waltz. That was nice, since that's one of the ones that has always thrown me off - for some reason, in the past, I've found it more difficult than normal waltzing. Most of the rest of the things going on that night involved loud and obnoxious music, so after waltzing, I settled down to a couple hours of Whist. I've only played once before, but now I really think I'm getting the hang of it. It's a fun game! For Friday, I wore my new Ravenclaw bustle - some pictures from the day are below, but I will have a proper write-up about it, with much better pictures.
Pictures from Friday )

Pictures of Saturday )

Overall, despite the dancing, it was definitely not worth the cost of the con. I think I just don't have enough interest in Steampunk (or enough time off on the weekend to spend at a con), so I probably wouldn't buy a weekend pass again. Then again, I vaguely remember saying that after last year, too...
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I made the hat for my candy bustle dress today.

I also bought the twill to line my ballgown bodice, and cut that out. It's amazing how much quicker I can cut out those pieces when I'm not trying to match plaids. :)
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2011 was a pretty productive year for me, especially in the first few months.

January: Pre-Raphaelite-inspired linen dress and bodice (which I still haven't worn for anything)
             Chemise a la Reine, with short-sleeve shift, and matching sash and petticoat
February: Fully boned stays, which had been a ufo before this because I had never finished the binding
               My 1660s Restoration gown, with accompanying 17th c chemise
               Two pairs of crocheted mitts
               18th c floral striped petticoat
               Refurbished 17th c shoes

March: The beginnings of a hand-quilted petticoat, which I never really worked on again after that month. Maybe someday.
           Petal-shaped bum pad
           16th c escoffion
           Chemise-dress (faire-wear) commision
           I think I also made my short-sleeve chemise blouse in March, but since I never blogged about it, I can't remember.

Nothing in April, since I was busy moving across the country.

May: Floral robe a l'anglaise, with matching floral petticoat, and belt

June: Burgundy 18th c petticoat for the robe a l'anglaise,
        18th c hat (from scratch!)
        18th c cap, fichu, and pockets
July: Finally finished the 1950s Jean Desses cocktail dress, with matching shrug
        1940s romper suit w/ skirt
        Jacques Doucet-inspired early Edwardian chiffon and lace gown

August: Late Victorian walking skirt for my mom, w/ shirtwaist blouse
            Huge Edwardian hat
            Laughing Moon corset, started in the class at CosCol
            Short bustle, for Jane costume

September: Petticoat and skirt for Jane
                  Commissioned fish doublet and collar, with matching pants
                  Spats for Jane

October: Jane bodice, with detachable collar and tie
              Dyed the umbrella for Jane, and stitched eyelet lace to the edges
              Refurbished Regency-style shoes
              One black velvet muff and one white furry muff

November: 1860s black lace and ribbon cap

December: Pagoda-sleeved bodice for my mom for Dickens, with matching ruffle and trim added to her skirt from last year

Overall, not too shabby. Tomorrow, I'll post my list of everything I want to make for 2012. Happy New Year!

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