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I really don't feel like I made that much this year. I'm not sure if that's because I just started sewing for the first time in two months, or if it's actually true, though. So here's what I made:

1830s plaid silk dress and yellow bonnet, made for wearing in Oliver, plus the Victorian Festival and Costume College

Blue wool coat, which I basically wear every day

Burgundy and mauve striped silk bustle dress, for the Victorian Festival and Costume College

Burgundy silk Regency dress, as a pattern test for Laughing Moon

Ripaway mermaid tail and Cinderella costume (and some other bits) as costumes for Disenchanted, for which I was Costume Coordinator

1890s Plaid "ice cream parlour" shirtwaist and navy walking skirt for Costume College, but also worn in The Music Man

Yellow 1890s Gala Gown for Costume College, including choker, royal order, bracelet, and petticoat with detachable train

A white cotton Victorian-style robe, which turned out to be the most practical thing I made for Costume College

Elephant dress for my friend's new baby

1910s white cotton and lace dress, worn to Snoqualmie Railroad Days

3 skirts and 3 playdresses through my etsy shop

Dapper Merida for Dapper Day; Also worn in White Christmas and to Christmas tea

Disney-print 1950s jumper dress

Princess Anna Frozen Fever

A bodice and skirt combo for the Silverbells Carolers, plus a few alterations for them

A "Totes Ma Goats" totebag as a secret Santa project

A skirt for my mom

A Marauders Map Fleece Blanket for my dad

The beginnings of an 1883 walking skirt (not finished, though I started cutting out a bodice mockup yesterday)

I guess that's a decent amount of stuff after all. But if I'm going to be on track for CoCo this year, I can't just take a two month break from sewing again!
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Fell off the posting (and reading) wagon for a little while. Disneyland was wonderful! I didn't wind up finishing the white cotton blouse for the Disney print jumper, and I didn't make the tam for Merida, but I had alternatives, so it didn't even matter.

My friend Rachel and I flew down early Friday morning, dropped our luggage off at the hotel (the Four Points Sheraton by Disneyland), changed, and headed into the parks. I got sooo many complements on my Disney print jumper. More than I got on anything else all weekend. Not sure if that's because there were only a couple other people dressed up on Friday, or if it was just a bit more special than the other two looks. Anyway, we park-hopped all over on Friday, and actually made it till about 10:30, which is saying something when you wake up at about 4am. 

Saturday, I wore my Anna Disneybound, which was the skirt and hair decoration I made for the actual costume, plus a yellow short-sleeve sweater, navy pin-striped vest, and a green scarf I made out of leftover vest fabric. I'm not sure there were that many adults that knew who I was (though at least Anna recognized it!), but I had multiple little girls yell out Anna at me, so that made it feel like a success. We started in CA Adventure that day, made a detour over to the Dapper Day Expo (which was disappointing - If I go again, I'll definitely skip the expo), and stopped at downtown Disney for dinner since we realized we hadn't eaten anything all day (I had started to feel lightheaded and cranky on top of having no voice and being sick, and didn't realize why). Then we headed to Disneyland park for the rest of the night, and lasted till about 11:15.

Sunday was the actual Dapper Day. Everyone looked amazing! I wore my Merida dapper Disneybound. While I feel like it was the least flashy outfit of the weekend, I could tell that most people knew what I was bounding (I saw a few other Meridas all in similar greens and plaids), and I accessorized it well. We took tons of pictures all over Disneyland in between riding rides, then headed to CA Adventure for our Radiator Springs fastpass, lunch, and coffee. We met up with a couple of my friends back in Disneyland, and stayed there for the rest of the night, closing out the park after midnight. 

One tip for anyone who is planning a trip to Disneyland - get the MaxPass! It was $10/day, and it gives you unlimited downloads of all your photopass pictures (since we were dressed nicely, we took full advantage of that), and it also allows you to make fastpass reservations through the app, meaning that I could make a fastpass for a ride in CA Adventure from Disneyland, which was brilliant.

Anyway, despite being sick and having no voice the entire time, it was still a great weekend. I'm hoping to be able to get to Disney World next fall, but I'm not sure when I'll be back at Disneyland. 

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I finished Merida on Monday night, but haven't managed to do any sewing since then. The potential shoes I also ordered for Merida and Anna arrived. I love one of the Merida options - they're Clarks, so they're super comfy, and they match the belt I bought this weekend. I'm not so sure about the Anna ones. I think I would want an insole, and I'm fairly certain that would make them too tight. But I do appreciate that they're navy blue suede loafers! 

I am determined to complete a few alterations I'm doing for someone today, plus cut out at least the pattern (and hopefully the fabric) for the Disney-print jumper, and wash the replacement fabric for the Anna skirt hem binding this evening. Famous last words, though - I've been getting almost nothing done off my to-do list each day. I also need to stop at Joanns, pick up a prescription, and go to the gym. I'm very tempted to cancel my gym membership, though. I have gained weight, not lost it, it's almost impossible for me to go more than 3x per week (and I think I usually tend to go 2x, now that I have rehearsals), my next show will involve a lot more dancing, so I'll be getting my exercise in there, and the reason I picked this gym over the way cheaper one (besides the fact that it's 2 mins from my house) was for the pool and classes, both of which I rarely use. 

Anyway, yesterday, instead of sewing, I decided to go help paint at the historic theatre that the theatre group I do a ton with (ManeStage) is moving into in a couple weeks. I painted pretty much the whole sink room of the ladies bathroom, though it did take me two hours to do it. The theatre is going to look so pretty! 
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As usual, I've fallen behind in my estimated progress. But at least this time, it's for a pretty good reason!

My roommate and I adopted a kitten on Friday, so most of my weekend home time was spent with her. Her name is Nymphadora Tonks (Dora for short), and she is a bundle of energy. Casper, my roommate's 3-yr old male cat, took to her almost immediately, and I think he really enjoys his cat uncle role. Lion is not so sure about her. I think he's quite jealous, and also that her tinyness and energy scare him a little. Half the time, he's fine around her, but at other times, he growls when she comes near. Hopefully he'll settle down soon. 

Anyway, I did manage to do some sewing yesterday. I had to clean the whole sewing room first, though, and make sure there were no pins on the floor. Casper and Lion are smart enough not to eat a pin, but I don't trust Nymphadora with them. After I cleaned, I finished the cuffs on Merida - I got too tired the other night, and figured it was better to leave them till when I was more alert. Then I was going to cut out the bias strips for Anna's skirt hem, until I realized there were weird streaks and spots all over the fabric! I will hopefully be able to exchange it after work, but that means I have to wash the new piece, so that might not happen tonight. Instead, I switched to Merida's hem, which wound up being an absolute pain to mark and pin. I did finally manage it, but by that time I ran out of the time to actually sew it. So now that's on today's to-do list, along with possibly cutting out the Disney print jumper. Otherwise, Merida is done, though I may make a tam to wear out of the plaid fabric. 

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I have conquered the Merida sleevils! I think a lot of the issues actually stemmed from the fit of the bodice, but there were some sleeve shape issues as well. I wound up tapering in the armpit of the side seams 2" on each side (a total of 4" all around, because the bodice was poufing out weirdly in the back). I also moved the back darts towards the CB about 1", and lengthened them so that they end nearly at the height of the bottom of the armseye. In doing all that, it also moved the armseyes farther out on the arm in the back, so I wound up shaving off about .5" of that. Then it was time to examine the sleeve shape. It was pulling in the lower front of the armseye, and didn't feel quite tall enough. I added about .5" to the height, and wound up adding nearly 1.5" in the front where it was pulling. Then it wound up poufing just slightly in the back just past the shoulder seam, so I took out the .5" of height that I had added there, and it fit! 

I cut out the new sleeves (saving the pattern so I can use it later, of course), and they are now attached. They still need cuffs, but I just wanted to get them set in last night, so I'll save the cuffs for today. I decided to use the solid green bodice fabric for the cuffs - I was thinking about using the plaid of the skirt fabric, but I think it breaks up the line. 

In all of my fitting from earlier, I also realized that the bodice was about 1.5" too long all the way around. So I removed that, and attached the skirt to the bodice (I did that before the final sleeve mockup, because I noticed that the weight of the skirt was affecting how the bodice was fitting). It turns out that still wasn't enough length removed, because once I attached them, it still seemed too low, so I did another seam 3/8" from the original 5/8" seam allowance. I think it's much better now.  

While I was doing all that, I also dyed the Anna skirt (twice). The first time, I forgot to wet the skirt first, so when it dried, it had a terrible line at the top of the dye (it was dip-dyed). So I rinsed that all out, wet the fabric, and started again. I think it's just dark enough at the bottom now. 

Today, I'm going to set the side zipper into Merida and do the cuffs. Then I'm going to cut out and make all the bias for the Anna hem and attach that. If there's time after that, I plan to start on the Anna embroidery and let the machine do that while I hand-hem the Merida skirt, which is the last thing I need to do on Merida. Not sure I'll manage all of that today, but here's hoping!
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I got some sewing done this weekend, though not much. The bodice part of the Merida Dapper Disneybound dress is done, except for the sleeves. I was majorly thwarted by sleevils on Saturday night while working on that. I'm pretty sure I spent 3 hours on the sleeves, and still didn't figure them out. It's a fitted sleeve - I feel like it shouldn't be this hard, but it was pulling weirdly all over, and even making the back fit weirdly.

Here's an in-progress of Merida. I posted all the fitting issues pictures on Facebook, if you want to weigh in. I do have some suggestions to try already. 

Because of the annoying sleevils, on Sunday night, I decided to switch to Anna instead. I got the skirt cut out, but that was another struggle. Joanns only had 3 yards of the only fabric that was at least close in color to what I was looking for, when I knew I needed more like 3.5-4. So unfortunately, I had to shorten it by about 3". It should still work, but it's not ideal. Luckily, it's still just barely long enough that it will cover the awesome Malco Modes petticoat I found on Sunday at Goodwill. And also luckily, the hem on this is bound, with double-fold bias, not turned up, so I don't lose any additional length there. The next step is to put the the zipper and waistband in, and then I can dip-dye the hem and add the bias. Then on to embroidery! 

I believe I have Wed-Fri evenings free this week, plus most of Sunday, so I'm really hoping to get the skirt to the point of embroidery, and to finish Merida by the end of the weekend. Then I can move on to the Disney print jumper dress while the machine is embroidering on Anna. 

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I worked on the Merida dress! The skirt panels are now all assembled, including the pockets that I almost forgot to add. The pattern gives a really weird waist shape - it's meant to go in at the natural waist, but then go up and stop at a high waist where it meets the bodice portion. Except it's a super drastic shape from the waist to the top - almost as if it's widening enough for the bust (except it's waaaay lower than where the bust would be). I think I may have taken in about 3.5" in the top of the front seams. I also had to take the waist itself in, in both the front seams and the back seams - probably nearly 2" worth, even though I cut the pattern one size down from where my measurements should hit. There is just a ton of ease in this pattern, I guess. So fitting the bodice portion may wind up being a pain.

I probably won't have time to work on it tonight or tomorrow, but I should hopefully have a little time this weekend. I also want to get the Anna skirt cut out and assembled, though, because if I set my big machine up for embroidery, I can work on the embroidery at the same time as sewing Merida on the little machine. 

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