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My 2016 Goals changed a few times over the course of the year, but this is what they were:

Navy blue swiss dot Regency - Done!
Black silk taffeta bustle ballgown - Done!
Child's Victorian Gown - Done!
Daniel Deronda Riding Habit - Still hasn't happened, and is no longer on my specific upcoming goals list.
1860s Fully Handsewn dress - Didn't even pick this up all year. Maybe someday, but probably not anytime soon.
Turquoise Silk Mid-19th c  Giant Ballgown - I kind of knew this was going to be a 2017 project, and sure enough, it will be.
Fur-trimmed bustle-era skating outfit - Coming up next; I've already started cutting pieces out.
Winter bustle gown - Almost done!
Super-secret Disney-related project - No longer super secret. This is the Snow White Designer Disney dress, and will be made for the CoCo pool party this year.

In June, I added an Elizabethan kirtle and Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday to the list, both of which I have since completed.

And here's picture proof of everything I made!

Click here for pictures )

I think that's everything. Overall, not a bad sewing year, though being unemployed for the first eight months of the year certainly helped in that, and as you can tell by my posts, my sewing has definitely slowed down since I started working in September! 
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I better do these recaps before I forget all the details!

There weren't too many classes I wanted to take on Friday, but I did have my limited, which was how to make a Regency tiara. It was a great class! We used lamp banding, wire, and a variety of beads and pearls to make our tiaras. I'm pretty happy with how mine came out, though I kind of wish that I had had a larger version of the smaller coral for the points of the tiara - I think the ones I wound up using look a little fakey.

Naturally, because I was taking a Regency tiara class, I had to wear my navy swiss dot Regency! It was nice and comfy, and I got lots of complements on my hat (and surprisingly, I don't think I even got any requests to take it off in classes!)

I did also take a couple lectures - [ profile] reine_de_coudre's "Because Few Taylors," which was really fascinating, and the lecture on 18th-early 20th c riding habits. It was nice being able to see the habit shirts, and some of the antique habits close up!

I didn't really take many pictures (this is kind of the story of this whole CoCo, it seems), but I'm so glad I caught the Star Wars group! You guys looked amazing!

Then on to the Social! I honestly think this was my favorite part of this year's CoCo. They sooo stepped it up from the disappointment that was last year. I loved the snacks, the photo background/props, and especially the games! It was nice that there was a performance aspect, too, but contortionists freak me out, so I didn't actually watch. Also, somehow I lucked out, because [ profile] fairegoddess was late coming down, and so we other children went off to find her and conveniently missed all the annoying speeches while we were gone! Being dressed as Victorian children was SO MUCH FUN. Seriously. We skipped around the room, played all the games, munched on cupcakes, and had fun in the photo studio (with our cupcakes, of course!). We even played Ring Around the Rosie. I was super happy with how my dress turned out, and I think the four of us looked adorable!

Here's a bunch of pictures, but I'm doing a separate post for my dress. ;)

And if the pictures weren't enough, here's a video of our Ring Around the Rosie:
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My boyfriend was home from work today, so he agreed to take lots of pictures of me in my new Regency stuff! Unfortunately, the sun was really coming from the wrong angle for good shots with nothing modern in the background (we did them all in my backyard), but we managed to get a few good ones!

A bunch of pictures under the cut! )

My bf was also good enough to help me fit the back of my bustle gown bodice mockup. I took in several seams, but I only had to recut the side back pieces - everything else fit! So now I have a working pattern with no changes that need to be made. I just hope that the final fits as well as this one. I'll start with cutting that one out tomorrow. 
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It's done! I had gotten most of the fabric on it by last night, and finished stitching all the edges earlier today. I was able to do most of the binding of the brim at rehearsal in my downtime, since we did our first full run tonight. And then I got to come home and do the fun part - decorating! I tried out a whole bunch of different trims on it, and found I liked this combo best. The black braided trim is leftover from my Tudor doublet bodice from 2010, the pink ribbon I think may have been a sash to some random cocktail dress (otherwise I have no clue where it came from), and the black ribbon wrapped up some housewarming gifts from Crate and Barrel! And then I had to add feathers and bling, of course :) The nice thing is that other than the buckram, all of this came from the stash.

Here's a whole bunch of pictures:

Detail shots - I tried to be really good, and while there is hot glue within the various rosettes, nothing is actually glued to the hat. :)

And this is what it will look like with the dress. If I had the world's longest neck, of course.
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Thank you all for your opinions! Between here an on facebook, the majority of people voted for puffs, so puffs it is! It wound up being a bit more hand-sewing than I expected, to get them to lay nicely, but I do really like how they look. Here are some pictures!

Detail pics.

Ryder (my bf's dog) decided he wanted to get involved in the pictures, too.

So here's a couple bonus pictures of Ryder!

I'd like to make a stovepipe bonnet for this outfit, but since I'll have to figure out how to make a pattern for one, I'll do that after I make the bustle ballgown bodice. I'm not sure what fabric I should use for that anyway, though - obviously swiss dot on a bonnet doesn't make any sense, but I also don't have any navy silk (or even faux silk) for one. Maybe a really random other color? I could probably find a white or off-white faux silk at Joanns...
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I finished the Regency dress! Or at least, I might have finished the Regency dress? I can't decide if I want to add trim to the hem or not. I've definitely decided against a ruffle, but I'm still thinking about a row of puffs about 3-4" up from the hem. What do you think?

That said, everything else with the dress is done. I finished the sleeves, hemmed it, and even finished the little buttoned strap that goes around the wrist. I've also decided I hate how it looks with the chemisette worn over the bodice, like in the inspiraton portrait. But I do quite like it underneath! That's part of my dilemma - I think that without the chemisette on, it looks best with no trim on the hem, but with the chemisette, the puffed trim balances it nicely.

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I figured out my sleeves! It took me three mockups, which is usually far more than I'm willing. I tried the one out of Jean Hunnisett first, and it was cute, but the little gathering section seemed a bit high, and I wondered how it might look with two gathered sections, to mimic a double-puffed sleeve. So take two was a sleeve that was 2" wider around, and I moved the top gathering section down a couple inches, and did a second row about 5" lower. It looked baggy and frumpy, and yet didn't have nearly enough fabric to be properly gathered into the armseye. Take three was a two piece sleeve, with a top gathered section (with two puffs), which was 6" wider around than my first try, though it used the relatively fitted lower portion of the sleeve from my first pattern. It was basically perfect, and all I wound up doing between that and the final was to curve up the lower edges of the upper section by about 1", so there wouldn't be quite so much pouf under the arm.

I hope it looks good once it's all assembled out of the swiss dot. I'm not lining it, so it will be quite lightweight. I'm using twill tape on the inside of the gathering for the first puff, and the second will just be attached permanently to the lower sleeve. (I thought about making the lower sleeve removeable, but didn't like the look of just the double puff on the dress). After all those mockups, though, I'm running out of steam for tonight, so all I've done on the actual sleeves is serging, sewing the seams and hems on the lower pieces, and running all the gathering on one of the upper pieces. The rest will have to wait for tomorrow. I know I'll finish the sleeves tomorrow, but I'm kind of hoping I might be able to finish the whole thing.

Also, I realized that once I finish this dress, and make the bodice for the black bustle gown, I will only have one more outfit to make (the children's victorian one) until I have enough new costumes for CoCo. Not that I'm going to stop, of course. That would mean bringing the 1912 dinner dress and Rapunzel, and I'm not positive that I actually want to wear either of those. So if I get time for the Daniel Deronda riding habit, or anything else, I'll probably bring those instead.  
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I got a ton of work done on the swiss dot dress yesterday. It's almost an actual dress now! I cut out the outer and lining pieces for the bodice, serged all the pieces (including for the skirts), and sewed everything together. Then I spent a couple hours attempting to fit the back of the bodice, and figure out where I needed to do the gathering channels to, and if I had too much fabric back there, now that I was working with thicker fabric (and I did - because I was gathering lining and bodice together, I wound up cutting off about 3/4" from each side, and folding over the edges at the CB an extra 1/2".) Then I pleated and gathered the skirt fabric to the bodice, made several eyelets for the drawstrings to come out of, and finished off all the edges for the neckline and for the drawstring casings on the back. I also pinned up a floor length hem, but I think I'm going to take it up another inch or so. I'm still waffling about hem length on this one.

Here's a pic. I kind of love the look of the Regency jumper. I have a feeling I'll have to make one of those at some point.

I also can't quite decide on sleeve shape, which is the next step. My inspiration has a loose-ish double puff sleeve, and the lower sleeve is out of frame. I'm not sure I'm loving the idea of a double puff though. Right now, I'm leaning towards a looser gathered top sleeve, with a little area of gathering on the outside, which then comes down to mid-hand, with a strap around the wrist. (Basically, it's one of the ones in both Costume in Detail and Jean Hunnisett). I'll probably make a mockup shortly, and decide if it's really the right shape for me.

Other than sleeves, I have the hem to do, plus any decorations I want to add. I was thinking about putting this navy blue crochet lace trim under the bust, and possibly around the hem, but I'm liking the way it looks now, so I think that's out. However, I'm still thinking I want a small ruffle at the hem, and I might do a row of poufs above the ruffle, since I still have a whole ton of the fabric left at this point. 
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I only had a few hours free to work on sewing today, but I did manage a successful regency bodice pattern by the end! Mockup #1 wound up being terribly off. It was too low in the back, a little low in the front, too wide around the front, had the wrong scoop under the arm, the straps were too short, and the straps connected with the front very weirdly. Cue mockup number two. I fixed most of the problems, but also developed additional ones, like it wound up being too long under the bust, now the strap was too long, and too much fabric under the arm, and at the side/back seam. But I fixed all those problems within mockup #2 (too big is always easier than too small!), and now I'm ready to cut out the actual fabric.

I've been going back and forth on the lining for the bodice. The navy swiss dot is just slightly sheer, so it definitely needs lining. I'm inclined to line it with white cotton, because the petticoat I'll be wearing is also white. I just hope it doesn't show as super white, since it will be sandwiched with the swiss dot. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

I also picked up the clarinet today. I played it for a lark for my parents over Christmas, and have been thinking about it a lot more lately, since I'm trying to come up with ways to be self-employed and actually make money. After nine years of not playing, I'm nowhere near as good as I once was, but I think with daily practice, within a couple weeks I could get myself back up to a level where I would feel confident teaching beginning clarinet to people. I did it in high school, and music lessons are always an easier sell than sewing lessons. And with a combination of the two, plus sewing commissions, and maybe some other small odd jobs, I can find a way to live off it! It's so much nicer having a lower cost of living, now that I'm paying a mortgage instead of rent.

Oh, and we had our first run through of Act I tonight at rehearsal. It's really coming along! I'm getting quite excited for the show now. And luckily, we still have three weeks till we open. :)
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I got very little done today. I managed to get my regency bodice mockup cut out and sewn together, but have yet to try it on, because I didn't feel like putting on my corset, and didn't get any of my skirt pieces put together. However, I did pick up the top half of my new-to-me china cabinet (we picked up the bottom yesterday, from a seller on Craigslist, but the top was too tall to fit in my bf's van, so we had to rent a uhaul). We brought it back, stacked it on the bottom section, and then ran out to a conformation class for my bf's dog. It was very informative, but I think he has a long way to go before we can show him. Finally, when I got home, I was able to start filling everything into the china cabinet! It looks really pretty in the dining room - it's almost a perfect match to the stain of the table, too. And now the top half is already full.

Here's a couple pictures. The top was being blocked by the dining room lamp, which will really need to be moved to over the table now that the china cabinet is in, but there's a nice little pediment on top, which clears the ceiling by about 6".

It has lights inside, with three dimmer levels. This is the brightest setting.
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I decided to start playing around with the regency dress. I spent over an hour looking at patterns in Jean Hunnisett and trying to figure out why the skirts seemed so weird, and how I was going to fit them on my fabric in the best method. Finally, I compared it to Janet Arnold, and realized that not only are the skirts in Janet Arnold just straight panels, but the two other regency dresses I've already made are also both straight panel skirts. So I cut out my skirt panels, as well as the ruffle I'm going to put around the hem. I also used one of the bodices in Jean Hunnisett as a base for my bodice, and blew it up on pattern paper. I'll cut it out as a mockup tomorrow, and see how it goes. I'd also like to be able to assemble all the skirt pieces tomorrow, though I'll probably wait to add the ruffle until I get the skirt attached to the bodice. 

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