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I worked on some costuming stuff for my show over the weekend. My bf and I distressed six lab coats, attacking them with scissors, an exacto, a belt sander, coffee, eyeshadow, and mascara until they looked appropriately grimy. I also made 14 cotton shoe bows, turned a pair of old leggings into bike shorts, and made red sequin bows to pair with my crazy 1830s hairpiece, since I'll be using it for the show.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my hair in act 1. I bought some new braids to try out that match my current haircolor, but I can't decide whether I want two hanging loops, two braided buns with the rest of my hair down, or a crown braid, or a high braided bun, or some combination of those. It's supposed to be a casual hairstyle worn with pajamas, but also possibly a tiara. The baroness is a bit crazy, after all.

I'm also finally starting the giant turquoise ballgown of doom. I think I can get both the skirt and the train out of about 12.5 yds of the 39.5" wide silk, which leaves 2.5 yards left for the bodice, so that's plenty. However, I don't think that's enough to cut all the ribbon trim out of the actual fabric, which means I have to find turquoise ribbon to match. This is my first time doing a court train, too, and while I'm lining the skirt with cotton organdy, I have no idea what to line the train with. I don't have enough fabric to line the train with more of the silk, but I feel like cotton isn't nice enough. I don't suppose turquoise silk organza would work as a liner, right? I want whatever I use to also give the train a lot of body. And let's be honest - probably the only time this train will be allowed to touch the ground is for the CoCo red carpet and pictures. After all, it's about a yard of trailing on the ground. (and is that even enough?)

Just as a reminder, this is the dress:
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I got one more gusset and seam done today, but that's it.

But rehearsal was sooo much fun! We choreographed the Bombie Samba (I'm playing the Baroness), and I don't think I've danced that much in a long time. It is so fast and so much choreography, but our director/choreographer is amazing, and all the other dancers are incredible, and it is going to look so good!

Hopefully I'll have some energy to work on my corset after my caroling gig tomorrow, though it's probably unlikely. 
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I did do a little work on the sheer dress before I took my sewing break this weekend. I got the bodice assembled, and started to fit it. I had one of the front sides fitted before I got overwhelmed (the sheer outer layer needed quite a bit of altering). I have since fixed the other front side to match. Most of it involved redoing the shoulder seams twice, and taking out quite a bit of excess fabric from the shoulder. I also enlarged the armseye slightly, since it still seemed way more dropped than it should be for the 50s.

Then today, I tackled the back. I was going for a back that was gathered into the waistband, but it just looked ugly and poufy, so I made a CB seam in the sheer layer to match the layer underneath, and it is now a fitted back. I also hemmed the skirt. I'd really love to get sleeves done tomorrow, and maybe even do all the bodice finishing, because then it will be done! I need to finish both this and Ariel by the end of next week.

Here's a pic from when I put it on to figure out the hem today. I'm wearing my old hoops with no hoop connecters on the bottom two hoops. I'm trying to keep the bottommost one around 100" circumference, but I don't want to cut my hoop steel, especially since you can't buy it anymore. It seems to keep itself in place pretty well, even without anything holding the steel in place besides the channel, but does anyone have any suggestions for actually securing it?

Oh, and in completely unrelated news, I found out an exciting bit of casting today! I'm going to be playing Rose Alvarez in an upcoming production of Bye Bye Birdie. It's my first time playing a lead role since 2010! :)
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I didn't get much of a chance to sew anything between Thurs-Sat, because I was out every night seeing various theatre shows. But my friend Jessica and I were each challenged to record a Disney song, and since we were going to the theatre together that night, we decided to do a mashup. So I spent my morning at work mashing together Part of Your World and Just Around the Riverbend. It was really fun! Our recording turned out quite dark, but I thought I'd share it anyway. :)

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The sleeves are attached! I didn't think it would be that hard, but after attaching one sleeve, I realized it was sitting way too far off the shoulder. So I reattached it .5" up. Still too far. I took it up another .5", which I think will work fine, so I set the other sleeve up that inch, too. I don't know how I wound up making the shoulders so wide, but it does seem like there's a funy balance in 1890s sleeves. I probably should have allowed enough room for shoulder pads, in hindsight, but it's too late for that. But at least this way it doesn't look like the sleeves are falling off my shoulders!

After practicing audition stuff and running to Joanns, that's all I managed to get done yesterday, besides washing the lace for the trim. Luckily, it's about 15 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday, so putting on my corset and undergarments to fit the bodice and pattern the front piece/collar shouldn't be so torturous. Hopefully I will be able to finish that today. I've been studying various neck closures on 1890s bodices, too. I think I'm going to go with the back neck bow on this one. It's such a classic look, and I think it will pick up nicely with the belt bows.

Here's a picture of what it looks like now. I know, it's not very different from what it looked like before. Hopefully tomorrow's post  will show more progress!

For lack of amazing picture content, though, I present to you this silly little video I did yesterday. I'm a member of a fb group that sends out challenges of recording random musical theatre songs (chosen by the group creator), and posting the videos. I was challenged to record "Consider Yourself" from Oliver, and this is what I came up with in about 3 mins preparation:
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Apparently I haven't posted in a while.

I did sew last weekend. I got Belle to a point where she basically just needs the zipper put in, the bottom of the bodice then needs to be bound, and I need to finish and attach the bertha. Then I need to figure out how to ship that giant thing! I am so ready to be done with this project. Then I have about two weeks to sew everything for CoCo, and then start the other Belle commission (if they ever get the contract back to me, that is).

The reason that I haven't sewn or posted much, though, was that 1776 opened and closed this weekend. It was an amazing success - better, I think, than we ever expected. We had around 450 people who pre-reserved tickets for our four performances, and I don't even know how many who purchased at the door. We were able to pay all our actors more than we had originally anticipated, and I think we still made enough money that we can put some aside for a future production. And everyone who saw it absolutely loved it. The outpouring of support and praise has been almost overwhelming, and I'm so sad that it's done now!

My parents came up to see the show on Sat and Sun, and absolutely loved it, and they're staying through next weekend. Unfortunately, I'm not off work this week until Friday, so hopefully they'll be able to amuse themselves, and hopefully I'll still manage to finish Belle even while they're here.

And just so I have it as a reminder, this is what I need to finish for Coco:
1. Bodice for green/ivory bustle gown
2. 1831 bathing suit (I did finally wind up purchasing all the fabric for it)
3. Finish Little Red, which means make the bodice and the cape
4. Alter back closure of my gala gown so my roommate doesn't have to pin me in where it's too big at the top. 
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I've managed to squeeze in a little sewing this week. I didn't have rehearsal after work on Tuesday, though I did teach a sewing lesson. But afterwards, I came home and finished sewing the tapes to the ruching. I also realized I would have to do a hand-hem on the over layer, so I started that and got about 1.5 panels done before going to bed. Yesterday, although I did have rehearsal, I knew I'd have some down time, since we were running a bunch of smaller scenes, so I decided to bring the over layer with me. And I finished the whole hem! At this point, all I have left on the skirts is the waistband, then it's on to the bodice. I don't have that much going on this weekend (one 2-hour sewing lesson and one 4-hour rehearsal), so I think I'm going to try to push myself to maybe finish the whole bodice. We'll see.

And I can't believe we're two weeks away from opening night! I don't think any of you live in the Seattle area, but if you do, you should definitely come see this show. In case you've missed my million previous posts about it, it's an all-female production of 1776 (which is about the writing of the Declaration of Independence). I'm playing Edward Rutledge, delegate from South Carolina, and I'm also one of the producers, the choreographer, and am styling a few wigs for it. We welcome people dressing up in 18th c costume, too! Here's the link for tickets:


Mar. 16th, 2015 01:43 pm
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I am so excited to finally be able to announce my role in our all-female production of 1776! I've been cast as Edward Rutledge, from South Carolina, which means I get to sing Molasses to Rum (the most amazing song ever)!

If you missed my previous posts mentioning it, I am also one of the co-producers on this show, and we're running an Indigogo campaign to raise money to put it on. This is Reboot Theatre's (our new theatre company) first production, and my first time producing. We've had so much support from the community so far, and we're getting really close to our goal. Right now, we're at $3048 out of $4000, and we have 7 days left to the campaign. If any of you are able to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you are in the Pacific Northwest, and think you might want to come see the show, many of the perks on our campaign contain tickets, so you're really just pre-purchasing your tickets through Indigogo.

The full cast list can be found here, if anyone is curious. Thank you all so much for your help!

And here's the full link to the Indigogo:

Please share, and support women in theatre!
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I'm ahead of schedule! Which is good, since I just took on another commission. My goal on the orange gala gown had been one panel, either embroidered or painted, per night. Well yesterday, I embroidered three panels, and today, I painted three panels. But I don't want to rest on my laurels. Once the paint is dry, I'll be able to gather the one tier, and attach it to the skirt. Or at least, pin it to see how it looks. And then I'll start on tier two. It's definitely tedious when I do multiple days' worth at once, but it's not so bad once it's broken up. No picrures, because if I took pictures of every single panel, you'd just be bored. Heck, you're probably bored already.

I've also already started on the commission. It shouldn't be too terribly much work, which is good, since I have a beginning of March deadline on it. I've already finished one piece of it, which was just an alteration. I was hoping to get to cutting out fabric pieces for it tonight, but alas - it's bedtime.

No work on the archery dress, but I did win a vintage bow in good condition on ebay! I know it's silly to purchase it, since it won't even fit in my luggage for Coscol, but I figure if I can finish the dress before the Port Townsend Victorian weekend in March, then I'll bring it with me. And maybe I'll have to organize an archery costuming event - anyone know if it's legal to practice archery in a public park? ;)

In theatre news, we have all our staff for 1776, and are having our first official production meeting this week. We're hoping to do auditions by the end of the month. I'm so excited! I've also been cast in a play which will start rehearsals mid-March. It's a new work, and a straight play. Other than a short play in college, I've never done a new work before, and I haven't been in a straight play since 2011, so I'm glad I'm finally getting a chance to do another. Though I am relieved that it doesn't start rehearsals until after my commission is due.
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I painted one panel of the skirt ruffle today! I'm hoping maybe tomorrow I can catch up from yesterday - my goal is to do one panel, either painted or embroidered, per day. The disgusting thing is that still means 24 days total for the skirt ruffles! I didn't get to do anything yesterday, which is why I need to catch up.

But yesterday's cabaret was such a success!!! We filled up the house, and had to add more seats, and I think we raised over $550 dollars through the cabaret. Amazing. Our indigogo is up to $500, too! I'm so excited about this show! I've never produced anything before, and though it's already been a ton of planning and strategizing, it's really been quite fun so far. I'll try not to post this too many times, but again, if you want to help support our production, please visit our indigogo
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I spent most of today rehearsing for my cabaret tomorrow, so I didn't get too much sewing done. All I managed was the embroidery stitches on one panel of the skirt ruffle (out of 12 panels total).

I probably won't be able to sew anything tomorrow, either, because I'm performing in a cabaret after work. The cabaret is a fund-raiser to launch the money-raising campaign for the all-female production of 1776 I am co-producing this summer. Our goal is to raise at least $4100 by March 23rd to make our production a reality. If anyone would like to help, here's a link to our indigogo: We would really appreciate it!

Also, I think I may have figured out an idea to help with the trimming. I'm going to make the black circles a little bigger, as (I believe) [ profile] nuranar suggested, and I'm also going to allow some orange space between each of the eyes. For the ones I haven't painted yet, I'm just going to leave some of the background showing at the scallop points. If that's not enough (since the scallop stitch will still be there, I will paint over the scallop points with orange paint. I also plan to use orange paint for the bodice ones that I've already done. Though, of course, that means I need to go buy orange paint, and I won't have a chance till at least Tuesday night. I also need to try to remember to get a nice rubber-tipped stilleto. It's really hard to keep my finger along the edge of the foot, in order to stop the fabric from pulling underneath the satin stitches.
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We performed at the 5th Ave Theatre tonight for Gondoliers, which was really cool! That's the theatre that does pre-Broadway shows, big  professional musicals, and touring shows. I would love so much to be in a show with them.


But since I was busy with that tonight, as I figured, I didn't get much sewing done. I bound the top of the back pleats, and hand-sewed the top 3" of the pleats down, but that's all I managed. I don't know that I'll do much better tomorrow, since I have rehearsal after work. All I really need to do are the cuffs and stomacher!

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I drafted out the bodice for the candy bustle, based on Jean Hunnisett's late 1860s bodice (view E), with some shape and lots of size alterations. And I cut out the mockup. But that's all I got to today. I hope to get it sewn up and fitted tomorrow. I tried some new stuff with bust adjustments which I'm hoping (fingers crossed) will make it so I don't have to do most of the standard mockup alterations I tend to need. But I can't promise much sewing tomorrow, since I'll be working at the theatre from 11am-8pm. I'm working as the dresser/wigs help for As You Like It at Seattle Shakes. I sent my resume out to them and a couple other theatres for overhire work a few weeks ago, and it's really exciting that they responded, since they're one of the top theatres in Seattle. It's just minimum wage, and it's not a ton and a half of hours (and hopefully it won't conflict with Space Needle hours, which I have yet to receive a schedule for), but at least it's in my field! And it's certainly a great step in the door for my first(ish) foray into the Seattle theatre scene.
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Yes, I'm still being terrible about posting. But I have actually been doing some sewing, at least for the last week. My parents and I were originally going to go to the Dickens faire last Saturday, so I was trying to hurry and finish my mom's bodice. Luckily, we didn't wind up going, since I'm not quite done. But at this point, all it needs is for one sleeve and the hem to be bound, and I'm going to add a few decorative buttons. I also hope to do a matching ruffle on her skirt, and make her a set of undersleeves and a collar. And I want to make myself a white lace cap. I have until Dec 10th, so as long as I don't procrastinate, I should be able to get all of that done. And someday, maybe I'll even post all the pictures I've promised you all.

And then I get to make my 1869 candy gown!

My show is going really well - for anyone in the Bay Area, you should come see it! You can find out more info and purchase tickets here. I have also made myself an actor website, which can be found at Let me know what you think!

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Tech week is over, and we've had our opening weekend for HMS Pinafore (which went swimmingly), so that means I have time to work on Jane again! I also finished off a commissioned pair of parti-colored pants to match the fish doublet last week, which was where the already non-existent sewing time I had went.

So at this point, I have cut out all my bodice pieces for Jane, in both the lining and the linen. I hope to put them together tonight, but we'll see. And my umbrella came today! I wound up ordering this white cotton one. A giant box arrived on my doorstep today, and lo and behold, it contained my umbrella (it easily could have fit 20+ umbrellas). The umbrella itself is a little larger than I would have liked, but I have to make concessions somewhere. It has the nice wooden crook handle I wanted, and because it's cotton, it should hopefully be easily dyeable. I will almost certainly be dyeing it this evening, assuming I get home from work before it gets dark outside. I'm also still planning to put the eyelet trim along the edges, to match my skirt.

In other news, I was cast in another show, Almost, Maine, which will begin rehearsals the day after Pinafore closes. I'm excited to do another straight play, but I better get working on my memorization! And for any of you who live in the Bay Area, come see our second and final weekend of HMS Pinafore. We have four shows left, and you can purchase tickets at a discounted rate if you use the code "never."

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