I sewed!

May. 8th, 2018 11:30 am
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And then I unsewed. And then I sewed again. 

I had pulled out TV 121 because I liked the detachable train, and it said it would work as a petticoat for the 1890s, even though it's supposed to be natural form. Except it totally doesn't work for 1890s. And naturally, I realized this after cutting out all the skirt pieces and a couple of the ruffle pieces, and sewing together the front panels of the skirt. 

So then I was left with, how do I take what I have already cut out, and translate it into something that actually works. Luckily, I also had TV 170 on hand, and view 4 says it's for the 1890s. Maybe this time it will be true? Anyway, I am doing a modified version of the 170 pattern now, since I was trying to use what I had on hand, at least a little. I completely recut the center front piece (luckily, I got a whole bunch of the Pimatex for this), and cut the side fronts out of the four front panels of the 121 pattern. For the back, I cut the top layer of the 121 back in half, and added in the bottom layer in the center. It's pretty much exactly the back width of the 170 piece now at the waist, and it flares out wider to the hem, which I think will be better for me anyway. I have just the side seams to go, then all of those will be together, and then I have to figure out how I want the ruffles. I do still want to do a detachable train, too, since the skirt will have a big train. I am a little tempted to start on the skirt, though, so that I can see just what shape I need the petticoat to be, and then winging it from there.

I don't know why I thought this would be as easy as grabbing a pattern off the shelf. I'm incapable of making things easy. 

And of course, now that I'm back in the mood to sew, I need to stop and spend all my free time cleaning the house, because my mom comes to visit on Thursday night. 
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My 2016 Goals changed a few times over the course of the year, but this is what they were:

Navy blue swiss dot Regency - Done!
Black silk taffeta bustle ballgown - Done!
Child's Victorian Gown - Done!
Daniel Deronda Riding Habit - Still hasn't happened, and is no longer on my specific upcoming goals list.
1860s Fully Handsewn dress - Didn't even pick this up all year. Maybe someday, but probably not anytime soon.
Turquoise Silk Mid-19th c  Giant Ballgown - I kind of knew this was going to be a 2017 project, and sure enough, it will be.
Fur-trimmed bustle-era skating outfit - Coming up next; I've already started cutting pieces out.
Winter bustle gown - Almost done!
Super-secret Disney-related project - No longer super secret. This is the Snow White Designer Disney dress, and will be made for the CoCo pool party this year.

In June, I added an Elizabethan kirtle and Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday to the list, both of which I have since completed.

And here's picture proof of everything I made!

Click here for pictures )

I think that's everything. Overall, not a bad sewing year, though being unemployed for the first eight months of the year certainly helped in that, and as you can tell by my posts, my sewing has definitely slowed down since I started working in September! 


Dec. 21st, 2016 12:07 am
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I finished the binding, so the corset is basically done, except for the eventual slow addition of flossing. I had debated about adding beading lace around the top with a ribbon, as well, but I'm kind of thinking I don't really need it.

I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out. It feels tight in the rib cage, and it is back to being very large over the stomach. By the hem, I think the corset goes out a good 2" farther than my stomach. I know in most cases this will be hidden under my skirts, but it still seems weird. The rest of the corset looks great, though, and the waist reduction is definitely more noticeable now that there's so much room in the hips. Also, while my Ravenclaw bodice (which I use for caroling) has been really tight and hard to button over my ribs/bust in my old corset-story corset, it now fits wonderfully! Which is kind of weird, since I made it to go over that corset, and it has only been fitting tightly for the last few weeks. I think it was just trying to tell me to finish my corset.

Here's some pictures. I tried to do that cool thing that [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson does where she wears all black and it looks like the corset is floating. But then I realized I don't have a black background and my sewing room is a mess. Oh well.

You can really see the gap here - I can fit several fingers into it...

What I really need, though, is to find a bettter option for lacing. The corset lacing I bought from Richard the Thread is unfortunately too short. I think the lacing on the first corset I made several years ago is longer, so for now I'll cannibalize that. But I also find that corset lacing does not glide smoothly enough through the grommets. I've used ribbon before, but it always seems prone to snapping. So what do you use? I need at least 8 continuous yards, if not 9.

Tomorrow I have a gig, but I still hope to at least sew together my green wool skirt panels. 
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I finished my hoopskirt! It actually turned out to be a super easy project. I don't know why I haven't made more hoops in the past! (cage crinolines aside, of course) I'm hoping to be able to try everything on tomorrow, since I'd rather try it on before I put the waist hooks/bars in, and I also still have the one button to repaint on the boots. And have to figure out the reticule/purse/pocket option.

I was also gifted an (I think) early 1890s silk suit by one of my classmates today, since it was given to her and she didn't know what to do with it. It's relatively plain, but has some really interesting features (like pockets!). I'll hopefully get some pictures of it this weekend to share with you all. 
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I sewed today! It was my first project in the new sewing room, my first project using my ruffler foot, and the first project of the year (started and finished on the first day of the year, naturally).

Don't get too excited. I made a ginormous bum pad!

For over a year now, every time I've needed a large bum pad, I've sewn together my small bum pad and my 18th c petal-shaped bum pad. Then, when I've needed them separately, I've ripped them apart again. I've done this probably at least 3-5 times, so I figured it was time to actually make a ginormous bum pad. I used the two together to make a pattern, and cut it out of pink seersucker I had originally bought for the candy early bustle gown in 2011 or 2012, and never used. I used my ruffler foot to make the self-ruffle along the edge, and the tie is some crazy vintage brown wiith polka dots bias tape I've also had in the stash forever. Luckily, I had batting leftover from the banquette, so I had enough to stuff the whole thing, and made it within a couple hours.

Picture proof!

The old, and the new:

First up, I will be stacking it on top of my lobstertail bustle to make enough oomph for the black silk ballgown.

I also managed to get completely unpacked! I put all my clothes in my dresser (finally), and unpacked the last of the boxes. Plus I hung a few pictures. I didn't make it out in the garage except for a couple seconds at a time, so no painting happened. I never even left the house! It was a nice day off. Tomorrow, we have to go up to the apt to do the walkthrough and hand in the keys, which means I have to go up there a few hours early, put my old couch on a truck (I really hope the thrift store will take it!), and make sure the place is clean.

2015 Recap

Dec. 31st, 2015 08:36 pm
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Hmm, just off the top of my head, I certainly haven't done much since CoCo. Maybe going through everything, I'll realize I was actually productive this year?

These were my goals:
1. 1831 Archery dress Done!
2. 1829 Orange ballgown Done!
3. Corded petticoat to go with both of the above dresses Done!
4. 1830s bathing suit Done!
5. Professor Trelawney artistic reform gown for the CosCol Ice Cream Social This got switched to the green and cream bustle gown
6. Daniel Deronda riding habit (already have the fabric) Still have the fabric. Maybe I'll actually make it this year?
7. Little Red costume from Into the Woods Done!
8. Striped silk bustle gown. (Or maybe a sack-back. I found silk at Hancocks today for $8/yd, and I'm determined to not let it sit in the stash.) Yeah... That silk is sitting in the stash...
9. Handsewn 1860s gown. At this point, I'm still determined to do this fully handsewn, so who knows when/if I'll ever finish it. If I let myself do it by machine, I'm sure I would have finished it months ago... Still on the list. I just haven't had the time/patience for that much hand-sewing.

And this was what I accomplished. )

So overall, I guess that wasn't too bad. I definitely need to start sewing again soon if I'm going to be at all on track for CoCo though!


Feb. 20th, 2015 12:14 am
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I made a quick and easy petticoat! Last summer, I found a great lace-edged bedskirt at a garage sale, and picked it up knowing it would make a great petticoat. Now it has. It's just two 46" panels stitched up the side and gathered onto a waistband. Nice quick project.

My boots are also shown above, but I think there's significantly more sand color on one boot, so I'm probably going to dab a little more on the other boot tomorrow.

I also sewed all the buttons onto the braiding on the bodice. And I pinned up the hem on my skirt, and started stitching that. I'm hoping to finish all the other hand-sewing stuff tomorrow night, including the bodice closures. That way on Saturday, I might have time to make a hat. My feathers say that they're in WA, so I'm hoping they might even come tomorrow!

Here's a bodice picture:
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Apparently I went crazy, so I decided to finish the corded petticoat today. 49 rows of cording in all. I had to add a 7.5" wide top piece for length, since the cording shortened it so much! And naturally, I got to what I thought were my last two rows, and ran out of cording, so I had to make a mad dash to Joanns. (Though I then wound up doing four more rows of cording.) I like how it looks, though! I haven't starched it yet. That, and adding the hooks and eyes at the waist will wait till a bit closer to when I'm actually wearing it, which probably won't be for quite a while.

And that wasn't the only thing I got done today, too! I had a good mail day, and my dyeable flats for the gala gown arrived, as did my new Fugawees. Unfortunately, I had to exchange the Fugawees for a wider size, so those have already begun their journey back to FL. But I did dye the flats! They're very orange. Hopefully not too orange, since the shoes in the original fashion plate were much brighter than the dress as well. I also bought ribbons to match.

I also started on the archery dress skirt. The two panels are cut out, the side seams are sewn, and I have pinned all the pleats, so they're ready to be sewn. I think I might have the whole thing finished tomorrow, minus the hem (which will have to wait until I make another petticoat, plus I want my Fugawees back before I hem). Not sure, though, since I'm really hoping my BF and I will finally go see The Imitation Game. Plus, my parents' gift to me of Ticket to Ride arrived today, too, so I think a round of that is in order. 
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I thought making a chemise directly from a pattern (simplicity 2890) would be a quick easy project that I didn't have to fit. Apparently, I was wrong. I finished the chemise tonight, and the neckline is nearly 6" too big around. Since there's no way I'm undoing any of that, I think it leaves me with two options (unless any of you can come up with a third!) -

Option 1: create two small eyelets in the front and insert a drawstring to cinch in the neckline, which I don't think was period, and would ruin the nice smooth look I tried so hard to create in this project.

Option 2: take in the chemise neckline in at least three places, which might create a little bulk. It wouldn't make the neckline so pristine like it is now, but at least it would probably look better than gathering.

Any thoughts/advice?

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What, me? Posting pictures? I guess I follow through occasionally. So here's a couple pics of my mom's jacket and my petticoat.

I haven't gotten any more done on the skirt since yesterday, though, but I'm hopeful for tomorrow!
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The bustle petticoat is almost done! All it needs is a waistband and a hem. The rolled hem on the bottom two ruffles came out so nicely that I'm tempted to do it on the rest of the hem, too. (If I have another chance to do it at work, that is, since the Babylock Imagine does a way better rolled hem than my Brother serger.)


I love the look of the petticoat - it's so fluffy! I'll try to post pics as soon as possible, but I'm headed down to Disneyland on Wed-Fri, so it may not happen for a little while.

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I think I've gotten out of my sewing slump. My mom's jacket is just about done - all it needs is the binding hand-sewn down around the edges. And I've been working on the petticoat for my Ravenclaw bustle gown. Soooo many ruffles! I finished cutting out the pieces to be ruffled tonight, and it's over 10 yds. Tomorrow I hope to gather everything up and attach (I've already marked everything out, so maybe it will even go smoothly?) I just need to figure out if I want to do an actual hem on my bottom two ruffles (I ran out of selvage), or take the easy way out and just roll hem with the serger. Any opinions? - I'm leaning towards the latter, since just those two ruffles are over 4.5 yds.

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The bustle had to be put on hold for a while, since apparently, Joanns does not sell cotton twill tape! I ordered it online, and it arrived yesterday, so I was finally able to put the ties on the bustle. At this point it's just awaiting a waistband, probably a ruffle, and some sort of finishing for the edges. At the same time, though, I know I really need to dig the mockup for my mom's Edwardian jacket out, and really get going on that, since I think she needs it at the beginning of Oct.

Also my stress level has finally gone down! I found a roommate, she signed the agreement on Tues, and moved most of her stuff in today. I hope everything works out well!

At some point, maybe I'll even sit down and write a real CosCol wrap-up. But for now, I'm just going to sit and relax and enjoy the thunderstorm outside. :)
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Happy Independence Day!! My parents and I are celebrating right now with our usual tradition of watching 1776. And tonight we're going to go to Lake Union and watch fireworks! I hope everyone else is having a great day, too!

For those of you attending CosCol, does anyone know when people are planning on wearing Redingotes/Riding Habits? I feel like I keep hearing different times being discussed.

We had our first rehearsal in the theatre on Tuesday night, and yesterday, my parents and I explored the Olympic peninsula. In a little antique shop up in Port Townsend, I bought a 1950s (I think?) corset, made by Bon Ton. Can anyone else can better help me date it? It's an underbust, and comes down over the hips and has small elastic panels/gussets under the bust on each side and on each hip. It's boned with steel, and has a corset busk closure in the front. I also bought two pewter-type mugs.

Tomorrow, my parents head back to CA, and we have our first tech rehearsal for Gondoliers!

And on the sewing front, this not having time to sew thing is driving me crazy with CosCol coming closer and closer! I need a gala gown!
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Here is my entry into the latest HSF challenge - the Regency petticoat that I finished a couple weeks ago! Of course, I still haven't taken any better pictures, so you get to suffer through with my ugly mirror pictures from right after I finished it.

The Challenge: #11 - Squares/Rectangles/Triangles

Fabric: A little less than 2 yd of 90" wide Muslin.

Pattern: None. It was really easy to make up based on a couple pictures I saw.

Year: Somewhere in the Regency period.

Notions: Wide single fold bias tape; wide cotton twill tape for the straps, narrow pre-packaged twill tape for the ties in back.

How historically accurate is it? It's completely machine sewn, but the shape seems accurate.

Hours to complete: Not too many. If I had had all the materials on hand when I started, I would have finished it in one go. The only time consuming thing was making all the tucks near the hem (there are eight).

First worn: Not yet worn.

Total cost: I think the muslin cost me about $7, maybe less. And the notions all added up were maybe $6 total, if that. So at <$13 total, it's not too bad.

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When I got home tonight, I started on my Regency petticoat. I'm doing the underbust kind, and it's made out of one big 90" wide piece of muslin (I think it was nearly two yards long to begin with, but Joanns does not cut on the grain, so that wasted at least a good 5").


It has one back seam, which is left undone 10" from the top. The bottom has 8 rows of tucks to give it body (and to shorten it to the length I needed). Yes, that's right - I did the math, and I did 20 yds of tucks tonight.


Tomorrow, I will gather and bind the top, and add the straps, and then it will be done! Then it's on to the curtain-along caraco.

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Today, I worked from 9:30am-6pm, returned a bunch of stuff to Target, went grocery shopping, came home and unpacked everything, rode my bike to the Ballard Locks and back again (meeting a large family of Canada geese en route), made dinner (I never cook - but I made fish, for the second time ever!), finished my Regency corset, uploaded pictures to facebook, and watched a movie. I don't know when the last time was that I felt like I did so much!

And so as a reward, here are some pictures! I haven't done a photoshoot of the finished corset on me, but here's a couple on Antoinette. When I take some with me wearing it, I'll do my HSF entry, since this is my "white" project.

And a couple pictures of my new bike! I'm really liking having a bike, but geez - even the shallow hills are tough (especially on my knees)! Please ignore the disaster-zone of a living room.

And because that wasn't enough, some wildlife friends for you. First, one of the goslings I met today (I'm naming him Ryan), and second, my Squirrel friend from the Ballard Locks park a couple weeks ago.
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The binding is done! No new pictures yet, though. And I've decided to look through some of the stitches on the machines at work, so the decorative stitches should be done by tomorrow evening. And then all I'd have to do are the eyelets on the straps. Maybe it will even convince me to do the eyelets on the 1780s stays straps too!

In any case, it's very wearable. Now I have to figure out what to do next - 50s Cinderella, 17th c orange gown, curtain-along (which I still haven't decided if I want to do a caraco or a pierrot!)? Or do something I don't necessarily have to do right now, and make a Regency dress (and petticoat) to go with my stays. It's probably a bad sign that I'm leaning towards Regency, since I'm not even planning on wearing it to CosCol!

And on an unrelated note, my new bike arrived today!! I haven't really ridden a bike since... I was maybe 13 or 14? But I'm excited! Of course, I rode it home from the shop, and everything was going just fine until I entered my neighborhood. Even the shallower slope to get to my street felt huge. And by the time I walked it up the road to get to my driveway/my driveway, I was absolutely exhausted (I think it's like a 19% grade?). But I'm looking forward to improving my stamina. And the bike is so pretty! I haven't taken pictures of my actual bike yet, but if anyone wants to see what it looks like, you can go here (it's the teal one). Now I need to don a 50s/60s beach dress and do a photoshoot!
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Skipping yesterday's photo in favor of the ones I took today! At this point, the binding is about 1/3 done on the top (and not at all on the bottom), but that's pretty much all that's left to do. I also am putting decorative stitches in the gaps in the cording on the front, but I haven't decided on what stitch (I might do it on one of the machines at work). I also need to do eyelets to connect the straps to the front. But then again, I "finished" my 1780s stays (and have worn them multiple times), and there are still no strap eyelets on those either.

But here's some photos. After I had finished all the cording, boning, and eyelets, I put it on, and found that I could close it all the way in back. So I took a 1" pinch down each side, and while it still closes all the way at the very top, the rest has a gap. (All my corsets close at the CB top. I must have a very narrow upper back.) Oh, and I'm pretty sure all the wrinkling is just because I hadn't finished off the ends of the boning channels yet.

The back before I took out the extra 2", and after.

And a close-up of the cording. I wound up using 100% cotton yarn, doubled in each channel. I fed it through by poking open a tiny hole with an awl, and then using my turner-thing-a-ma-jig (that you use to turn tubes) to thread the yarn through.
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Maybe the picture will work today? Of course, this is yesterday's picture, and I have since done all the boning channels (and got my boning!), and done a little over 1/3 of the cording channels. Next, I'm going to insert the cording on the channels I have finished, to make sure everything works, before doing the rest of the channels. And the eyelets. And the binding. But it's coming along!

So here's yesterday's pic:

Now the question is, do I do my eyelets H/A, and have them spiral lace, or do the crossing laces, which are way easier for me to do up by myself...?

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