Sep. 25th, 2017 01:57 pm
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Another week between posts. I think between picture posting being difficult, and my not really sewing anything that interesting, I feel like I have nothing really to post.

Anyway, I finished the Halloween skirt I think on Wed of last week. Then I had an etsy order for two Anna playdresses come in, so I made those, and by the time I had finished them, I had another etsy order for a Harry Potter skirt, so I made that. Those have all been shipped off now, and once I finished them, it was back to the bodice commission. I have the jacket all cut out in the velvet, but needed to pick up more satin for the lining, which I did yesterday. I'm hoping between work, grocery shopping, and rehearsal this evening, I'll have time to get the satin cut out, and maybe even to flatline everything. Once this jacket is assembled, I am going to cut out and assemble a mockup of the sleeves, and do the alterations to the other jacket. Assuming that all goes smoothly this week, I have another fitting with my client on Sunday. 

I've decided I should probably hold off on the Regency dress until I finish this commission, so that I know what I actually have time for. I'm also torn, because the blood red silk I had in mind is actually almost five yards, which is probably way more yardage than I need for a Regency dress. It's also so gorgeous that I feel like it's saying it wants to be a bustle gown, but it's totally not enough to make a full bustle gown out of... But it's so pretty! 

Picture dump! My Halloween skirt, the Harry Potter skirt (I'm tempted to make one for myself out of this fabric, even though it's Gryffindor, and I'm a Ravenclaw), and my awesomely awkward puppy trying on Halloween costumes. 


Sep. 19th, 2017 03:47 pm
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I'm still trying to catch up on all the posts I've missed over the last two weeks. I had no idea it had been so long since I last logged on! 

Sewing-wise, Titanic has been finished for quite some time. And in fact, on Friday, I went to a pop-up Vintage/costume store that I had found some vintage buckles at last year, and they miraculously had two buckles with a 2.5" opening! One was a vintage green plastic in a semi-rectangular (but more decorative) shape. Unfortunately, when I got it home, I noticed that the middle bar was broken. However, I managed to super-glue it back in, and I'm hoping it will hold. I painted the plastic, and it looks quite nice! The other is a gold-ish metal, but the oval is quite plain. However, it will work if the green one winds up breaking again. 

Once I finished that, I made a fun overskirt to wear with some of my medium-length modern skirts for the Halloween season. It is a black mesh with flocked bats that I splurged on at Joanns. I have another Halloween skirt which is currently in progress. At this point, it just needs the waistband finished and to be hemmed, both of which I'm hoping to do tonight. 

In between the two skirts, I also did a mockup for the commission I'm working on for two Victorian jackets. I did the fitting for them on Sunday, so my next step is to cut out the one jacket I'm making in the velvet and lining (which I have to pick up tomorrow from Joanns), and to cut out the pieces I need to alter the other jacket. My goal is to finish both of those to the point of the next fitting by this weekend, so that I can go back to sewing for myself. 

I'm going to a Regency ball at the beginning of November, and I've decided I need a new dress, since I've been wearing my first LWD for practically everything Regency for the last 5 years. Still not sure yet exactly what I want, but hopefully I'll figure that out soon - probably something early-to-mid 1820s. I'm hoping I can squeak it out of the 3+ yards of blood-red silk in my stash.

In sewing-related news, I did another portrait session on Friday, and this time, there was a sculptor there! I've never been sculpted before, but it was really cool to see her progress (and she's really good!)
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I didn't make it home till after 8pm last night, so not only did I not do the hem, I didn't even get to do anything more than cut out the etsy order. I'm hoping maybe I can get it done this evening to run it to the post office by 5, but if not, it will go out tomorrow. 

So in lieu of sewing content, here's a few pictures of the deck dress that I took the other day. 

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I've been really terrible about posting to here with Titanic progress since it takes so long to do pictures on here, but I have been posting pretty regularly on instagram and on facebook. Basically, at this point, the entire project is complete except for the dress hem, sourcing that darn buckle, and acquiring the right jewelry and hair comb (I should probably get on that).

I was playing around with my hair yesterday to try to get the right look (I swear that simple-looking Edwardian hair is somehow one of the hardest hairstyles for me to achieve), and decided to take some pictures while wearing the full outfit. Of course, at that point, I still hadn't finished all of the closures, and I have since also tweaked the pickup in the back in the attempt to get a little more hem length, so these pictures are not ideal. They're also not edited yet, so while I will be posting them soon, I'm really just teasing them now. If you want to see the pictures I've already shared, you can click the link above for my instagram. 

But in any case, I plan to put it all on again today and somehow figure out where I need to mark the hem length in the back so that I can get the whole thing finished tonight. I also have an etsy order for a tiny Cinderella dress, so that needs to be done tonight, too. After that, I have a Victorian commission I'll be starting work on as soon as I get the contract back, and that will likely be followed by another commission, so I'm not sure when exactly I'll be getting back to the bustle gown. Still, the commissions are good, since they will help me pay for Europe next year!
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I didn't have time to do too much sewing on Monday, but I did finish the sleeve embroidery on the kimono sleeve portion. And then yesterday I played around with the collar, settled on a length/height/slope that worked well, and then moved on to the under-blouse. I used a basic blouse pattern with no opening, so that I could just pull it on over my head, and altered it to be a scoop neck. Then I patterned out a fairly-fitted one-piece sleeve. I'm doing the bodice part of the blouse out of muslin since it doesn't show at all, with the sleeve out of the poly crepe that I used for the kimono sleeve section (that section is flat-lined with muslin). The end of the sleeve will be lined with muslin to prevent the embroidery from bugging my wrist. I'm probably going to put a little triangle of the crepe at the CF of the neckline of the under-blouse, too, since a couple inches of that will show. 

Then I hooped up the sleeve ends and the collar for embroidery, and set about putting together my embroidery patterns to the right fit and look. I was really hoping to get both cuffs in at once, but my hoop was about 1" of width short, so I had to do two hoopings. I left the first one (one sleeve and collar) going while I went to sleep, since it was a 63 minute stitch-out, and then this morning I flipped the design over and had the machine do the other cuff while I got ready for work. So now the embroidery is all done for this project!

I do have rehearsal tonight, but I'm hoping to maybe have a little time to work on it between work and rehearsal. I'd like to get the collar attached to the kimono sleeve portion and start on binding all the edges of that. It's getting close, though. I should almost certainly have the whole project done by Friday night.

Oh, and also, my satin shoes arrived (the parisxox ones that everyone has been buying on etsy). They're definitely tight in the toes, to the point where you can kind of see the shape of my foot in the shoe. (That said, in the pictures of Kate Winslet, you can see the shape of her foot in the shoes as well). Also, the weird diagonal side seam makes my foot look crazy wide. So I don't know if I'm going to keep them. I think I'm going to try wearing them around the house for a little bit and see if they stretch out. Otherwise, I'll have to find alternatives somewhere, and so far I'm coming up empty, since the only other dyeable pumps I've found are pretty clunky looking, and $55-60. 

So far no luck on finding the appropriate buckle, though. If anyone has any leads to a 2.5" tall (interior measurement) oval buckle, either antique gold colored and textured or not (since I can always paint/add texture), please let me know! I've been all over ebay and aliexpress with no luck. 



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I was able to work quite a bit on the Titanic dress over the weekend, and I think I just need a couple more days of work on it at this point. The yellow part is close to being done - it still needs a hem, closures on the bodice, and it needs to have the back tail part attached (the part that covers where the pickup is on the skirt).

I'm in the middle of embroidering the white kimono sleeve portion right now - I finished the part across the shoulders and the back of the neck. Next up is the ends of the sleeves. Then I have to do a test of the collar, embroider the collar and attach it to the bodice, then bind the edges, add lace, and attach the yellow to the kimono sleeve part (luckily, I've already marked where that goes, so it shouldn't be too bad.

I still have the entire underblouse to do, though, including a mockup. I hope to knock out the mockup today, while finishing the kimono sleeve embroidery. 

Here are some pictures. The first two were from before I figured out the fit of the bodice, and the second two were from afterwards. I tried to match pleats at the waist of the bodice to the pleats in the skirt, but it was wrinkling totally wrong. So I wound up doing no pleats in the back of the bodice, and taking a dart at where the side seam would be, and that fixed the fit issue. 

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I've been playing around with research/patterning/draping the yellow deck dress from Titanic, and I've come to a conclusion - it's impossible. Not sure if it's that Kate Winslet was just that small, or if they were working with extra wide fabric, but I would need a piece of fabric approximately 74x72" for the skirt portion, because THERE IS ONLY ONE SEAM. 

Like seriously, I'm not even sure how that skirt works with the only seam being the center front, but that's just what it was. I still haven't concluded if the original was one piece from the top of the yellow to the hem. I'm leaning towards it having been two pieces, because it's a dogleg closure up the front, and that seems like it would be easier to do if the bodice was a separate piece from the skirt.

So anyway, my version is going to have a seam at the waist, as well as a curved seam up either side, because my fabric is 55" including the selvage. Then again, I suppose I shouldn't be stressing, since although the dress appears as a butter yellow on screen, it is actually a gold fabric with a leaf spray pattern. And mine is taffeta instead of satin. I did, however, find that I have an embroidery pattern that will be pretty darn close to the embroidery on the kimono sleeves. I just have to figure out what fabric to make the sleeves out of, and I'm really not sure what it's supposed to be... (any ideas?)
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Insanely early Tuesday morning, I flew in to Long Beach, picked up a rental car, and headed straight to Disneyland. I was joined partway through the day by a couple of other CoCo'ers, Maria and later, Teresa and her daughter, neither of whom I knew before, so it was fun to bond with new friends! I stayed surprisingly late (considering I had woken up around 2am), and caught Fantasmic, the fireworks, and the Electric Light Parade before driving to my aunt's house to stay the night.

I slept in a little the next day and had breakfast with my aunt before heading back to Disneyland. I wore my new Belle-inspired dress, which has since become one of my wardrobe favorites, and spent a good chunk of the afternoon and evening with one of my good friends/sorority sisters from college, which was wonderful. We got a great spot for the fireworks, and made it over to World of Color just in time for the show. One of the coolest things that I experienced, though, was getting to sit in the 3rd row center section of the Frozen musical. It was like a whole different show from that close, and it was just amazing getting to see all the details! Overall, it was a fantastic two days, and a great way to end my annual pass (Wed was the last day it was valid, because Disneyland's passes are good for 366 days)!

Here's two pictures. The rest of the pictures of Disneyland can be found here.

Thursday, after breakfast with my aunt, I headed north to LA - I quickly swung by Home Fabrics for literally 15 minutes, and picked up some solid butter yellow silk taffeta (they didn't have the goldenrod I was looking for for a historical Belle gala dress at the time), and a brick red-based plaid silk taffeta (for an 1830s dress). Then I headed to Bel Air to meet my Grandpa and a different aunt for lunch at her country club. By the time we finished, traffic had gotten bad, so I took the scenic route up the coast and through Topanga Canyon to get to CoCo. My roommate had already checked in, so I was able to drop off the rental car and head right upstairs. We had a little bit of downtime before getting ready for registration and the Pool Party, which I used to iron or steam pretty much everything I had brought with me. 

For the Pool Party, I wore my Snow White outfit as part of the Designer Disney group. I definitely need to do something to that cape before the next time I wear it, since it was constantly trying to choke me, even with double stick tape and attempting to pin it into place. Everyone looked great at the pool party, though! I loved how many people were dressed to the Disney theme. 

I will have more posts for the rest of the weekend at some point, but I can't promise that they will come right away!

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I realize I've been kind of failing at posting lately, but to be honest, I haven't been doing much sewing, so there's not much to talk about!

I finished Princess Sofia last Monday and shipped it off on Tuesday. And at some point last week, I put the waistband on the bustle underskirt. Of course, somehow, at first, I put it on wrong, and had to unpick the whole thing and do it over. That's what I get for pinning it in place, leaving it for a few days, and sewing it without checking my pinning first! 

But now the skirt is kind of in the naughty pile. The skirt in the fashion plate has areas of pleats around the bottom of the skirt, where the skirt drapes nicely in between each pleat section. I don't know if it's that there isn't really enough fabric in the skirt (I know I've used this pattern before, and I thought I liked it, but I really wish I had more volume in this skirt), or if the silk satin just doesn't drape enough to make those nice pleats. I'll post a picture later so maybe you all can give me a few pointers. 

Yesterday before our closing show, I finally met up with DodiRose to pick up all of my things that she had driven back up from CoCo, which means my butter yellow silk is now in my possession. So instead of working more on the bustle gown for now, I'm going to move on to the yellow dress from Titanic. My goal is to finish it for Halloween - I'm going to be in Las Vegas over Halloween for a conference my work is hosting, and although they're not doing anything with costumes, Halloween night is a formal night. And Edwardian daywear can definitely pass as modern formal, so I'm planning to go as Rose for Halloween. I'll go back to the bustle dress after that is done. 

The nice thing is, I should actually have a bit of sewing time over the next few weeks because my rehearsal schedule for Annie is pretty light at first. I just have to use my time wisely. I used up one of my sewing days last week by planning a trip to Europe for late Feb/early March - the $400 RT flight was just too good to pass up! I purchased my flight already, and planned out pretty much my whole trip, and over the next couple months, I'll move on to booking hotels/airbnbs and transit tickets. I'm going to London, Disneyland Pairs, Versailles, possibly Ghent or Antwerp, Amsterdam, Schwerin Palace, Ludvigslust castle, Copenhagen, and Reykjavik. And this weekend I started learning Dutch!
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I found that I really wanted to relax and binge on Parks and Rec for most of the weekend other than while I was at the theatre, since I was so tired after tech week last week. So I slept in every day, did a little cleaning around the house, and ran a few errands. I did do some sewing, though. The pieces for the bustle dress underskirt are all together - next step is the waistband, then a hem, then ruffles and it will be done. I also got an etsy order for Princess Sofia over the weekend, so I worked on that yesterday instead of the bustle skirt. It's almost done, but I forced myself to go to bed before I had finished it. I should finish it in about 30 mins this evening, and it will ship out tomorrow. I'm hoping I might also have the time/energy to pleat the skirt into the waistband, too. 
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Still no CoCo Recap - A) It's tech week, and B) the pro photos are coming out really nice this year, so I'm thinking about buying some of them to use in the recaps. 

So anyway, despite it being tech week, I had a little bit of time over the weekend to figure out the dimensions/pattern for the underskirt for the stripey bustle dress, and on Monday, I had enough time to cut out four of the pieces. I should be able to cut out the other three today, and start assembling them. I will cut out the ruffles once that's done - I'm hoping that maybe I'll be able to use selvage for the ruffle hems, but I'm not sure I have enough fabric for that. But I am loving the silk satin so far! I've never worked with silk satin before, and it is so soft and lovely, and it even smells good! I wish Home Fabrics had had some better colors, because I would have bought so much more of it. 

Also, I am soooo looking forward to next week, when the show will be open and I will have free weeknights. I have free time for most of the following week, too, and then I start rehearsals for my next show, Annie, in which I will be playing Miss Hannigan. So in the meantime, I need to take advantage of my freedom, clean up the house (it's a disaster right now), sew, and actually relax!
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A CoCo recap will come sometime relatively soonish, but as I jumped back into a super busy week (work and rehearsals every day and two different callbacks), it will have to wait till I have a bit more time.

Unlike normally, though, I'm really excited to get back into sewing! I have to make a quick skirt for an order, which I will do as soon as I get home today, and then I think I will jump into my next historical project. 

I did lots of brainstorming and plotting while at CoCo, and while my plans are not all finalized yet, this is where I'm heading:

This is first up on my list. I got that mauve/burgundy striped silk from one of the Fabric Mart sales earlier this year, and found a matching mauve silk satin at Home Fabrics for the skirt. 

Next will be Rose's yellow deck dress from Titanic. For anyone that wants to join, we are doing Titanic movie costumes for the Friday Social at CoCo next year. I found butter yellow silk taffeta at Home Fabrics. It's probably supposed to be a less stiff silk, but I will have to make do. 

I also found a great mulitcolor plaid silk at Home Fabrics. It's not as great as the plaid in my inspiration, but I want to do an 1830s dress similar to this:

I've also fallen in love with this dress. I wound up with a bunch of navy wool at the CoCo Bargain Basement, so now I just need to find copious yards of velvet ribbon. I also want to make an s-bend corset before I make this. 

And lastly, my gala dress for next year. I'm still trying to make my mind up on what exactly I'm doing. I had decided on the first dress below from when people were talking about historical Belle dresses. But then with the whole Royalty theme, I really want to make a dress that was actually worn by a royal (and the jewelry to match!) But of course, I bought fabric while still thinking of Belle. I have 12 yards of butter yellow silk taffeta (minus what the Titanic dress will use), and 7 yards of a golden silk taffeta (when I went to Home Fabrics on the Thurs before CoCo, they didn't have the goldenrod, which was what I really wanted, so I settled on the butter. Then they had the goldenrod on Monday, so naturally I had to get that). And I still want to do an 1890s dress like my original choice, so these are what I'm trying to choose from:

My original choice, and then Lady Beatrice Pole Carew, who is wearing a gown closest to my original choice. But it's awfully plain, and she's not wearing any bling!

I love this photo of Queen Marie of Romania, or the two of Queen Mary:

I also love the wedding dress of Princess Alexandra, and could do it in butter yellow, or (if I can figure out all the details) I also love this gown worn by Empress Alexandra Feodrovna

I'm just having such a hard time on the gala gown deliberation! I'd love any opinions on it that you all might have. 

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Everything for CoCo is finished(ish). I tried on the finished Belle dress for the first time last night, and there's a weird baggy section in the center of the back. So I'm trying to decide if I want to redo the zipper in that one section to take it in. I think it will depend on how much free time I wind up having this evening. I opted to work late to get more hours, which means I'll likely only have less than an hour at home before my audition. And then I'll probably be home at about 8pm, and since I have to wake up between 2am-2:30 to get to the airport, I should go to bed right away. So basically, right now I'm leaning towards not fixing it. 

I also made the stupid mistake of leaving an uncapped highlighter on my sewing table last night, and it spent the night touching one of the ties on the vintage apron I'm wearing for Belle. I tried bleaching it this morning, which lightened it, but did not make it go away. I'm going to try oxyclean when I get home. 

And I still need to pack some of my regular outfit stuff, for Disney, Thurs, and next Monday. Then the very last stuff I won't be able to pack till tomorrow morning. But I did most of it over the weekend, including driving over an hour to Everett, so that my roommate could bring down the bigger and less packable things for me. So glad she drives down!
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I got home from rehearsal 45 mins early yesterday (which meant I got home at about 9:50pm), and made the possibly irresponsible decision to watch at least part of the movie due back at the library today while I cut out pieces for the Beauty and the Beast dress. I was going to just watch half the movie, and just cut the skirt, but then that turned into the whole movie and the whole dress and going to bed just after midnight. Whoops. But at least it's cut out!

My goal for this afternoon is to assemble the entire dress except the zipper (since I'm not going to Joanns till tomorrow). Hopefully I'll even do the hem. And I want to cut out all the organdy pieces for class. I'm thinking that if I cut all that out, I'll be better able to figure out how much muslin I need for all the class pieces, too. I don't think I have much (if any) muslin in the stash, so that will have to wait till after I hit Joanns as well. Then I can cut out the rest of the pieces on Saturday. And pack. And drop off all the stuff that's too big to pack to my roommate, who is driving down and luckily only lives a little over an hour away from me. 
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I tried on the turquoise gala gown with everything (except jewelry) yesterday for the first time, and I am so in love with it. Like, I was so happy, I felt like I could cry. I'm pretty sure that's what brides feel like. And somehow, it fit even better than when I wore it in Port Townsend. So anyway, I marked where the hooks and eyes on the train waist needed to go, and how the sash needed to go together. I think I may need to pin the sash to my dress at the shoulder so that I don't adjust it all the time, but at least it looks right. And I took a couple of pictures, which was very difficult since I don't at all fit in the mirror. 

Once I took it off, I finished the waistband and the sash, which means all my CoCo sewing is done! That said, I also spent a little time last night figuring out what pattern I wanted to use (and what alterations I wanted to make to the pattern) for a new Belle-inspired dress made of Beauty and the Beast stained glass cotton to wear to Disney. So hopefully I will have time to throw that together. It should be relatively easy (famous last words). 

I also finished my handout for the class I'm teaching. I still have to cut out all the pieces I'm providing, and buy the supplies I need for the classes I'm taking, too, which will hopefully happen tomorrow.  

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After a super productive Friday, I had no time at all for sewing yesterday, and didn't get much done today, either. I painted my order ribbon with two more narrow stripes down the sides (which is how it looks in the portrait, but not how the Order of Charles III ribbon actually is, so I decided to add to the wide stripe I had already painted). And while that was drying, I finished painting the medals. Such tiny details - I wish I had smaller brushes, because while I think I got the Starry Cross medal pretty darn close, I couldn't put much detail on the Charles III medal. And then I made the bow tops for them, and I put pin backs on so that they would be easily removable.

In the picture, the top one is the Order of the Starry Cross, which started as a cabochon backing for a pendant, an the bottom is the Order of Charles III, which was a blank gold medal. 

I was hoping to be able to try on all the gala stuff, so that I could figure out the sash length and get the hooks and eyes on the train waist, but I ran out of time before rehearsal, so that will have to wait till Tuesday. 

I also dug out my extant 1890s bodice with the huge sleeves, which I will be bringing to show my class, and washed the organdy so that I can cut out all the pieces for the students.

So here's a couple questions for the hivemind -  
1) We're making an 1890s sleeve as part of my class. There are tons of 1890s sleeve shapes out there - should I do an 1890s upper sleeve puff, which would work either for an evening sleeve or paired with a lower sleeve, or should I do a leg-of-mutton sleeve? I'm leaning towards the former because they require less fabric. 

2) Also, because there are so many sleeve shapes out there, I was thinking of providing drawings of a couple shapes in my handout, and not providing a huge paper pattern (especially since I will be doing all the fabric cutting ahead of time). Is this fairly normal for classes? I can't remember. 


Jul. 14th, 2017 11:57 pm
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I worked on CoCo stuff for the better part of 12 hours today. I'm feeling pretty tired, but at least I got a lot done!

Elizabeth Swann is completely done. Unfortunately, I found out that no one else in the Keira Knopely group actually managed to make anything, so I'm bummed about that, and I guess I'll just be completely random at the Social. I'll probably also use it for my Halloween costume, though, and I am happy with how it turned out, so I guess not all is lost. 

Anyway, I started making the chemise for it yesterday afternoon, using McCalls 6817 as a base, but narrowing the skirt by about 28" at the hem. I had to piece the shoulder strap, because I was literally 1.5" short of fabric. (Of course, after I put it on, I realized it was 1.5" too long at the hem. And I lived dangerously, and didn't make a mockup. I wound up taking it in quite a bit at the side seam, and a little at the CB, and I changed the shape of the princess seams over the bust, since I am wearing it over my stays. But other than that, it went together quite smoothly. I'm not doing sleeves (at least, not yet), because I don't want the extra heat, so I have left the armseyes unfinished for now. I added a drawstring at the neckline, and the front spiral laces with eyelets going down to just above the hip.

I also finished the hook and eye at the waist of the skirt, and yesterday, I finished all the frogs/buttons/pickups on the overgown. And last night, I did one coat on my shoes, then I did the other coat and the finisher today, and put in the buckles. 

But that wasn't all I did today! I also made my earrings for the gala gown, and the headpiece. For the headpiece, I took a circle of millinery wire, wrapped it in white velvet ribbon, and then dyed it turquoise. Then I added a huge triple bow of the turquoise ribbon, and a lace bow with hanging tails. It needed more, though, and many of those headpieces seem to have a piece that runs across the top of the bun or curls, so I took the leftover pleated ribbon from the train, and it fit perfectly! I also dyed some ribbon millinery flowers, which I will either fix onto combs or barrettes, or I will just twist into my hair, since they are on wires. 

Oh, and I tried on Mary Poppins, and despite the weight loss, I don't need to move any hooks and eyes. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing... I'm thinking about possibly wearing my skating bustle on Friday to teach, though, and doing Mary Poppins and the pelisse on Sat or Sun. I still haven't decided what to wear when, but I should probably get on that. 

So at this point, I think this is what is left:
-Make order sash and paint order medals for gala gown
-Try on gala gown so that I can put hooks and eyes at waist of train
-Prep class materials for my class
-Buy supplies for the classes I'm taking
-Make a skirt or dress for Disney, if time

I think that's it, but I'm sure I'll find other things that need doing. However, I'm definitely feeling more relaxed now. 

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Sleeve ruffles are done, and the lace has been sewn on the bodice. The only things I have left on the outer gown are the frogs/buttons, and the tacks on either side where the skirt is picked up. And of course, the whole chemise. Part of me really wants to start on the gala gown accessories, but I know I should really be finishing the chemise first. I've also decided that (assuming I have black leather paint in the stash), I'm going to paint my last pair of Kensingtons black. They've been sitting untouched for like four years, since I bought them, and since I already have one red pair and one patterned white and blue, I guess I may as well paint these black. Maybe I'll do that tonight, while procrastinating on the chemise... 
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I finished the cartridge pleating yesterday at lunch, and started on the hem. I was able to knock out about 2/3 of it at rehearsal last night, and I hope to finish it today at lunch. My frogs arrived, so I can sew those on, too. I also forgot that I still had the sleeve ruffles to do, but yesterday I tea-dyed the cotton gauze I bought, so I think I should be able to assemble those this afternoon between work and rehearsal (especially because I managed to finish mowing the lawn yesterday). There's also a little lace I want to sew on the bodice at the neckline. I'm thinking there might actually be the tiniest chance that I can finish all of that today, but I'm not sure. 

I don't have rehearsal tomorrow night, so I should be able to come home from work and go straight into the chemise. I'm free Friday, too, so maybe there's a chance I could do it all by Friday night? That would be nice!
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Welp. I made the etsy order skirt yesterday when I got home, but I was procrastinating most of my Elizabeth Swann sewing by mowing the lawn and doing other yardwork, and when I was close to finishing the front lawn, I wound up getting stung by a bee. This was my first bee sting, and my mom and my dad's mom are super allergic, so right away, I took benedryl, ibuprofen, started icing it, and also put some lavender essential oil and toothpaste on it (so basically, I tried half the remedies out there). This was about 9pm. By 9:30, I had fallen asleep. So unfortunately, I didn't make much progress on the cartridge pleats yesterday - only a little more than half the skirt is attached. 

I brought it to work with me again today, so maybe there's a chance I can finish the other half during lunch. I have a little over an hour between work and rehearsal tonight, so I'm hoping I can press the hem then, and bring it with me to hem at rehearsal, since I don't think I'll be doing too much while I'm there tonight. Of course, I also still have to finish mowing the front lawn, but I guess that will have to wait till Wed. 

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