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I don't feel like I was all that productive this year, probably since the early candy bustle wound up taking up soooo much of my time, but I did make a fair bit leading up to CosCol.

Pictures under the cut. )

My goals for 2012 were:
-a black knee length skirt. I didn't make one, but I bought one!
-the 1869 Pink Candy Striped Early Bustle Gown. Completed!
-Titanic gown. I started one, but I never finished it. The skirt is done, and the bodice is partially done. Now it's languishing as a ufo.
-Teens-era corset. Completed!
-Ballgown bodice for my black and gold plaid Dickens dress. Completed!
-Late Victorian jacket for my mom. She decided she wanted an Edwardian one instead. I've fitted the mockup to her, but haven't actually started the final jacket.
-Late Victorian bathing suit. Completed!
-18th c Robe a la Turque. Not for 2012, but I've finally started it!
-18th c quilted petticoat. Completed!
-1780s-style red wool Riding Habit. Started, but not yet finished.
-18th c red wool cloak. Nope, not yet.
-a Victorian waistcoat for my dad for Dickens. Nope, but I'll do it this year!
-18th c mitts. Nope.
-Regency corset. I didn't get into the CosCol class last year. We'll see if I can manage one on my own before this year's CosCol.
-Regency day dress. Nope.
-Regency overgown. Nope.

Overall, not too bad.
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This was the project of the year. I was inspired both by classes and some of the gowns I saw at last year's CosCol to make an early bustle gown of pink and white stripes. I bought my first 10yds of fabric at the LA Fabric District last year (I think for $1/yd?), and then set out to find other fabrics to coordinate, most of which I found last November at Hancocks. As you will all know if you read my LJ at all for the last year, this project took me FOREVER. I started the cage crinoline in December, painstakingly stitching all those intersections together (if I remember correctly, there were 156 of them). I started the petticoat sometime in Jan or Feb, I think, but put it aside and never actually finished it until May, when I began the rest of the outfit. And I finally finished the whole thing just before CosCol.

And of course, after all that, I wore it Sunday, for a grand total of around 6 hours, during almost all of which I was sitting down. I wore it to my felted flowers class, and from there went directly to the Fantasy Tea. Sitting for that many hours in that many layers was really not comfortable (due to a combination of the corset and having to sit on the top hoops), but it probably would have been much better if I had been wearing it to a normal event.

I wore it with the chemise and lace gloves I picked up last year from the Costumer's Bazaar (the hat blank was also from there), my corset and bloomers, and the other undergarments I made. I also decorated the hat, and made the matching pink pearl earrings and necklace in the Basic Pearl Stringing Class from Saturday at CosCol.

First two photos by Andrew Schmidt
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I did lots of little sewing bits today, which makes me feel like I kind of did nothing... But I finished off the sleeves on the candy bustle underbodice, and put the last bar on the overskirt, which means that everything I needed to do for the early candy bustle project is finished! There's still stuff I'd like to do for it (like bind the bottoms of the bodices, and put hooks and eyes all around the waists so nothing rides up or down on me), but that stuff is not entirely necessary.

I also took in the seams of the Jane bodice today (4" at the waist!), and tried on all the skirts. Which means I now need to move a ton of hooks and eyes on there, since they're all too big as well.

And for the ballgown, I went out and bought more cable ties, and draped up the overskirt(s). Since I'm not very familiar with ballgowns of this era, does anyone know if the overskirts were attached directly to the bodice, following those deep points, or were they just made as a normal skirt? In any case, I'm very happy with how it looks so far. And I'm super tempted to make it have a train... Which I know would be a bad idea.

Oh, and speaking of the gala, would anyone who is not planning on attending the food portion (I was so not impressed last year) like to go out to eat somewhere in costume?
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I made the hat for my candy bustle dress today.

I also bought the twill to line my ballgown bodice, and cut that out. It's amazing how much quicker I can cut out those pieces when I'm not trying to match plaids. :)
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Today I had a wonderful time hanging out in Volunteer park at my first SITU event, playing croquet and having a picnic. Being with so many other costumers again (and the fact that we had a great "OMG it's one month till Costume College" freakout) put me in a major sewing mood. So when I came home, I wound up with a huge case of CADD. I cut out the patterns for my Victorian bathing suit and my pink 50s dress for the princess party (I picked up a cute Vintage Vogue pattern at Joanns today), as well as the two body pieces for the bathing suit, and all the skirt pieces for the pink dress. Of course, it was after I cut out and serged the wool for the bathing suit that it dawned on me that I wasn't sure I had ever pre-washed the fabric. Oops. So I put it all in the washer, along with the two pieces I cut out, and I'm just sooo thankful that it's a gathered dress, since it did in fact shrink about 3" all around. I also sewed together all of my pink dress skirt pieces, and started handsewing the trim onto the other armseye of the 1869 overbodice (I finished the first one yesterday).
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I put the bars on the bow, moved the bars on the petticoat, took in the skirt, and put most of the hooks and eyes on the overskirt (except naturally, I'm short one bar. Of course, I still need 8 more so I can hook the skirts to the bodices). I'm also about halfway done with stitching on the trim around one armseye on the overbodice. I still haven't decided what sort of trim (if any) to put around the neckline of the underbodice.

I'm also starting to wonder if I might want to try to make the ballgown bodice and overdrape for the Dickens dress that I've been meaning to do for about a year now, and wear that to the gala. I haven't decided yet, though.
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Today I experience something very strange - I managed to do two-piece 3/4 length sleeves with no pattern, one mockup, and no sleevil!! I have to admit - it feels too easy. So anyway, my sleeves are in. I also bound the armseyes on the overbodice. And I tried everything on. You know, it's really pretty difficult to walk around an apartment in an early bustle gown. And I had to use the timer on my camera for pictures, since my mirror is about 1/3 the width of my dress. :)

At this point, I still need to tack down the trim around the curves of the overbodice neckline, sew the trim on around the arms of the overbodice, put on/redo the bars on all the waistbands (apparently I shrunk 1" or so since I finished the skirt and petticoat), and do all the finishing on the sleeve cuffs. And add hooks/bars to hold the skirts in place to the bodices. But not too much overall! And then we'll see how many other projects I can cram into the next month.

The underbodice. I'm quite happy with the fit!:

In other news, I "repaired" my computer for the first time ever (without my dad, that is). Or at least, after restarting it a bazillion times with no avail other than to make a backup, I managed to figure out how to restore my computer to its factory settings... But so far, it seems to be working *knock on wood.* It was out of commission from the morning of the 26th until about 30 mins ago. Thank goodness I just got a smartphone!
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I finished the first row of hand-stitching on the neckline trim for the overbodice. And actually, I think I'll only need to do another row around the curves, so that it doesn't flip up. But that's all I did today, since I worked for 10.5 hrs...
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The overskirt to the candy bustle is pretty much done. I hemmed it last night, and today, I sewed on the waistband, and the lace trim all around the bottom (a change from my original idea, but I like it much better). Right now, it needs the hooks and eyes at the waistband, the hooks to hook it to the overbodice, and that patch pocket I might add (still on the fence about that one). I've also decided that I'm just going to do a few pleats up in the four places that I'm "bustling" it, because I like the look much better than ties or buttons.

I also started hand-sewing on all the trim around the neckline of the overbodice. I got one row of stitching done on half of it today, while sitting outside and waiting for work. I'm going to do 2-3 rows of stitching on it, though, so it doesn't flip up anywhere (especially as it curves).

I also think I found my buttons! I saw some that don't say they're the same brand, but look awfully similar/exact on during their button sale yesterday, so I bought 7 cards of them (which is probably way overkill). And then I also bought four cards of a cute two-tone pink daisy button. I plan to make a summer dress (probably in a slight 50s style) out of some of the leftover pink from this project, and use those daisy buttons, and wear that to that pink princess party at CosCol. I felt out of place when I didn't show up in pink last year.
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I finally have more pictures to post!

Today, I sewed the pleats down on the waistband of the apron drape, tried on the under (and over) bodice for fit and did a couple tiny alterations, and made most of the sash. It still needs the part that goes around the center of the bow, the bow needs to be attched to the waistband, and I need to put closures on it. In the pictures, I pinned up the apron drape where I'm going to bustle it - I had originally planned to have strips of the plaid running down the outside to tie it up, but now I'm thinking I might like it with hidden ties inside. I also want to add seersucker as a band along the hem of the drape, and a patch pocket from the ridiculous pink and cream fairytale toile. The bodices still need all their trimming, hems, and the over bodice needs binding on the arms, while the underbodice needs sleeves.


Jun. 17th, 2012 12:57 am
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Between the two performances today, I came home and started cutting out all the pieces for the overskirt drape for the candy bustle. I'm making it out of the same 8-piece skirt pattern from Jean Hunnisett that I used for the skirt and the petticoat (albeit shortened quite a bit). I've already serged and sewed together all the pieces. And I even added two pockets - one on each side in the front side seams. The pleats at the waist are all pinned and waiting to be sewn. I'll probably just do the waistband the same way I did for the other two layers, with bias binding, and then use hooks and bars to hold it in place on top of the over-bodice. The waist will be covered over with a big sash/bow, so none of that will show anyway. And I think I'm going to use the pink seersucker to trim out the bottom of the overskirt drape, so that I can tie it back in to the ruffle on the skirt.

Oh, also - since my button search the other day was unsuccessful, I've tried searching all over the net, and all I've found are two cards of the buttons I want (I need 4 cards, if I decide to replace all the plain ones I used where they won't really show). So if anyone knows where I can find "La Petite #129 7/16" heart shaped buttons," please let me know!


Jun. 13th, 2012 10:39 pm
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I sewed a bunch today! I did all the binding on the necklines of both bodices, did all the buttonholes, tacked down all the facings, and sewed on 12 buttons, before I ran out of them. That's Murphy's law of sewing! I just hope Joanns has more, since I bought these from Hancocks way back in November... Luckily, I did have enough that all the ones visible once I have both bodices on are the little pearly hearts, so I can always do plain buttons for the ones that won't show.

I have to run a bunch of errands in between the two shows tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll have time to sew more than the remaining buttons, but I really want to get the overskirt cut out.
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I fit the bodices today to make sure everything was going right. It was a good thing I did, since somehow, the CB of the (stupid linen) underbodice was way huge at the top. And yet somehow, the outer bodice, which is made out of the wonderful to work with quilters cotton in the same pattern, appears to fit fine. I blame the fabric. I also pinned in the darts, and started binding the neckline of the outer bodice. I've decided to do all the binding by hand, even though I'm putting trim over the edges, but it's going well so far. I

I only work for two hours tomorrow, so I plan to finish the binding, and hopefully do a bazillion buttonholes.
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I got all my facings attached, and all the seams are pressed. I'm probably just not wrapping my head around it now because it's late, but can anyone tell me how to do a curved front opening with buttons. When I'm looking at it flat, it just doesn't seem to want to close smoothly. I remember having a slight problem with that on the Jane bodice, too, but that wasn't even as curved as this one is.

Also, Brave was terrific! It was really neat to be seeing it before it has even had it's premiere. We had a bagpipers/drummers/dancers group that performed for the half hour that they were loading everyone into the theatre. And I was the very first person in line!! I got there around 3 hours early, I think, though several other people got there within seconds of me, so I only just made it as first. :) The movie itself was so good, but it felt too short! It really felt like it could use at least a half hour added onto it to really finish Merida's story, which makes me think there might be a sequel. But the setting of the movie was gorgeous! It made me want to go riding off into the Scottish wilderness. The animation was fantastic - especially the way water affected Merida's hair. And I really want to get the soundtrack, when that comes out. Also, make sure that you stay until the end of the credits when you go to see it, because there is a quick scene afterwards. I think I'm going to go see it in 3D once it comes out in theatres, so I can better judge where it falls in my ranking of favorite Disney and Pixar movies.
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I got the facings all cut out today, but that's all, since I promised my neighbors I wouldn't serge after 10pm (since the move, my serger has been really super loud - I should probably get it checked out).

And I got a smart phone! I feel like I'm actually an adult now, for some reason, which really doesn't make sense since I've spent all night downloading apps on it. Really mature. :)

I probably won't get much done tomorrow, because we have a matinee, and then I'M SEEING BRAVE!!!!! Oh my gosh, I cannot even begin to describe how freaking excited I am to see this movie!!! They're showing it as part of the Seattle International Film Festival, and since I bought my ticket about a month ago, I GET TO SEE BRAVE TOMORROW (which is 12 days before it actually comes out). I was sad today when Subway wouldn't let me get a kids meal today with a normal sized sandwich, since it comes with a reusable Brave tote bag. I might give in tomorrow and get one anyway. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

And then afterwards, I have to rush home and watch the Tonys. But Brave definitely trumps everything else. It better be good!

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I sewed together the pieces of the new overbodice this morning. I'm pretty happy with how it looks (fabric-wise, since all I've done is sewn together the main bodice pieces). I'm thinking that to tie in the seersucker ruffle on the skirt, I might try doing a small row of ruched trim in the seersucker fabric around the neckline. And/or a small pocket on the apron drape. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll cut out and attach the front facings on the bodice, and maybe even start on a sleeve mockup for the underbodice. But that statement is probably over-ambitious, since we have two performances of As You Like It. And I might be finally joining the smart phone community in between the shows!
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I worked a tiny bit today! I cut out the bodice pieces in the new fabric for the candy bustle over-bodice. I think I like it, and I hope it works! I still need to cut out the lining for it, but then I'll put it together, hopefully tomorrow.

I've been so crazy busy working! And today I spent probably a good two hours messing with stupid post-office stuff about the missing box from back in April. Which apparently (I found out today) turned up empty on May 19th, the same day it was marked "return to sender" in Federal Way, WA, so now I have to see if I can retrieve the items from the Atlanta warehouse, which is apparently where all loose items from the post office go to die. Ugh.

So close!

May. 29th, 2012 02:37 am
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The Edwardian bathing suit is almost done. Thank you all for your opinions on my last post - I've decided to keep it as is, and not add any additional width. At this point, all I have left to do is serge off the excess in that band around the hem, and serge (and then hem) the sides of half of the sash. I started doing it tonight just before midnight, and wound up waking up my roommate. Whoops! So clearly serging (at least with my machine at its weirdly noisy level that it has been since I shipped it up here) is something that's going to have to be done only during the day...

But the rest of it is done! I think I want to try making a bandeau for my hair out of the salmon flannel, but I'm not sure I'll do that right away. But I love it! It's so cute, really comfy, and was so easy to do. I'll be wearing it at CosCol - either at that Thurs night pool party they added, or at the Sunday pool party. (that's still happening, right?)

And in other news, I tried dyeing the bodice to be a brighter pink. I don't like it. And it didn't dye evenly, either. But while I was at Joanns buying the dye, I saw a pink and white striped cotton that I think I like and had the aforethought to put it on hold, so tomorrow I'm going back with swatches, and will hopefully pick it up. Somehow I'll have to incorporate a bit of the seersucker into the bodice or apron drape, though, because I really don't feel like taking off the seersucker ruffle on the skirt.

Oh, and in really other news, I saw Bel Ami yesterday at the Seattle International Film Festival. The movie overall was good, though not something that I feel really has to be seen in theatres. Robert Pattinson annoyed me for most of the movie - he was really pretty one-dimensional, and didn't come into himself until the end. The costumes were very nice, though! I was slightly confused as to the mixing of 80s bustles for day dresses with mostly 90s evening gowns, but it was supposed to take place in 1890, so it didn't bother me too much. The standouts for me were a red bustle dress that Christina Ricci wore, and a blue bustle that Uma Thurman wore (the one that's been in the screen shots).
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I was still a little frustrated with the lack of contrast in the pink of the candy bustle overbodice today, so I decided to put that off and start on my Edwardian bathing suit. I did a basic tunic shape, with the sleeves cut in one, and had the salmon gingham flannel fabric end just above my fingertips. The body is all put together now (which went together so quickly - it was delightful!) and I've cut out the navy wool pieces for the thick band that will run along the hem, as well as the pieces of wool for the shorts (still pondering if wool shorts are the smartest idea, though...). I do worry that I cut the tunic pieces a little narrowly, but then I keep having to reminding myself that late teens bathing suits were much more form fitting than the ones from even 5-10 yrs prior. However, I did cut the bands for the hem long enough that I could allow myself to put in 4" worth of gussets down the side, if I so choose.

I'm also trying to decide if I should use a bias strip of the wool around the neckline, or just use bias tape. I'm leaning towards the latter because it will be easier, but then the first option will carry the wool from top to bottom. Any opinions?

I also had the idea that I might dye all of the seersucker for the candy bustle to a brighter pink. I think I'm going to test it out tomorrow. Because honestly, for some reason my light pink seersucker is totally reading as lavender!
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I realized this morning that I desperately needed to flatline my bodice pieces, so today, I cut out the flatlining pieces for the linen underbodice, serged and sewed them all together, then ran off to Joanns for pink cotton to flatline the seersucker overbodice. Then I cut out all those pieces, and serged and sewed them all together. But honestly, I'm not sure I like how the seersucker looks against the white. It seems so pale! The other pink stripey fabric pops sooo much more. But then I feel like there would be way too much of that fabric, if I use it for the bodice and the overdrape, since it's already in two out of three skirt ruffles. But I'm going to wait until I can see how it looks in daylight, since my view is probably quite affected by the fact that the only sources of lighting in the living room come from a string of colored Christmas lights, and a very bright desk-style spot light. If I can't decide, I'll post pictures and have you all help me. :)

However, I doubt I'll get much sewing done tomorrow, since I'm going to go see the new period drama Bel Ami at the Seattle International Film Festival. And then I have another audition.

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