Jan. 1st, 2017

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I didn't sew very much today, because I was feeling a bit burned out after yesterday. I did make the bows for the cuffs, and sewed those down, as well as finishing the fur on the cuffs. And I sewed the bows on the overskirt, and tacked the overskirt pieces to each other so that they wouldn't shift, and put all my hooks and bars on my skirt and overskirt waistbands.

I also mocked up and patterned most of the dickey piece - I have the main dickey piece and lapel pieces cut up and ready to be flatlined, and I think the collar part is just going to be a tapered band. I'll finish that tomorrow - hopefully it won't take too much longer. And then I really need to get on to the skating dress. I'd like to have a significant amount of it done by Monday evening. We start up rehearsals again this week, and I have two this week, and I think four the following week, so my sewing time is really going to be reduced. And there's less than three weeks left till the Little House Party!

I shared this on my year in review post, but here's the complete outfit, minus the dickey. I definitely need to make a better petticoat...

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