Jan. 2nd, 2017

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I don't know why, but the dickey gave me so much trouble today! I did finally wrangle it into submission. It's complete, other than trimming and buttonholes/buttons, and I've stitched it into the bodice. But I don't love it. I think with the trim it will look a lot better, but right now it just looks like a lot of grey, and polyester at that. Joanns closed today before I could make it over, but I'm going to go there tomorrow and hopefully find some trim options.

It's so hard to tell what's going on in the fashion plate - the trim on the dickey almost looks black instead of the forest green like the skirt, and it's also much narrower. The ribbon at the CF also looks black. But the thing is, that other than possibly doing the buttons on the skirt black, there's no other black on the whole outfit. So would it look out of place?

Here's the plate, and a link to the high res, if anyone has any opinions.

I didn't get to the skating dress today, since I went to go see La La Land this evening, but I've cleaned my cutting table off so that I might be able to get to it tomorrow. First, though, I have a rush order of a Belle playdress that I have to do tomorrow, and I really need to work more on my lines for the show as well, since we start rehearsals back up tomorrow night. 

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