Jan. 3rd, 2017

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I've been trying to figure out what classes I might want to teach at CoCo, and I've come up with these four potential ones:

-1830s sleeve supports vs. 1890s sleeve construction - This would be a limited class, where in the course of probably two hours, we would make an 1830s sleeve support pouf, and also make an 1890s sleeve lined with organdy and with a pleated crinoline piece to support the sleeve

-How to digitize embroidery using Brother PE design - This would be an hour-long limited class where I go over the basics of how to do point-by-point digitizing, and altering the shapes that come with PE design. I would have my laptop hooked up to the projector, and if people already have PE design, they could follow along on their own laptops.

-Recreating Disney princesses - An unlimited class where I would go over tips, patterns to use, sources for hard-to-find materials, etc, so that other people could learn how to make exact reproduction Disney princess dresses.

-Make an easy 18th c quilted petticoat - A limited 1-1.5 hour class on how to create a quick and dirty quilted petticoat out of matelasse or other pre-quilted fabric.

Oh, and in unrelated sewing news, I only had time for the Belle dress order yesterday, and because I went to see Star Wars after work today (finally!), and had rehearsal, I managed to sew down half a piece of velvet ribbon to the lapel on my dickey. I should get more done tomorrow.

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