Jan. 4th, 2017

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I worked on the dickey trimming a little bit today. I did my three buttonholes and buttons, finished trimming one of the lapels, and put the trim around the collar. I'm debating about doing a little more before I go to sleep, even though I shouldn't.

On the other hand, though, I did submit two class proposals. I decided that I would let them choose between the Super Quick 18th c Quilted Petticoat or the 1830s vs 1890s sleeves. The petticoat would be way easier for me to prep, but I think the other one would be more popular.

Edit: I was bad. I'm now up way too late, but I added the trim on the other lapel, plus the ribbon tie, and a hook and eye underneath the tie. I think it's at a point now where it's wearable, but I might still add lace around the neck of the collar, plus the velvet trim in the square part of the neck. First I'm going to make a bustle-era quilted petticoat, though. I think I should be able to make the whole thing tomorrow, assuming it's not too cold to go in the sewing room.

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