Jan. 10th, 2017

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The skating skirt is assembled, and is waiting on waistband, hem, and trimming, which is a whole bunch of pleats and as much fur as I can spare. I also finished cutting out the interlining of the bodice, and cut out all but two pieces of the bodice in the wool. I even cut the sleeves out! Of course, now I'm really paranoid that I'm not going to have enough fabric left for the overskirt, even if I skimp on the skirt pleats a little bit, so I'm a little stressed out. I want to do a project where I have plenty of fabric and don't have to worry!

Anyway, I hope to finish cutting everything out tomorrow, get the bodice and sleeves flatlined and assembled, and a waistband put on the skirt. That said, I probably won't get that much done, since I have to work later tomorrow, and I'm seeing Hidden Figures in the evening.

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