Jan. 15th, 2017

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Clearly, the world knows I am desperately running out of sewing time before MN, because I got another princess order today. I'm getting really worried that I'm not going to finish my skating dress, and at the very least, I need to do that, make some sort of hat for it, and put the buttons/buttonholes on my quilted petticoat so that I can wear it shortened. Luckily, the temps are now saying they'll be around 40 degrees while I'm in MN, so I guess I don't have to worry about fitting a dolman into this week's plans, too.

But seriously, I feel like I did nothing but sew this weekend (okay, I did go to a party last night for several hours, and I've been to Joanns and Safeway, but that's it). And yet, I also feel like I've gotten nothing accomplished. I finally put the buttons on the green wool overskirt, so all I have to fix on that is the bustle tape, which is currently pinned in place. And the skating bodice just needs its sleeves attached (though the sleeves also need cuffs). I don't want to put the sleeves on the bodice until I put the fur trim on the skirt. I think I'm going to have enough fur that I can do the whole skirt hem, plus put fur around the shoulders of the armseyes, and at the cuffs, but I need to be sure. And both skirt and overskirt need hooks and eyes, and the fur trim on the overskirt needs to be turned and hand-sewn on the inside of the hem.

The skirt also still needs its pleats and fur put around the hem. I have most of the pleats pleated, but somehow my math is coming out wrong, and despite not having enough fabric when I was halfway through the pleats, I repleated a bunch of them, and now I have way too much. So I either need to cut off the excess, or repleat. Again. Ugh. Why does it take so long?!

To be fair, other than the sleeves and hooks/eyes, the outfit is actually wearable as is, but it's not nearly how I want it to be. And I had to use up 2 hours of my sewing time on that tonight to go to Joanns and get fabric for the princess dress, and cut out and start on that. I probably have about an hour or less left on the order, and then I can get back to the skating dress. Which is good, since I only have two hours to sew tomorrow, and maybe an hour on Tuesday if I'm lucky because of rehearsals on both days. Though I am planning on bringing my hand-sewing to rehearsal, so hopefully that will help. 

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