Jan. 25th, 2017

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The trip to MN was so much fun! I promise I'll do a full wrap-up post at some point, probably this weekend, but for now, in case you've missed them so far, here's a link to all of my pictures on facebook.

Although I've been home for two days now, and I'm not working on any sewing, I've hardly actually been at home at all. This is run week for Chitty Chitty, so I've had maybe 1 hr of awake time at home each day, before and after rehearsal. It's going really well, though! I need to do a little bit of sewing for the show this weekend, but I'm also itching to start my giant turquoise ballgown of doom. I've decided that I'm going to start the skirt and train before I make the corset. That way, I can figure out just how much trim has to be ordered (assuming I can find it!), and that will have time to arrive while I start on the corset. I'm also wondering if I need a new petticoat - maybe a ruffled one out of organdy? Then once I finish the corset, I'll make the bodice.

That said, before I can allow myself to start on the ballgown, I really need to take down the Christmas tree and clean the house. It's a disaster in here!

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