Mar. 6th, 2017

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I was worried I wouldn't get anything done today, because when I got home from Seattle this afternoon, I had a splitting headache. I laid down for a couple hours, tried to get up to sew, and realized I'd have to try to sleep it off. So I took a nap, without setting an alarm, at about 5:30. Luckily, I woke up at 8pm, and the headache had mostly faded, so I've been working for the last four hours on the corset.

I put in several pieces of boning into Mockup #1, and tried it on. Waaaayyy too big! It closed all the way in the back and still felt loose, plus those bust gussets were having major gaposis. So I took it all apart, and took it in a whole bunch. I think I wound up taking in 3" at the top, 2" at the waist, and 2.5" at the hip, on each half of the corset, plus I took in the bust gussets another .5-1" each.

Mockup #1. I know both sets of pictures make it look really wrinkly, but I also only taped bones in at the CF, CB, side, and one between the bust gussets:

Once I put it all back together (luckily, since it was all too big, I didn't have to recut anything), I tried it on again, and it was pretty darn close! The lacing gap was still a little narrow at the top, so I'm going to take the next one in another 1" on each side at the top. And it scoops way too low under the arm, so I'm going to make it a little taller from the side-bust gusset, all the way to the CB. At the same time, I think it's just a hair long in the CF over the stomach, so I'm taking off .5", which also means I can actually use the busk I already have in my stash! I'm also going to increase the hip gussets just a tiny bit, since I think it needs to flare out a little bit more. But honestly, I'm comfortable with doing all that to the actual final corset, since they're all pretty small tweaks.

Mockup #2:

My rehearsal schedule hasn't been released for tomorrow yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm called every day this week. So basically, I'll have about 1-2 hrs between work and rehearsal every day this week in which I can attempt to sew (and eat dinner), before heading back out. So hopefully I'll actually be good and get some work done.

Also, would it be weird to do this out of the same pink fabric that I made the 1870s corset, 1780s stays, Elizabethan corset, and pocket hoops out of? I think I have just enough.... 
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I ripped apart mockup #2 to use for my pattern pieces, but only managed to actually get two cut out. It's unlikely I'll have much time to work on it in the next few days, because T/Th I get home at 5 and leave at 6, and Wed I have an audition downtown after work, and it's very possible I'll have to go straight from there to rehearsal. But I did manage to stop at Joanns on my way home today to pick up more canvas for the lining layer, so I should have everything I need for the corset at this point.

And on the other hand, I have at least one day's work left on my pocket, so that will be good for rehearsal sewing. I finished all the embroidery today, cut out the pieces, basted my front and front interlining, and started binding the pocket slit. I have a feeling I will finish it at tomorrow night's rehearsal, though I'm not positive. So hopefully I'll at least have time to dig out the handsewn 1860s dress, since the corset is going to be nowhere near hand-sewing state until at least Friday. 

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