Mar. 8th, 2017

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Well... I brought all the corset pieces/fabrics to cut out while at rehearsal, as well as a skirt order that came in, but I just finished. And naturally, I still have 45 mins of rehearsal left to go. Oh well, I guess the timing didn't work out so nicely today.

That also means I have to figure out what to do tomorrow. I looked at the handsewn 1860s project, but I'm at the point where I have to fit the bodice, which I guess explains why I put it aside in the first place. Plus I'm not sure where I put the handout, since it's not with all the pieces. So that's definitely not going to be something to work on this week.

I'm going to keep at it with the corset, and I can possibly get it into a handsewing state by Friday's rehearsal, but definitely not by tomorrow.

So I think for now I'll have to settle for a crochet project instead...

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