Mar. 21st, 2017

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As I figured, I finished the corset Sunday during the show. But I still haven't had a chance to try it on! Yesterday I was on the phone with Comcast for forever (which naturally didn't resolve anything because Comcast sucks), and then I had an audition. When I got back, I read the scripts for Sister Act, and for half of My Fair Lady, and then went to bed.

Today after work, I ran a couple errands, then met up with most of my cast to have a one-day-early birthday dinner and Beauty and the Beast showing, which was really fun, but obviously didn't allow any time for sewing.

And honestly, I'm not sure when I'm next going to get to sew! Tomorrow evening I have a callback for Sister Act, then Thurs evening I have a callback for My Fair Lady (and during the workday have to scoot up to Seattle for another audition). So basically, that leaves Friday during the day to attempt to start the bodice and get it into a state where I can sew on it backstage that evening.

Also, I'm very torn how to make this bodice, because ballgown bodices are almost always back lacing (and it appears that this one is as well), but back lacing is very hard to do by myself...

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