Mar. 27th, 2017

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I decided to do a couple tweaks to the bodice back. I'm adding in 1" of width in the shoulder straps so that they can sit a little higher up my shoulders, and I'm also adding in a piece that will add 2" of height in the top of the CB, tapering out to nothing by the shoulder seam. I've made up the pieces to be inserted, but haven't had time to actually put them in yet. In fact, I didn't even get much done during the show yesterday. I got most of two boning channels stitched into the CF, but that's it. So I have a feeling that most of the bodice will have to be unboned on this wearing.

I have so much left to do on this bodice in the next three days, and of course, I have rehearsal tomorrow and Thursday, so that leaves me with very limited time! I still have to put in the new pieces, finish the binding on the top and bottom edges, and do sleeves and at least some kind of bertha, or it will look very plain (and the added piece in back will be really obvious). Not sure when I'm supposed to do all this!

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