Apr. 15th, 2017

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Of course, in my head, Snow White was supposed to be a simple project. I had a few patterns that all had the basic bodice look I wanted, so I could just mock up one of those, make my alterations, and be done, right?


The main problem is, those patterns are all meant for halter-style bodices. Not only do I not want that, but I decided somewhere in my fiddling around with patterns process yesterday that I would be far more comfortable with sleeves, instead of sleeveless like the original. I still want to keep that great sweetheart neckline, though, so it seems like raglan sleeves would best do that.

But then the problem is, how do I connect raglan sleeves to a gathered-side-and-CF bust section? So that's where I am right now. I've taken pattern pieces from at least four different patterns and pinned them together on my dress form. I'm trying to combine three bust pieces right now, in the hopes of melding them all together and redrawing to give me the shape I want. Something tells me this is going to require a whole bunch of mockups...

Also, wow, this is a ridiculous amount of hoops to jump through to post pics. If Dreamwidth doesn't figure out something better soon, I'm sticking to LJ. 

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