Apr. 16th, 2017

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 I think I'm done with yardwork for at least a little while. I finally got the rest of the gutter guards put up around the back of the house, which should definitely help prevent them from getting clogged. I might do the front and sides eventually, but the giant tree in the back yard doesn't tend to blow it's leaves that far. I also finally raked up the leaves on my back patio, and broke up most of the sticks that had fallen in the yard from the last wind, so now my patio looks pretty! And after doing a whole bunch of weeding earlier in the week, I've decided to give up on curbing the dandelion population. It just feels completely pointless when my neighbor's yard across the street is covered in them. 

I also cut out my first mockup of the Snow White bodice. Even before putting it together, I'm fairly certain I'm going to have to change the seamline of the front sleeve piece and the bust - I think there's a good bit of fabric in the bust piece which should be part of the sleeve instead. I'm still going to put this one together anyway, though, since I'm sure there's other things that need tweaking, too. 

I was hoping to get the skirt started, too, but that definitely didn't happen. Hopefully I'll get some sewing done tomorrow evening, since it's the only evening I have free this week. 

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