May. 26th, 2016

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Well, I signed up for ten, and I got two and the fabric district tour. Not bad compared to some other people I've heard from, but it does make me think their new system of registering really isn't working out that well. I'm going to be taking the Boned Seams of Bodices class, and the Making a Regency Tiara class, both of which I'm really excited about.

Also, now that I know what I'm taking, I'm able to decide what I'm wearing on which day:
Thurs Pool Party: 1912 Dinner Dress (unless I make something else between now and then which I like better)
Friday Day: Navy Swiss Dot Regency
Friday Social: Victorian Child dress (more on this to follow in a separate post)
Saturday Day: 1890s Plaid Walking Dress
Saturday Gala: Black silk bustle gown
Sunday Day: Sheer 1850s Dress

Also, I know I've mentioned it before, but is anyone else interested in joining [ profile] nuranar and [ profile] reine_de_coudre and I at Disneyland before CoCo? I am planning on being there on July 26th-27th, and would love to get a big group together!

And for those of you who are Harry Potter fans, does anyone else want to join me in our gala dresses, and make a post-gala trip to Barnes and Noble, for a Cursed Child release party? I'm super excited. Maybe it's good that there's not too many Sunday classes I want to take! 
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I pinned my facing in place on my Victorian child dress hem, and marked the stitch lines of all my triangles. I forget how many there are - I think around 31? And then I trimmed all the seams, clipped all my inner corners, turned the facing, and pressed all my points. And then it was time to attach the pleats! I machine-stitched them together, topstitching just under 3/8" from the edge, so that the machine stitching will be able to be hidden under the strips of pink. That's the next step. I started cutting out the strips, just to test how they would look. I've done three so far, but according to my math, I need at least 24 strips just for the skirt, which need to be seamed end-to-end. I bought a bias tape folder-thingy this evening, so hopefully that will at least make that part of the process a little easier.

I'm eager to get going on it, but I'm also feeling really tired tonight. And I'm going to try re-dyeing Elsa first thing in the morning, since I bought dyemore today (thanks for the suggestion, [ profile] jenthompson). I also have to make a trip to the Renton Joanns tomorrow, since they are the only one with Harry Potter fabric left, and I need to make sure I do that at a non-traffic hour. But once Elsa is finished tomorrow (or if/while she's drying), I can start making all my bazillionty strips, and start hand-sewing them on!

Oh, and I'm trying to decide whether to dye my hair tomorrow or not. I need to do it before the 2nd, since I have an audition, and it's just easier if my hair matches my headshot. But I'm also trying to decide what to wear for our outing to see Love and Friendship on Saturday, and if I want to have dark hair for that, and possibly for our Victorian trip to Fort Nisqually on Monday...

Anyway, here's some skirt progress pics!

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