Jan. 7th, 2017

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I finished the quilted petticoat, decorated a hat, and added the lace trim to the collar and cuffs on the bodice. I also added tapes inside the skirt so that I can bustle up the train. I didn't wind up trying everything on, so hopefully it will all work! I'm wearing it tomorrow for a Sherlock Holmes event, so I'll find out then. I have to remember to mark the additional dickey trim before I take it off, so that I can add that later. And obviously I need to take lots of pictures!

One idea I did come up with today is that I'm going to make a detachable train ruffle for the quilted petticoat that can button on when I have the train down. I also want to add buttons and buttonholes all around the whole petticoat so that I can fold up the bottom 8" or so to shorten it for wearing under my skating dress. I'm going to make the skating skirt first, though, so that I know how long it needs to be. 

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