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2011 was a pretty productive year for me, especially in the first few months.

January: Pre-Raphaelite-inspired linen dress and bodice (which I still haven't worn for anything)
             Chemise a la Reine, with short-sleeve shift, and matching sash and petticoat
February: Fully boned stays, which had been a ufo before this because I had never finished the binding
               My 1660s Restoration gown, with accompanying 17th c chemise
               Two pairs of crocheted mitts
               18th c floral striped petticoat
               Refurbished 17th c shoes

March: The beginnings of a hand-quilted petticoat, which I never really worked on again after that month. Maybe someday.
           Petal-shaped bum pad
           16th c escoffion
           Chemise-dress (faire-wear) commision
           I think I also made my short-sleeve chemise blouse in March, but since I never blogged about it, I can't remember.

Nothing in April, since I was busy moving across the country.

May: Floral robe a l'anglaise, with matching floral petticoat, and belt

June: Burgundy 18th c petticoat for the robe a l'anglaise,
        18th c hat (from scratch!)
        18th c cap, fichu, and pockets
July: Finally finished the 1950s Jean Desses cocktail dress, with matching shrug
        1940s romper suit w/ skirt
        Jacques Doucet-inspired early Edwardian chiffon and lace gown

August: Late Victorian walking skirt for my mom, w/ shirtwaist blouse
            Huge Edwardian hat
            Laughing Moon corset, started in the class at CosCol
            Short bustle, for Jane costume

September: Petticoat and skirt for Jane
                  Commissioned fish doublet and collar, with matching pants
                  Spats for Jane

October: Jane bodice, with detachable collar and tie
              Dyed the umbrella for Jane, and stitched eyelet lace to the edges
              Refurbished Regency-style shoes
              One black velvet muff and one white furry muff

November: 1860s black lace and ribbon cap

December: Pagoda-sleeved bodice for my mom for Dickens, with matching ruffle and trim added to her skirt from last year

Overall, not too shabby. Tomorrow, I'll post my list of everything I want to make for 2012. Happy New Year!
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I'm thinking about creating some business postcards, since I would like to really get into creating costumes to sell to other people, but I don't really know what I should put on them. Thus, if anyone an help me, I'm going to post pictures of what I think are my best projects, and if you can all vote on what should go on there, that would be really helpful. Unfortunately, I don't have about half the costumes with me right now, so I'm not able to retake pictures of any but the 17th c gown, the medieval, the navy ren gown, and the chemise a la reine (and it would involve finding someone to take the pictures, since I know the bathroom mirror ones aren't particularly professional).

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I did all the eyelets in the bodice today. I've never made an unboned bodice before (or, for that matter, a bodice that only laces up the back - that was a little tricky!), and I don't know how to get rid of the wrinkles in the back. Is this normal/does it look okay that way, or should I attempt to add some boning to get rid of that?

Also, I'm leaning towards doing the Chemise a la Reine next. I like the fitted back, like the one demode did (PS - anyone know what happened to her site?), but I also like the gathered back, like in this painting. I know I want the fitted sleeve and the ruffled lace at the neck. Any suggestions?
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Didn't get too much done today, since I spent half my day at Universal. Harry Potter land was still super crowded, way more than then when I went the day HP7 was released. Managed to walk right on to Rip Ride Rockit, though.

Anyway, I finished the stitching on the trim, and I did the hems on the bottom and the sleeve, so that means the blue chemise is done! All I have left of the Pre-Raphaelite project is turning over the edge of the armseyes on the bodice, and putting in all the eyelets. I'm determined to finish it tomorrow.

Of course, then that means I have to decide whether I'm doing the Chemise a la Reine next, or the 17th Century gown next... I did paint the 2nd coat on the shoes for the 17th century gown. They still need a lot more fiddling, but I think they'll do in a pinch.

Also, I'm planning to get The Cut of Women's Clothes next week (it's teacher appreciation week at B&N, so my mom can use her discount). Someone please tell me it's really worth paying $80 for one book! The price tag is scaring me...
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The blue chemise looks completely done. I need to tack down the bottom of the trim underneath the bust, and hem the sleeves and bottom (all I'm doing is turning up the serging and machine stitching it). I haven't made any progress on the bodice, but I did buy the gold cording for the sleeves on the over-chemise. I'm trying to decide if I need to stitch it to the fabric in some places, or if just wrapping it around when I wear it will work. Anyone have any experience with something like that?

Anyway, here's the pics!

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I thought I had the other sleeve on the blue chemise all set and done, but then I went to try it on. Somehow (and I honestly have no clue how) the opening on the lower sleeve was rotated 2.5" out towards my elbow. Which meant undoing the trim at the seam, undoing the seam, rotating, and redoing the whole thing. I wanted to go to bed 1.5 hrs ago, but clearly that didn't happen. However, I will leave sewing on the trim for tomorrow. But I tried it on after redoing the seam, and now it's perfect! At least that's a relief.

I might not get too much done tomorrow, though, since I plan to go visit Harry Potter land.
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I have my computer back, so uploading pictures will be a little easier. So here are a few to begin with.

Showing the sleeve of the blue chemise. I still need to do the other sleeve, and hem this one, but I like how it came out. I used the same blue cord for the button loops that I used to lace up the backs of both chemises. I love how the trim looks! There will also be trim underneath the bust, but I'm waiting to do that until I have the other sleeve done.

Both chemises worn together. When I can next get to Joanns, I will be picking up some gold braid to wrap around the upper sleeve.

All three layers. The bodice still needs eyelets (hence why it looks so wonky, since I'm holding it closed) and I still need to turn over the edges at the armseyes.

A detail shot of the chemise sleeve. The red buttons were inspired by the red under-chemise in John William Waterhouse's painting of Ophelia
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No pictures at the moment, but today has been a pretty good day! Three packages arrived - the 8 yds of cotton  lawn for my chemise a la reine, the fabulous fit system for my dress form (though I have yet to put it on, hence the no new pictures), and my package from Pillaged Village! Which means I finally have my trim and buttons for my blue chemise and bodice.

So today, I did the sleeves for the over-chemise (check! - over chemise is done), and started the sleeves for the blue chemise. I still have to add button loops, buttons, and trim to them, and sew the sleeves on, but then they will be finished. And as soon as I put the trim on the blue chemise and hem it, that layer will be done as well. The bodice has all the trim pinned on (which i may or may not get to tonight, though it's already 3am), and the hem is pinned. Then I just have to put the caps on the shoulders, and hem up the bottom and armseyes. The eyelets will be the final step, and then the bodice will be done, too. I'll probably have the whole project done within the next 4 days, though I'm working tomorrow, and I think I might go to Universal on Sunday.

And on a completely unrelated note, it has come to my attention that I really must read Jane Austen. I've only read Pride and Prejudice, but I watched the Jane Austen Book Club the other day, and am currently watching Mansfield Park, and I now feel I should read the book. So I think as soon as I'm done with The White Queen (by Philippa Gregory, my current read), Mansfield Park will follow.
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This is my mockup of the sleeve. I think I like it, but I'm not positive yet. Any opinions?

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Here's some pics of the progress so far. I did the body part of the over-chemise today, which is made of tissue linen that I dyed ice blue. There's more of the lacing rings in back, and it has a drawstring neckline. I'm still trying to decide if I want to gather under the bust or not.

It looks a little wonky in the back, because the fitting system hasn't arrived here, and Antoinette is shorter waisted than I am.

I have to make a mockup of the sleeves for the ice blue layer, but once the sleeves are done, I pretty much have to put the whole project on hold until the trim gets here. How long does it take mail to get to FL from Cincinnatti?


Jan. 5th, 2011 12:56 am
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I put together all the pieces for the purple bodice of the Pre-Raphaelite outfit. It's done out of the same linen as the chemise, except dyed lavendar, and it has a cotton canvas lining. Now all it needs is to be pressed, to have the little caps over the shoulders put on, the trim (the same as for the chemise), and I need to bind the bottom and at the arms. I'll try to get some pictures of it tomorrow afternoon - the color doesn't show with the lighting in my room.
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Finished the lacing rings on the blue chemise. Here's a pic:

And the trim shipped this morning, so hopefully it will be here in 2-5 days. I just hope it's right!
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My new dress form arrived today! She's wonderful - and I've decided to name her Antoinette.

Here she is:
My new dress form

And here is a picture of Antoinette wearing my progress so far on my Pre-Raphaelite chemise (which will from here on out be referred to as my blue chemise).

Right now, I'm in the process of sewing on the lacing rings in the back, and the sleeves are cut out and ready to go together. Though I will probably have to move on to the bodice or overlayer of it, since the trim I'm waiting on hasn't shipped yet.
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I figured I would share a few pictures, while I'm at it. These are all sketches for my Pre-Raphaelite outfit, which will consist of a chemise dress with fitted sleeves, an over dress with hanging sleeves, and a canvas-lined bodice. I have already dyed all of the linen, and the body pieces of the chemise are put together.

Figuring out how to do this back has been really difficult for some reason. I can't wait till my dress form arrives (hopefully Tues) so I can just drape it.

Over the next few days, I'll post pics of all of the projects I completed in 2010.P
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I have decided to create a dress diary blog - both so I can remember what all I do with each of my projects, and to share and connect with other costumers. Hopefully, I will remember to actually post as I go. And hopefully, I will figure out how to use a livejournal in the first place. Wish me luck!

To begin with, I'd like to share my current state of Project ADD. I've never had it this bad before. I started my pre-Raphaelite outfit for Costume College last night - I cut out all the chemise pieces except the sleeves, and I put it together, and did the gathering I needed for the empire waist, and a sleeve mockup. But now I have to wait on trim and buttons from Pillaged Village to get here so I can do more.

And the whole while I've been thinking about that, I've been looking up info on the Chemise a la Reine, and I ordered 8 yds of cotton lawn on so I can start on it, and I'm trying to figure out how to make it from a pdf pattern posted online of Norah Waugh's book.

But I still haven't done all the hand-binding on my stays yet, either, which is lurking in the back of my mind.

And I'm doing all the research on my 17th century gown, which I've had the fabrics for for a couple years now, and now finally have the page on that shape from the Period Patterns for Stage and Screen book. But I also can't decide if I want to do that project next, or the Chemise a la Reine (which is probably going to be significantly easier)

And I keep thinking about a Polonaise, even though that won't be happening until all the other projects are done.

I feel like I'm going crazy! I just want everything I've ordered from online (dress form, fitting system, cotton lawn, 18th century shoes, buttons, and trim) to get here so I can work on everything.

Anyone else experience sewing project ADD? I'm blaming my first visit to Costume College (which, I know, isn't for almost 7 months) for mine... 

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