May. 17th, 2017

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I got to sew today! This is the first weekday evening I've had free in over a month, and I was good and sewed for about 5 or so hours. So now my petticoat and skirt are basically done (I worked on the petticoat for a little last Friday, too). I still need to hem both of them, and add hooks and eyes at the waist, but that's hopefully it. Unless of course I need to add more oomph to the petticoat, which is entirely possible. It's all been a bit difficult to work on, because both my dog and my roommates cat have decided that they absolutely love petticoat netting. The cat in particular likes to crawl under the skirts on the dressform, and then I wind up finding rips in the netting. Grr. Anyway, here are some pictures, both of Snow White so far, and of my sewing buddies:

Now the real question is, since Joanns has for some reason decided to discontinue red matte satin, what am I going to do about the cape?!

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