Mar. 7th, 2017 10:48 pm
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I finished my pocket! I somehow timed it perfectly, and finished it within five minutes of the end of rehearsal. But now that means I have to figure out what I can take for handsewing tomorrow night. I guess it's time to figure out where I stashed the handsewn 1860s dress project. Though I guess I could finagle bringing my corset pattern and fabrics to cut, since there is a table in the back of the rehearsal studio.

Anyway, here's a pic. I'm quite pleased with it, since as you know, I never like to make things fully handsewn.
A project very long in the making. I finally finished my fully handsewn crewel work embroidered 18th c pocket! #18thcentury #pocket #crewel #embroidery #handsewn #ladyrebeccafashions
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I ripped apart mockup #2 to use for my pattern pieces, but only managed to actually get two cut out. It's unlikely I'll have much time to work on it in the next few days, because T/Th I get home at 5 and leave at 6, and Wed I have an audition downtown after work, and it's very possible I'll have to go straight from there to rehearsal. But I did manage to stop at Joanns on my way home today to pick up more canvas for the lining layer, so I should have everything I need for the corset at this point.

And on the other hand, I have at least one day's work left on my pocket, so that will be good for rehearsal sewing. I finished all the embroidery today, cut out the pieces, basted my front and front interlining, and started binding the pocket slit. I have a feeling I will finish it at tomorrow night's rehearsal, though I'm not positive. So hopefully I'll at least have time to dig out the handsewn 1860s dress, since the corset is going to be nowhere near hand-sewing state until at least Friday. 
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I'm three flowers away from finishing the embroidery on the pocket! Though I think I might want to add veins to a couple more of the leaves as well - I haven't decided. Then I have to figure out the proper way to put it together, preferrably by hand so that I can do it at rehearsal next week. I don't know what happened to the instructions, though, since the class was so long ago! [livejournal.com profile] catherinejs, I think you taught this class - anything I should know?

And then I figure if I haven't gotten to handsewing on the turquoise dress by Tues evening, maybe I'll go back to another CoCo class, and pull out the fully handsewn 1860s dress project from 2014 (I think?). I think I got the bodice mostly together, but I can't remember if I started on the sleeves, and I don't think I've even cut out the skirt pieces yet. It would be great to get more done on it though. It would also amuse me, at least a little, since Emma Cross was one of the teachers of that class, and her brother is in the show I'm doing. 
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I decided to start on the muff instead of sewing on the marabou last night because I wasn't in the mood for handsewing. Of course, as it turns out, much of the muff was handsewing, too, since I had to handsew all the pocket pieces to the muff. Alas. But tonight will definitely involve marabou, because at this point, I think I basically just have to finish stuffing the muff and sew the ends together.

I did take some pictures of the sweatshirt-cape though. Doesn't it look like a sweatshirt?

I think I need a way bigger bow...

And this is my hand-sewn on muff pocket, before I had pressed it. I'm excited that this muff will have a pocket!

Oh, and after about 7 hours of a swatch of this fabric soaking in bleach, there was literally no change. No color difference, no disintigrating. Maybe it needs more time? But at this point, I really have no idea what it is, because even if it's just 100% cotton, the color should have faded!
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On Saturday, we had a small farewell 18th picnic for [livejournal.com profile] theladysarah at Discovery Park, near my house. Although it said it was supposedly 80 degrees, we found a lovely shady spot, and there was a constant cool breeze coming off the Sound, so it felt pretty perfect. She baked delicious bread and apple dumplings, and we also had chicken, fruit, macarons, and lots of pink lemonade. Naturally, we went all out and dragged table, chairs, china, and crystal into the park, and everything looked absolutely scrumptious! That said, the next time we do an event here, I need a wagon. You have to park so far away from the meadow!

Here are a few pictures.

I also worked a bit more on Rapunzel this weekend. At this point, the bodice just needs sleeves and to have the "blouse" front panel sewn in, and the skirt just needs to have the lace put on the last 2/5th of the hem. I wound up redoing a lot of the lace on the bodice, because I realized that A) Rapunzel has pink lace at the bottom of the bodice, not white, and B), on the back of Rapunzel's bodice, the lace is faux-chemise trim, not bodice trim. So I did a fair bit of ripping out, but luckily the bulk of it was larger whip stitches, so it wasn't that terrible to redo. The skirt will be finished tonight, and I may also be able to start on the sleeves. 


Jul. 19th, 2015 08:43 am
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I went to my first ever reenactment yesterday! [livejournal.com profile] theladysarah, my bf, and five more friends piled into a van and drove 2.5 hrs away to Port Angeles, to a reenactment of Lexington and Concord, which was taking place at the WA Lavender Festival. I wore the underdress I had made for the robe a la turque a few years ago, and decorated an old hat for the event. (And no, we ladies did not plan our outfits together in advance, but we certainly wound up being quite coordinated!) It was very hot, but we had tons of fun, even though the battle was a little sparse. We watched the battles, had tea, played around with lavender, met some of the reenactors, and flounced around taking pictures. I need days like this more often!

Here are some of my favorite pictures. The rest can be found in this facebook album.

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My BF's 18th c suit has had two showings already! I worked nonstop all Saturday making the breeches and putting in the coat lining. It certainly would have been nice to have known before I drafted the breeches pattern that there is actually a Simplicity pattern for drop-front breeches. And apparently, I am good enough at drafting patterns now that my back piece came out to within 1cm or less on all sides of the Simplicity pattern (though after actually fitting them to him, I wound up taking them in a ton anyway). Sean helped by making all the covered buttons and sewing them all on. There's a lot of buttons on this suit!

Anyway, we made it to my friend's party on Saturday night (1.5hrs late). The jacket had no cuffs, the breeches cuffs were missing two buttons each, and the jacket lining was loose at the hem. But still quite decent. I wore Jane, and we made quite an entrance!

Naturally, when we got home, all prepared to sew the cuffs and lining, the power was out. So this morning, I spent another 1.5 hrs or so making the cuffs (which for some reason really confused me) and machine basting the lining in, while the bf made breakfast and fixed and finished his breeches buttons. I wore my curtain-along pet en l'air from last year, and we got to the event less than 30 mins late!

The event consisted of a German-style luncheon in an old-looking pub (playing 1990s music) in Pioneer Square, and chit-chatting with other SITU members. The food was surprisingly delicious! Afterwards, the bf and I wandered around the Pioneer Square area, went in some shops, and had a photo shoot. One antique store clerk even asked us to take pictures in some antique chairs and email him the results.

Here's a small sample. Go to my FB page for the rest. I hope to have all the pics there by tomorrow night.

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My bf's 18th c suit is coming along, though the deadline is nearing! His waistcoat is completely finished except for buttons. The coat still needs cuffs, buttons, and the lining put in, but that's it. And I've drafted out a pattern for his breeches, and cut out all the fashion fabric for them. I'll cut out the lining in the morning, and then assemble them. I just really hope they work, since I've never made 18th c breeches before!

I've put him in charge of sewing on buttons. I had initially assigned him the task of making little lace cuffs we could track onto his shirt, but that seemed to be too much for him. Luckily, I should be able to do that pretty quickly. I'll have a couple hours to work tomorrow morning, and then it's just all day Saturday leading up to the Halloween party he's wearing it to that night (and the SITU event the next day). His shoes should get here tomorrow, which were the last things we were waiting on to arrive, and hopefully I'm not forgetting anything he needs!

Anyway here's a pic of the almost finished waistcoat, along with the jacket, on Antoinette. She's a bit more busty than he is!

Oh, and in other news, I have another short term costuming job for a week or two, stitching for Seattle Children's Theatre's next show. Then it's probably pretty much right back over to ACT for Christmas Carol after that.
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I'm alive, just swamped. Somehow I got it into my mind to make my boyfriend an 18th c outfit in a little over a week. Somehow he got it into his mind that instead of a nice plain wool suit, he wanted a highly decorated ensemble. He has even decided to go whole hog and rush ship a pair of Fugawees fire the outfit.

At least I talked him into trim instead of embroidery?

This is where I am now: jacket needs cuffs, pockets are half done, buttons, and lining. I think I'm going to skip the buttonholes, because who's going to see them anyway? The waistcoat is cut out and serged, with the first seams pinned and ready to be sewn. Breeches are not even patterned yet, and if course, he wants the h/a kind, even though I told him they'll probably be uncomfortable. Oh, and he's wearing this all for the first time on Saturday night.

Here's a pic of the back all splayed out on Antoinette.


Jul. 28th, 2014 01:10 am
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I decided to be stupid and stay up way too late to work on the wig. I haven't tried it on yet (and I seriously don't know how I'm going to get this monstrosity to stay on my head), but assuming it fits, all it needs now is powdering and copious amounts of hairspray.

Here's a pic:
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Sooo... I thought the court gown project was done. But then I actually put it on yesterday, and found out it wasn't. However, it is now. I wound up taking in the center back of the bodice towards the bottom (up to 3" in at the bottom) because it was totally duck-tailing. I also added hooks to make the bodice stay down with the skirt, and I moved the bar on my skirt fastening in about 1.5". But it's all set now, so here are pictures!

And then just because I could, I wore my feathers and tiara around the house for at least a half hour. I purchased a wig to use as a base today, so it should be here sometime this week.
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I finished the engageantes yesterday, meaning the court gown is fully done. I would like to decorate a new pair of shoes for it, and I need to make a wig, but I count those as separate projects.

Here's a pic of the engageantes:

Now I'm going to see if I can throw together a new Regency dress. I'm going to attempt to make it out of a sari I got a few months ago, but it's so thin and flowy that I'm worried it won't work.

As far as other projects, I need to remember to make a hat for my seaside bustle. And if I finish the regency, then that will need a hat as well. And maybe a reticule. I also need to buy calico for my CosCol class.

It's done!

Jun. 27th, 2014 01:48 am
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I finished the underskirt today, which means the court gown is done. Or at least, it is if you count the engageantes as a whole separate project. Which apparently I am. I'm a little over halfway done with the last three engageante layers. They should be done tomorrow morning.

I also took in an old swimsuit (which I had never worn). I needed one for my CA trip next week, but don't want to go out and spend money when I'm unemployed. So I took the mumsy tankini top that I had from probably at least 3-4 years ago, took the side seams in about 1", moved the elastic band underneath the bust up about 1", and ruched the sides. Now it's quite a bit cuter, and fits way better. Maybe I'll actually wear it!

Here's a couple pics of the court gown. How the heck am I gonna get this to CosCol?!

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I sewed literally all day today, from about 7:30am to about 10pm (with a 1 hr break and 2 hr nap thrown in there). But I got a lot done. I cut and sewed up all the trimmings for the petticoat and the remaining ones for the overskirt, pinned them all into place to see how they would look, and sewed the remaining trimmings on the overskirt. I also sewed all the bows on the bodice. That means that the overskirt and bodice are both complete! I also hemmed the petticoat. In total, I think I watched somewhere between 4 and 6 Game of Thrones episodes. I lost count.

At this point, I have to finish three layers for the engageantes (and put them together), plus sew all the trimmings on the petticoat. And I have to figure out how to do a wig. These wig bases are expensive! I might also paint my last pair of Kensingtons (or I might be lazy and leave them white).

Below is a pic from this morning, with all the trimmings loosely pinned into place:
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This morning, I finished two more layers for the engageantes, meaning I'm halfway through with them! For the rest of the day, though, I worked on trimming. I trimmed the edges of my sleeves, which means that all the bodice needs are for the bows and engageantes to be tacked on. I also added a lot of trimming to the overskirt. I attached the same trim from the sleeves to the front edges of the overskirt, sewed on all six of my embroideries, and sewed the silver metallic lace around two of the embroideries so far. Besides the rest of the lace, I just need to snake the pink ruching (edged with more of the lace) through the embroideries. And maybe add some beads. And do the underskirt trimming. And hem everything. My goal is to have this whole costume done July 1st. Pictures of everything are below - please ignore the fact that Antoinette totally can't fit my bodices:

And thank goodness I had never gotten into Game of Thrones before now. Because watching all these episodes is providing plenty of costume drama time while sewing on this project. I'm now almost halfway into Season 3, and I started this project on episode 4 of season 1. 
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I was bad, and went garage-saling on my way home today. I didn't buy too much, but I did get a vintage fur coat, and an antique painted silk art piece, both pictured below:

I also worked a ton on embroidery today. First, I did a little bit on the engageantes, though I didn't complete any more of them. And then I did all six of the embroidered motifs for the front of the overskirt. Four of them are pictured below:
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So making embroidered engageantes is way harder than I thought. I'm doing a three-tiered ruffle for them. I managed to make one tier today, over the course of at least 2-3 hours. I did it with decorative stitches on my machine. It's very pretty, but I might have to put off finishing them until after I've finished everything else for this court gown. Anyway, here's a pic:
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I fixed the sleevil. Or at least mostly. I went with the whole - some pouf is normal, but all the wrinkling is weird. So I changed the shape of the sleeve cap in the back of the underarm, and I rotated part of the sleeve by changing the darts a little. I think it's better now, though I haven't tried it back on with the stays yet. I also bound and trimmed the neckline. And I made some really ugly engageants out of lace, which I will probably not be using. They look way too poly, even after I tried to get rid of the bright white look. I might order some voile, and do some whitework embroidery on it, because I really like that look.

Here's a peek of the bodice laid out on my table. The bows are just pinned on for now, and the ruched pink silk will also go around the hems of the sleeve. I may also add a little ruffle of the blue silk at the elbows, even though it's not in my inspiration image. Any opinions on the lace engageants? Am I being too picky?

Next up is embroidering the skirts. I'm thinking I might do the embroidery on leftover fabric, so I don't have to worry about something going wrong and me ruining the whole skirt. Then I can just add more trim to cover up the fact that it's a separate piece. I just wish my needle threader wasn't broken! I seriously should have taken my machine in sometime in the last two weeks when I thought I would use it, but never did. 
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I gave my notice a couple weeks ago to my work, that my last day would be July 1st, but they decided that this week would be my last. We also had our last weekend of Tommy this week, which means I now have way more time on my hands than before. So I guess that means sewing. I mocked up the sleeve for my court gown today (it took 2.5 tries...) and remembered to snap a few pics of the bodice while I was trying the sleeve on. So here you are!

Also, what group costuming things are actually happening at CosCol this year? I know of one other person still planning to do a court gown for the gala. Is there still going to be a seaside bustle meetup happening at some point?

I cave

Apr. 23rd, 2014 01:03 am
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Now that the Seaside Bustle is done (and the hole I put in the skirt is even patched!) it was time to think about my CosCol Gala gown. I had planned since last CosCol to make a Bustle-era evening gown, and bought the silks and trims to make it in the Fabric District. And then everyone started talking about court gowns.

Now I'm really not into those huge over the top court gowns that everyone was claiming, not to mention at some point it seemed like all the fashion plates had been claimed. But I also know that I LOVE doing group costuming projects. So today, I got out the fabrics I bought last summer (I am definitely not buying more fabric), and decided to just let the fabric speak to me and tell me what it wanted to be.

Apparently, it wants to be a court gown. However, it does not want to be one of those crazy over the top ones. It wants to be something very akin to this gown. I'm keeping with the fabrics I've already purchased, though, so it's going to be in light blue shot light pink silk taffeta, with a mauvey-pink finely striped silk taffeta (or maybe it's a shantung?) for the contrast. Oddly enough, I found a very similar gown in one of my Dover coloring books, colored it in with my fabrics, and that is serving as my main inspiration. I guess now I just have to build the paniers and figure out how one of these things goes together. And how to make do when I only have 7 yards of my main fabric... 

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