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I slept through my alarm Sun morning, and my roommate woke me up at 7:10. My goal had been to get to the Bargain Basement line by 7:30 - aaahh! So I super scrambled, and got dressed crazy fast in my 1850s sheer dress. I literally somehow got all my makeup and hair done, and fully dressed in less than 30 minutes, which is totally a record for me by a long shot. (I usually take 45 mins-1 hr in the morning, and easily 1.5 hrs when I'm doing historical hair/costumes.)

So anyway, I made it to the line soon enough to be in the second batch of people allowed into the Bargain Basement. That said, I was really disappointed in it this year - not in the quality/quantity of stuff, but in the rudeness of the lady helping with the checkouts. After I made my offer ($20 for two grocery bags worth, which seemed totally reasonable to me), she dug through my two bags, and pulled out a torn up fur, rudely saying that the fur alone was worth more than that (it wasn't - it was small and torn), so she took that out, and still took my $20, which, without the fur, made my haul very small. I got a few pieces of scrap faux fur (which will hopefully be just enough for the Winter Bustle I'm making), a small piece of tan wool fabric, some millinery flowers, 3 cut-up patterns, two wide laces, some metal buttons, and a pair of 18th c style buckles (which turned out to be AD buckles, so at least that was good to learn). But in other words, waaay less than I usually get from the Bargain Basement, yet I think it might be the most I've paid there. So rather disappointing...

Anyway, I dumped my stuff in my room, grabbed a muffin from the Concierge lounge, and scurried off to Luca's 19th C Silhouette class. I now plan to make all my stuff with padding (after I make the proper corset, of course!). Next, I took Francis's Galliards dance class, which was very fun - I swear, between his class this year, and [ profile] ashamanja_babu's dance class last year, I think I have more fun in the dance classes than in any other CoCo classes! I want more! I also went to Laura's class on dating historical garments, which was very informative, and she helped me narrow down the dates on my new 1890s walking suit (probably mid-1890s, even though the sleeves aren't crazy huge, because it's not an outfit that's at the height of fashion, anyway).

That was it for CoCo classes. I did spend some of my other time on Sunday hanging out with Harry Potter friends, doing readings of the new play. We made it through the first act together, all playing multiple characters, and it was awesome! I also re-learned how to play Whist. :) But eventually, it got too late, and I had to go pack up my stuff.

Monday, I took all my luggage with me on the tour bus to the fabric district. (I always do that, since it's so much easier to get to LAX from the fabric district with a shuttle or Uber, and just fly out that evening). I did have some nice finds in the fabric district - I bought two new Disney cotton prints for skirts for my shop (and a villain skirt for me!), something like 15 yds of dark forest velvet ribbon,and 8.5 yds of forest green wool for my Winter Bustle. I rarely find reasonable wool in the fabric district, and while it was definitely more than I usually like to spend on wool (it was $12.50/yd), it was the perfect weight and color, and I haven't seen that color online recently. (Oh, and I can't think of the store name right now, but it's right across from the guy known for his wool in that sort of indoor area off of Maple, I think).

No pics of anything, but you can see the fabric in my etsy shop, and if you're interested, it's available as yardage or in my simple skirts.

We shared a Lyft back to LAX, killed time before flights, and then CoCo was officially over. :( Is it time for next year yet? 
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The bodice is almost done! Last night I fixed the neckline, including re-binding the front and extending the lace. I also finished all the box-pleated trimming, and sewed that all on. And I added a hand-made vintage lace to the sleeve hems. I'm picking up some shorter boning for the CF tonight after work, and will swing by Joanns to get more bias tape, because I am just about completely out of cream or white bias, and the last real work I need to do on the bodice is binding the hem. I mean, I need to sew in all the boning to the seams, too, but I could always wear it without all that if I run out of time. In fact, I'm thinking about attempting to fix the wrinkly bust on the day bodice before I sew the boning in. We'll see. And then tomorrow is Steamposium!

Sneak preview with bad lighting:

Oh, and in other news, it would seem that my FFC wool is in fact not 100%. I did the bleach test yesterday, and there is still fiber in the bleach. It has certainly disintigrated a lot, but there are little shreds of the blue left after 24 hrs, and the black has turned itself into three little rolled up tubes after 10 hrs. Not sure exactly what that means as far as the blends go. Each piece started as about 1"x2". I think I might see if they'll pay the return shipping to take it back, since what they sent wasn't what they advertised.

Here's a couple pics of the bleach results, the color of the blue for [ profile] nuranar, and the texture of the black if anyone is interested:

Please let me know if you can't see any of the pictures. Flickr kept breaking all my images, so I've gone back to google for todayal Edited: We're going to try dropbox now. Because all the other hosting sites I've tried suck!
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I purchased some wool from the recent Fashion Fabrics Club wool sale, but I'm not entirely pleased. I got black tricotine, and a blue lighter weight wool. Unfortunately, the tricotine has a quite distinctive weave, and the blue is basically tropical weight, and both of them are very smooth. Not exactly kirtle (black) or skating bustle (blue) worthy.

In the past, when I've bought wool that isn't thick and/or fuzzy enough, I've put it in the washer/dryer, and it's gotten softer, thicker, and fuzzier, but none of those wools started quite this smooth. Is that still likely to work with these wools?

Oh, and if the answer is no, is anyone interested in buying some wool off me? ;)
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Sunday started very early for me. Unfortunately, getting up at 6am was not early enough to eat breakfast before the Bargain Bazaar, especially after one showers, dresses in one's bustle undergarments, and does one's hair. That said, I still got downstairs by about 7:20ish, and got a pretty decent place in line. Once they let us in, I high-tailed it to the "large pattern" sections, scooped up a whole bunch of them, and then went and grabbed several different lengths of vintage laces. I also picked up 7yds of what might be a wool-blend, and 3-4 yds of a lovely plaid that I'm hoping will be enough for an 1890s walking skirt (my next project). I also got a mini-Hedwig in a cage, not pictured. Definitely a good haul this year.

I dropped everything off upstairs, got dressed the rest of the way, and we headed down for a quick breakfast before class. I took [ profile] nuranar's class on stroked gathers, which was very helpful, and they look beautiful, but I don't know if I'll have the patience to ever do them! The next class was my own! I co-taught a class on costuming on a budget. I think it went over very well, and I had people come up to me later saying the class was very helpful, so that's good! I think next year I might teach a workshop on making 1830s hairpieces. I also took a class on Costuming Business and the Hobby Loss rule, which was very eye-opening, and definitely alerted me that I need to be waaay more business-like -- maybe it will get me to change my receipt cubby to something that is actually organized, and to enter purchases in some sort of record-keeping platform, instead of just going back and writing them down once a year during tax season. Whoops. I finished up the day back in Ginger's class, learning how to scale up patterns with adobe reader. Now if only I could get my scanner to work!

For Sunday, I wore my brand new green and ivory bustle gown. I am soooo pleased with this gown that I'm going to do a whole separate post on it. Look for that in a little bit!

Sunday night, [ profile] fairegoddess and I may have gone a little crazy, planning for our upcoming group project - Children's Victorian clothing. There was lots of math involved. We may or may not have bitten off more trim than we can chew! Please join us in our project -- it will most likely be a daytime meetup, since children's outfits are relatively mobile, and therefore, good for class. We have a facebook group you can join here, which also has links to a couple pinterest pages for inspiration.

I took the tour bus down to the fabric district after checking out of the hotel on Monday morning. It was a very disappointing trip this year. I was only looking for three things - pink silk taffeta, white silk taffeta, and navy swiss dot. I found the white silk taffeta, and also purchased some narrow twill tape, a ton of skirt hooks, and a roll of pattern paper. From downtown, I took a shuttle to LAX, and caught my plane home. I did upgrade myself to first class, though, which was very nice. I mean, $50 for two checked bags, or $53.75 for first class? Don't mind if I do!

L.A. Trip

Mar. 29th, 2013 08:59 pm
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I flew down to L.A. last weekend, for a quick trip. The real reason was for my grandma's 90th birthday, but since it was also my birthday, I got to have a little fun in the fabric district!

Fabric District Fun under the cut! )

I flew back to Seattle Monday afternoon, and finished up the Rapunzel skirt on Tuesday. I'll post pictures soon, but now I need to start on the bodice.
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I think I want to line the habit. And possibly the waistcoat, too. (The waistcoat is ivory worsted wool on the outside, and will be flatlined with cotton twill, like the habit bodice.) I will also be using the same fabrics as the riding habit to make an 18th c-infused modern winter jacket.

The question is, do I use habotai, crepe de chine, charmeuse, or something entirely different?
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All this curtain-along talk is seriously tempting me. But I already have so many things on my plate (and a definite lack of funds) that I know I shouldn't jump in. If I ever finish the stays, the first thing up will be my red wool 1780s riding habit, which is based on this portrait of Baroness Crussol. Somewhere before Thanksgiving, I also need to finish a mockup of a late Victorian/early Edwardian jacket for my mom (the final will be her Christmas present). And I was still thinking I might want to throw together a Victorian fancy dress costume for Halloween. Plus, this year I'm finally going to make the robe a la turque that I bought fabric for over a year ago. And I bought a ton of fabric in the fabric district to finally start making some Regency things. But I think not having any events to wear this stuff to is really hindering any potential progress. I miss being in the Bay Area, where there was always some sort of upcoming event! And I'm jealous of all you east-coasters, who at the very least have a bunch of reenactments you can visit...

So I don't know - should I be weak and jump on the bandwagon? (I tend to have a rule that I never pay more than $7/yd for fabric, unless it's silk.) Or should I be strong, and just actually work on the projects already on my plate.

And as far as the stays go, I did actually start on the binding. But I still have a long road ahead of me.
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But at least it doesn't go bad!

Okay, that was a lame pun. But as promised, here are the results of all my CosCol-related shopping. Or at least, most of it (since this doesn't include a couple bargain basement things, my feathers from the Fabric District, and all my marketplace shopping).

First up, the few fabrics, notions, and lots of patterns that I got from the Bargain Basement, as well as my lovely Silent Auction win (the Costume Close-up book)

My silks! Bolt-ends from Home Fabrics, at $5/yd each. There's only 1.5 yds of the stripes, but I'm hoping to squeak out a pet en lair, the 4.5 yds of silk brocade will become an 18th c petticoat, and the 3.5yd red stripe and 5.5 yd blue/green shot haven't told me what they want to be yet.

Three fabrics I got for thinking about Regency and late 18th c. The blue/white stripe is unfortunately poly, but was $2.95/yd (and I now have 11.5 yds of it, 110 or so inches wide). The other two (swiss dot and embroidered/eyelet stripe) are both cotton.

And lace for cavalier, and trims and a buckle for 18th c. Unfortunately, I didn't have my Cavalier sketched out before I went to the fabric district, so I didn't buy the absolutely perfect orange/pink shot silk taffeta on sale at Home Fabrics... :(


Jun. 14th, 2012 05:01 pm
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I was very bad today. I went into Joanns to get more buttons, some twill tape, and some ribbon for my teens bathing suit shoes. What should have been a <$10 trip wound up turning into a $98 venture. Somehow, I wound up walking out of there with the items I went in for (though not really, since they didn't have those exact buttons I wanted), plus 5.5yds of light blue embroidered cotton, 5.5 yds of a floral embroidered white net (I'm thinking of using both for a Regency dress), 6.25 yds of a gold diamond tucked taffeta, the new Simplicity pattern for the Steampunk bolero jacket and bustle, a pack of five nail files, and 8 clearance spools of ribbon. Bad Rebecca.

I sewed!

May. 19th, 2012 02:24 am
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With my sewing room all set up (minus that still-missing box), I actually got to sew starting yesterday. I have completely finished the petticoat for the candy early bustle, and I started sewing the skirt together today. The fabric is a nightmare! It's a white linen with a herringbone striped pattern in it, which looks lovely, but apparently was sliding all over the place as I cut it. But unlike chiffon, where I can tell the fabric slides, I had no idea until I started putting the pieces together. So this may work out or it may not. I hope it does.

And my wool came. I'm sending one of them (a black wool poplin) back, since it's not at all what I was hoping for. But the navy brushed herringbone, and the light blue herringbone both are very nice. I'm planning to do a full post on my bathing suit plans tomorrow (with pictures!) so you'll have to wait for that, but in short, my one Victorian bathing suit plan has turned into two bathing suits - one teens one, and one 1890s one. I'm excited!

Also I washed the navy wool today, and it's sooo soft and fuzzy now. Maybe a bit too much so, since it's kind of like a nice blanket, but I think it will be okay. Is that what people mean when wool gets felted in the washing machine? I'm hoping the light blue doesn't wind up quite so fuzzy. Anyone have any tips on that? I googled, but everyone said just steam it, which is clearly not an option for something that's meant to be worn in water...


May. 3rd, 2012 10:47 pm
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Since my All About Wool book is already in Seattle, and I am still in CA until the day before the wool sale ends, can anyone tell me what kind of wool would be best for a late Victorian bathing suit? I'd really like to take part in the sale (despite my bad experience with last time), but I don't know what type to get. I was looking at this one but honestly, I don't know my wools. So help, please!

And as far as the move goes, the car is almost all packed. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get everything else that still isn't in the car to fit. Like my elliptical cage crinoline.... And my Edwardian hat.... Any suggestions?
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On my efforts at avoiding adding fabric to the stash that's not earmarked for an immediate project, that is. Thanks to [ profile] mandie_rw and [ profile] reine_de_coudre, I succumbed to the wool sale. I've always wanted to work with wool, but other than one cloak from a few years ago, I've never been able to afford it. So I kind of slipped up this time. A lot. Like, I bought 23 yards of wool. But the whole thing was only $89.79! That's less than $4/yd, people! (search for discount codes online)

I bought navy wool for the Victorian bathing suit I plan to make by CosCol next year; and a bunch of red wool and a little ivory wool for an 18th c riding habit; and more red wool (the other type they have available) for a cloak (I hope it's a heavy enough weight!); and a neat navy and gold striped wool that I will probably turn into an 18th c riding habit jacket. I did it in two separate purchases so I could a "second" discount code. :)

So now I'm going to have way more fabric than I know what to do with, or where to store, or how to move it all up to Seattle in the spring. But I finally get to work with wool!

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